Photos and Stories behind them: In the Motorway Tunnel, Day 3

Tunnel on motorway Biel-Solothurn

We were on a trip to a place called Biel, which is about 20-25 minutes from the town of Solothurn, our local town. I am not a motorway person. Actually I only drive if I have to, although I am not too bad at it. I just was not born with motor oil in my veins, prefer the unspoiled open air.

So we departed. The special thing about this was that at the time this was one of the last stretches of speedy Gonzales road to be completed in Switzerland. It is a small country, and so care is necessary to ensure that you are not living in a country of roads with a few houses in between. It was my first trip on this new motorway. There were tunnels and bridges. Everything new and shiny. There were shields showing when you were leaving a particular Kanton (State) and entering a new one. As our journey was a short one, beginning in the Kanton of Solothurn and finishing in the Kanton of Bern, there was no big deal.

Mr. Swiss was driving and I was the photographer. It was all so new and exciting I suppose. It was a nice motorway, considering what it must have cost. There was a lot of tunnels built as otherwise a few hundred cows would have been crossing now and again and the cows decided they were not moving for a motorway. They built a nice new bridge near the town of Grenchen, which was about half way on the journey. A sort of lookalike golden gate Bridge, but without San Franciso and the water flowing below. Anyhow a memorable photo as you cross the State line to the Kanton of Bern.

Motorway Biel-Solothurn at Grenchen

Photos and Stories behind them: In the Motorway Tunnel, Day 3

8 thoughts on “Photos and Stories behind them: In the Motorway Tunnel, Day 3


  2. They built something very much like this in Boston. It was called “The Big Dig” and it cost so many billions of dollars it may never be fully paid off. Cost overruns, bad workmanship. A few deaths when roofs fell in, or water leaked into the tunnels. Yours looks great. Ours looks better now they they’ve fixed it again, but the only good thing that seems to have come out of the chaos and mess is a quicker route to the airport. As for the rest? Traffic is still bumper to bumper, but it’s mostly underground where you can’t see it!

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    • We have our rush hours in the morning and evening, especially if there is repair work going on somewhere. The repair work has to be done in Summer when the weather permits. The roads go quite kaput in Winter from the snow and ice. Of course we also get the European invasion in Summer of all the holiday makers heading for the Swiss holiday resorts. Basically our roads are quite well organised.


    • Grenchen had its hayday at the times when watchmaking was one of the big things in Switzerland, many watch factories were there. With the arrival of the electronics, many folded and left. Grench still has some engineering factories, otherwise a small town, nothing much going on really. They have a small airport

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