Daily Prompt: Interplanet Ill


I wish I felt as neat as these Forsythia flowers which are now blossoming in our part of the woods. Truth is that I seem to have contacted the dreaded. Since two days i have been sneezing with the result of having paper handkerchieves following me in a trail of white soggy paper. My nose makes itself independent now and again- However I dragged my sneezing body to the computer to write a daily prompt, not that you might think Mrs. Angloswiss has been kidnapped, and who would pay the ransome?

Luckily I have a Mr. Swiss who is caring for my needs. I can no more, I am trying to catch up on my lost sleep. Hope to see you all again tomorrow when my body and brain is functioning again.

Daily Prompt:Interplanet Ill

17 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Interplanet Ill

    • Yesterday I lost my appetite completely. I havn’t felt so bad for a long while. Isn’t it times like this when you are glad for a Mr. Swiss. I don’t know what I would have done without him


    • I don’t have a forsythia myself, so took the photo on a walk as they are everywhere here. It is one of the first bushes to flower here in spring. As far as feeling better is concerned, had another bad night hardly slept through coughing all the time, but hope it can only get better

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      • I’m so sorry — I fought a cold at the beginning of March, it turned into a sinus infection so 6 weeks of varying levels of misery, but I finally grew up and went to the doctor last week and got antibiotics. I’m starting to have energy again but I make no claims about the quality of my thinking… Just get well. Time…

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  1. Do take care Mrs. Angloswiss. Yesterday my comment was not uploaded due to weak internet signal so I could only press like button. That was the reason I could not write mine for the prompt. Hope you had a sound sleep.


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