Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm) – My worms live in the garden

Write the blurb for the book jacket of the book you’d write, if only you had the time and inclination.

The last time I did this prompt was on 24th January 2014, so why should I write it all again. I am not quite yet so senile that I change my mind after a year and personally speaking, I am good, I am great, and I find that my last answer was completely sufficient, so what more could I possibly say, except perhaps “Get Stuffed Daily Prompt” because they annoy me with their rehashed lazy prompts. Sorry, I am not a newbie, been around for many years and like to have fun writing.

In the meanwhile, No. 2 son just asked me why I have not got WhatsApp on my phone. I always felt I was completely covered with my iPhone SMS, although I noticed that my fingers are too big for the keys. It seems that WhatsApp is free, costs nothing, so what could possibly be better. It was a matter of a few minutes and WhatsApp is now on my iPhone. I was warned by a certain person we do not wish to mention, that it could contain all sorts of spam, virus, attacks from outer space could now reach me over my iPhone. If you hear no more from me in the future, blame it on WhatsApp. Up to now I seem to be safe. So now to something completely different again.

The way home past Castle Waldegg

This would be the long walk home after one of my memorable marathon walks on a nice day in the country. It is the path leading from the cemetery which is an uphill path. I am not so keen on uphill paths, but I did not build the path. It was a matter of natural geology. Anyhow as you can see on the left there is a castle. It is our local castle known as Castle Waldegg. It was shining in the light of the sun so I decided to take a photo. I think I have at least 20 photos of this castle in my collection. In the background you can see the first chain of the Jura Mountains (there are 7 in all stretching to the Northern Swiss borders). If you survive to take the curve in the path, you arrive at the local stables where the horses are impatiently waiting for a visit from me and my camera.

“Hello Guiness” I called to my favourite Shire horse. “How’s Life?”

“Fine thanks, take my photo.”

Guiness the Shire Horse

“Do those flies bother you whizzing around your head.”

“No, not really, it is just part of a horse’s life in Summer. Don’t you have flies in your human stable.”

“Yes, but we just kill them with a fly swatter.”

“You see, we have a tail, so do not need a swatter. I do not have a big problem. Daisy and Bluebell, my favourite cows, are now in the field and with time the flies will arrive in their recycling processes and build a permanent home there, that’s life.”

I walked on, glad that Guiness, my horsey friend, explained some of life’s logistics. The next time I swat a fly I will have a completely different perspective. Perhaps it was born in Bluebell’s pancake on the field.

I released today how life can be so lucky. I have an online friend, english, married to a Nepalese and has lived a few years in a village near Katmandu with his Nepal family. Only a couple of weeks ago he moved with the near family back to Europe for various reasons. Today there was a strong earthquake in Nepal, the epicentre being around the village where he lived. He has been trying all day to contact the relatives in and around Katmandu and has now heard that they are safe, although there is a lot of damage and some injured. My heart goes out to him and his family.

Sometimes in our little online world we are jolted back to reality with such events.

Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm) – My Worms live in the garden

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18 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm) – My worms live in the garden

  1. I’m a long time WhatsApp user and no virus attacked my iPhone since then. Don’t worry. It’s fun. In our family we use it to chat all together from different cities and countries and have a lot of fun.

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  2. Even earthquake was felt in Delhi where my parents, in laws and whole clan of relatives live. I was worried about them. Though it was not strong as compare to Nepal and all is well but you feel scared when you are sitting away and watch the news on T.V.
    Nice long stretch for walks. I love the greenery both the sides and the view is soothing.

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  6. I think he needs a hood to keep the flies off — probably his person will put one on him (I hope). They’re like little screen windows that fit over a horse’ eyes. You are absolutely right about the earthquake. Our lives are uncertain, and gratitude for a good day is a wise stragedy.

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    • There were not that many flies, I just happened to catch them on the photo. I know the horses are well looked after. My online colleague from Katmandu tells me that his family are all well and their house is still standing. Other relatives were not so lucky. It seems that India were the first to send help followed by other countries.

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