Daily Prompt: Powerful Suggestion – Re-gridded and re-gurgitated

What’s the one piece of advice you wish someone had given you a year (or five, or ten…) ago?

Grave memorial St. Kathrinen cemetery

This was how you felt when you discovered the daily prompt. At last your blogging life had a purpose. You sung it to the virtual landscapes of your computer, at last you knew what to do with your time in between cooking, ironing, cleaning windows and other housewife hobbies. You returned from your shopping excursions full of joy to know that there would be a daily prompt arriving some time during the day fulfilling your wishes to write. Blogging is fun and the daily prompt enhances the happy go lucky mood you have.

There was a time when you were confronted by a keyboard, an empty screen and nervous fingers. This has disappeared. Thanks to the consideration of a certain team, whose name will not be mentioned, you had something to do. You knew what to write, when to write and who knows, there might even be a Pulitzer, Nobel or Man Booker prize at the end of your blog.

There are many wise thoughts that now come to mind after discovering the daily prompt. One particular thought “pride becomes before a fall” would be appropriate with its meaning “if you are too conceited or self-important, something will make you look foolish” like “do not have too many high hopes: the higher you stand, the further you fall”.

I have been on a steady downward curve since approximately last December when certain people, whose names will not be mentioned, ran out of ideas. What could possibly go wrong you ask: nothing of course and what could be better than reactivating the old prompts, and so yours faithfully, Angloswiss has been rewriting old prompts for some time, using her imagination, talent, brain (in as far as it still exists) to write something completely new and invigorating, re-inventing the meaning of daily prompt revised.

Of course, to give credit to those who may not be mentioned, we were warned, although some as myself ignored the warnings, and the words written in the sky of hope. Here is a link Why you get old daily prompts and I am sure no everything is as clear as mud, this is first class mud. I think it might be called public relations, but tends more to be an explanation from those that may not be named, to put them on the safe side and to ward off any negative comments, that could be interpreted as a paltry excuse.

Today I am disappointed, especially after received prompts regurgitated from only a year. Today’s prompt first of all appeared on 13th May 2014, barely a year ago. Our grid also has a few gaps where some of the faithful daily prompters are no longer faithful and have left or now doing their own thing. I too will be doing my own thing in future. I will post my efforts on the grid, but my efforts will probably have nothing remote in common with the Prompt. I am disappointed. I have said it often, but now I feel cheated, disappointed and a fool.

If those who will not be mentioned are sick and tired of hearing my complaints, then stop the daily prompt farce, because a farce it has become, in the hope that a few newbies will also fall into the trap of trusting the daily prompt.

This afternoon I dug my fingers into dirt and planted something new in my garden, perhaps to compensate for the the dying daily prompts. I will be hosting our weekly photo blog on Blogger today. My felines begged me to give them a daily feline prompt, as they noticed the tears of disappointment filling my eyes no longer having something new to write.

One thing would interest me. What will happen when we arrive at the end of the year and have recycled all the daily prompts? Will we recycle them again (for me the third time round) or will we hope that everyone forgets them and we all go away. Just wondering. Yea I am an angry golden oldie that has been cheated.

Daily Prompt: Powerful Suggestion – Re-gridded and re-gurgitated