Daily Prompt: Mentor Me – No-one applied for the job.

Have you ever had a mentor? What was the greatest lesson you learned from him or her?

No, I have never had a mentor, nobody applied for the job. Mum and Dad did not actually know the word and at school we were all doing the same thing, learning according to what the teachers said. The teachers did not have favourites and after school I went to work, and again did it all myself. So that would be that subject dealt with, yes I am so perfect. Of course, I have Mr. Swiss, so why should I have a mentor?

Male Mallard Duck

I am missing my daily walks in the wonderful Spring weather we have at the moment. As a reminder I found a photo of a lonely Mallard duck on the local River Aar. This was taken more than a week ago, and I am sure he is now happily swimming with Mrs. Duck when she is not busy brooding on the eggs.

My attack of the female cold seems to be improving. I suppose I should be glad that it is the female variety and not the male variety. As we all know the male colds are much worse, accompanied by total incapacity to work, even breathe. One of the reasons that I isolated myself. I really did not want to infect Mr. Swiss. He has so much other stuff to deal with like composing a shopping list, and taking care of the hunting trips to the supermarket. He is very good at it, no room for improvement. He even does it better than me, does he really need me for shopping requirements? Just a thought. This morning we actually departed together again, I think he wanted to see if my housewife programme was still in existence. At the moment our car is at the local hospital garage for a few days. Nothing drastic, just a few scratches on the back door. It seemed as Mr. Swiss was parking in the park house of the local supermarket (this was before my female cold) the wall moved nearer to the car and there was a slight scratching noise. This happened on Easter Saturday and naturally the car doctor could only fit the repair work in a week later, so our lovely little Skoda Fabbia Automatic is now having treatment.

Of course we got a replacement from the garage. I really have nothing against Italian cars, they have spirit, and do their job well, if perhaps a little alla italiano. I am not taking of Ferrari, but of Fiat, which is what we were given for a few days. I drove Fiat Uno many years when I was a working woman, even a Panda, whilst Mr. Swiss drove Volvo S90, so I am not spoilt. However, I refuse to drive a Fiat 500 with normal gear change. I have driven an automatic for the past 20 years and definitely do not intend to do something completely different. Mr. Swiss, being man, naturally coped with this inferior car, although I noticed there were a few profanities uttered, this substitute not being up to the usual quality he is used to. We are all looking forward to tomorrow, when the bandages will be removed from our Skoda and he will be again ready to go.

I actually managed more sleep last night and used only 20 paper handkerchiefs instead of a complete box. However, I am being careful about dressing in my professional hiking gear and am now sitting outside on the porch watching Mowey, our robot mowing machine, hacking away at the lawn. Mr. Swiss had to do some repair work on the lawn today. There were a few bare patches where the gardener had removed some dying grass stalks. Mr. Swiss did the repair work with fresh grass seeds whilst 10 sparrows were watching from a tree. As soon as Mr. Swiss was finished with this back ache work, the sparrows pounced. Mr. Swiss transformed himself into a human scarecrow (again accompanied by profanities) and the sparrows returned to the tree. We now have a colourful plastic band supported by posts to keep the sparrows away from the freshly sown grass seeds, as well as a mega windmill, so what could possibly go wrong. I do not know where the sparrows go, you do not see or hear one single little feathery hopping bird, but as soon as the grass seeds are laid, even covered with earth, they arrive. Even my felines only watch the sparrows, probably taking count to see if there will be enough poultry to go round when they pounce.

By the way thank you everyone for your “get well soon” wishes. I was so inundated with recovery suggestions I decided to try the chicken soup one. Actually not quite chicken soup as I did not have the time for a real soup, but it was chicken cooked with finely sliced leek and carrots and spiced with some ground ginger and soya sauce. Ok it had a slight chinese tinge to it, but I fancied it and Mr. Swiss and No. 1 son also joined in. So you see, I am almost ready to go again. I even asked Mr. Swiss if he was going for a walk today, but he is not sure, perhaps it is better that way. I do not want to overdo it.

Daily Prompt: Mentor Me – No-one applied for the job