Daily Prompt: Switcheroo – or how to become No. 1 on the World Blogger List

If you could switch blogs with any blogger for a week, with whom would you switch and why?

Trees on the River Aar

Blogs spread their branches everywhere and it might be that we get entangled in their twigs. I am quite happy blogging along in my own little bloggy way with no influence from outsiders. However, after having a glance on Internet, thanks to Google, I was surprised to see that I am doing it all in the wrong way. I am not earning any money, have no Pulitzer prize and sometimes tend to tear my golden oldie grey hair out when wondering what wonderful bloggy tidings I can bring to my faithful readers, if there are any left.

So what did Internet tell me? I found a link Millionaire Bloggers so what could be better. Yes, some of the lucky ones have become millionaires with their successful blogs. What am I doing wrong I asked myself. I write a daily blog about my life, my thoughts, even my felines, although they made themselves independent in the meanwhile with their own thing and who can blame them.

Spurred on by the discovery that the best selling book “50 shades of Grey” began as a blog I also decided to make an impact on the blogging world. On the other hand I noticed that writing a successful prize winning work of literature does not fit into a day full of exciting supermarket adventures, fighting for food and other necessities of life or spoiling Mr. Swiss with prize suspicious menus. Do the authors of these prize winning works of literature neglect their families, their living quarters? Where did the life’s experiences arrive from on this memorable book. Unfortunately I never met Mr. Grey, but I am sure it would have been a stress job, keeping up with all his quirky ideas. I am not so good at tying knots or undoing them, not to mention gymnastic agility. You cannot have everything it seems, so I must sacrifice my right in becoming a famous blogger in exchange for the daily toils of life.

On the other hand there must be a someone searching for new sensational blogs like mine. They are just looking in the wrong places. I am here world, come and see, read me, comment on me and I will only be too happy to let you have bank details for a transmission of money to my account, preferably Swiss Francs, they have a solid basis. Unfortunately I must inform that I am not ready to switch my superior, prize suspicious blog and I am sure that there would be no-one ready to risk this death defying leap onto my page. I am me and do it my way up to now, but if there is a suggestion how I could arrive on this Millionaire Bloggers` list, I would not be opposed to the idea.

It seems that blogger no. 1 is “The Mum Next Door” telling us all about babies and their problems and how to solve them. I am sure she must be good at it, earning a million on her blog. Unfortunately my baby days have disappeared, and it cost me a million being a mother, so that did not work. Of course when I had my babies, I had no time to blog and I am not sure if blogging then existed. Another chance in life gone. I am sure my children would be proud to know how I marketed my motherhood experiences for a financial blog winner. No. 2 winner seems to be interested in telling everyone how to become a millionaire and No. 3 says “Page not Found”, so it is not everyone that blogs is blogworthy.

Isn’t this a stupid thing to write about? Tomorrow’s daily prompt will be “Tell us which millionaire author you would like to switch your blog with”. That would be realistic and perhaps bring a financial reward at the end of the day, or that elusive Pulitzer/Nobel prize that we are all hoping for.

Daily Prompt: Switcheroo – or how to become No 1 on the World Blogger List