Photos and Stories behind them: Day Five – The Birds

Shadow of the bird

I thought I might go into the film business. What Alfred Hitchcock can, so can I. It will be a sequel to his great film “The Birds” and my film will be called “The Birds Return” or perhaps “The Shadow of the Birds”. I have not yet decided.

I wonder if Hitchcock was inspired as I was when he saw the shadow on the wall. I had just arisen from my bed early in the morning and was checking to see if all my limbs were in place. It was then I saw it. Should I heat my water for my morning cup of Twinings English Breakfast tea, or should I grab my camera and take the photo of the phantom bird that was flying past the window. Through an uncanny light effect its shadow was cast on the cupboard door in the kitchen.

Of course I decided my camera and not the tea. I can always prepare my tea, but not always take a photo of a bird in flight so early in the morning. The sun was shining outside the kitchen window and through a fluke this bird was flying past outside. I was convinced this was my big chance. My Pulitzer prize was just a few months away. This would put those rechurned daily prompts in the shadows.

I have sent a copy of the photo to Bruce Willis as I am sure he would love to be the leading actor, although I advised him to let his hair grow. He might have an embarrassing accident if one of the birds flew over his head.

I decided to have this photo as the advertising poster for the film, something like “The bird shadows are coming to get you” playing on the illusion caused by the shadow. Shadows always approach in the evening.

Ok, you can all relax. Mrs. Angloswiss has very clean windows and happens to have a couple of those black paper birds stuck on the window to prevent any accidents of someone thinking the window is open, especially when small children are around. The sunlight played a trick, but it was too good to be ignored. I afterwards sat at my computer, drinking my tea with a feeling of photographic achievement.

Photos and Stories behind them: Day Five – The Birds

Daily Prompt: The Dissatisfaction of List

Who doesn’t love a list? So write one! Top five slices of pizza in your town, ten reasons disco will never die, the three secrets to happiness — go silly or go deep, just go list-y.

Stables Feldbrunnen

I don’t love lists, so why should I write one. These days, my next birthday being No. 69, I have given up on lists. After so many years I have it all in my brain. Actually when I reread the original prompt, written two years ago, I found I did not do a bad job on it and so I ask why should I write this prompt again. Because it is there? Because the daily prompt people have run out of ideas and are doing a re-run of this prompt? In any case what lists are left for me to write?

There is a daily clean of hoovering, mopping and general clean ups of bathrooms and showers.

Monday morning shopping, Monday afternoon free choice. Tueday morning clean the bathroom, Tuesday afternoon free choice and Tuesday evening run the washing machine with the towels from the cleaned bathroom. This is really becoming fun. Running the washing machine in the evening has its reasons. From 9.00 in the evening the electric current on the machine is half price. Amazing what accumulates thought the months in saved charges if you stick to it.

And now we arrive at Wednesday morning. The fridge is empty, there is no food and you feel the need to go places and see things, so you go shopping again. Wednesday afternoon not quite free choice, you spend thirty minutes cleaning doors. Thursday arrives beginning with the kitchen. All surfaces are cleared and everything is placed on the kitchen table and afterwards the general clean through the appartment. After all this has been completed you return to the kitchen and clean all cupboard doors, tiles and empty surfaces. Oh what fun we have and if all goes well you are finished by 10.30 in the morning which allows half an hour relaxing session on a flat surface accompanied by a Tabby cat who cannot wait for this together time.

Thursday afternoon is a black mark on my list. Somewhere I have to fit in a general clean up of the shower, plus the tiles and sink. I hate this job. It is usually accompanied by profanities until the work is done. I now have this behind me for a week and am sitting on the porch telling you all about it.

Look it’s almost Friday which means a big shopping excursions to hunt for the spoils needed at the week-end. Friday afternoon is again free, although somewhere 20 minutes are fitted in for the orchid care. They need water, but just once a week and once a month they are given fertiliser.

Saturday is window cleaning morning and afternoon free choice and Sunday is a day of rest, so I cook lunch and might do something spectacular like going for a walk, writing a blog. Now you are all thinking what an interesting and exciting week Mrs. Angloswiss has. Yes, it is, but why should I make a list. Making lists destroys the fun of the work. It becomes an organised.pasttime, and who wants to organise their time? Me? Now and again I do have something special to deal with and steal some extra time for a walk in the country taking photos, such as the one above of the local stables and chicken farm.

After having a quick read through of this epic blog, I realise what a boring monotonous life I am leading. I should really do something completely different, but I do. Now and again I read a book and work in the garden. There will be a big occasion arriving at the beginning of June when No. 2 son will be having his civil wedding at the local registry office, followed by a meal in a restaurant and you can be sure I will tell you all about it, plus a few photos. There will be no official photographer, that will be in July when the church wedding in Germany takes place with another big meal and all the trimmings.

Anyhow I have been asked if I would take a few photos at the registry office, so how could I refuse.

And another boring re-prompt comes to a close, which has all been done before. Do these people really have nothing better to do than press a button and regurgitate the grid? Wordy no longer visits. Perhaps it was because I threatened him with the happy Wordy hunting grounds the last time he arrived. I now hate Wordy and everything he stands for.

Daily Prompt: The Dissatisfaction of a List