Daily Prompt: High Noon – without Gary Cooper

At noon today, take a pause in what you’re doing or thinking about. Make a note of it, and write a post about it later.

Full moon behind the clouds

OK, let’s get something straight to those robots working somewhere in Silicon Valley: the world does not have universal time. I might be eating lunch when in other countries they are thinking about breakfast. It could be that some of us are preparing the evening meal, or are preparing for bed. This would mean that time is irrelevant when writing a blog for an International site with members from all over the world. Having got that little complaint (big complaint?) out of my system, I will continue.

It is now 3.30 p.m. in my country, you know that place where we have mountains called Switzerland and where we have big banks lining the streets in a place called Zürich where the gnomes are looking after the gold reserves. We once had a guy called William Tell who managed to shoot an apple off his son’s head without killing his offspring and for that we are forever thankful. Hollywood discovered him, and William Tell became famous throughout the world. I do not think we have anything else to say.

And now to noon today, when I had just finished preparing lunch and was glad that another day of this Easter holiday was slowly disappearing. Since being retired I do not like these international holidays. They are an interruption to my plans, to my ideas of no stress. On Friday and Monday (including Sunday of course) all shops are closed for religious holidays. I do not do religious holidays I do not do holidays I like to enjoy my life. For golden oldies every day is a holiday: but no. I was forced to replay my usual shopping exodus to the supermarket and hunt down enough animal, vegetable and mineral to cover the days that were closed.

We had some excitement this morning, remember it is Sunday. We do not like excitement on Sundays. However Mr. Swiss discovered, or decided, that the sink was blocked in the kitchen and he decided to unblock it using the utensils that he had at his disposal, which was very hot water and I think some sort of wooden handle with a rubber bell shaped form at the end. I left him to it, as discussions when earnest problems are being dealt with are better left unspoken. In any case I was reading a book on my iPad and had no time for such trivialities. He was successful and the water was running again. I was glad. I am reading a Felix Castor book, a story set in the world of exorcism, demons and other unexplainable events, with a touch of strange and evil. Just the sort of thing to relax with.

Mr. Swiss eventually left for his drum room in town for a practice. Perhaps was practicing regular sounds to drive out the demons from the world. My book is very interesting and so I read further, knowing that I had planned dinner with something good and quick. It was decided that lamb would be appropriate, being Easter, coupled with vegetables (from a tin) and saffron noodles. I saw on the news that in some country lambs were being slaughtered for Easter. I carried on with my meal, having a bad conscience.

In the meanwhile I am sitting in kitchen writing my unforgettable blog on my own. Now and again the kitchen sink produces strange gurgling noises, sort of glugging and finishes with a shlurp as water cascades downwards in a hidden place. There is no visible sign of what is happening, but I am uneasy. I know that the spirits avoid running water where possible (from my book), but there are strange things going on in this sink. I told Mr. Swiss, but he assured be that the water is now running away as normal. He does not read the same books as I do, but all the same, I am sure that something has been disturbed in the sink drainage. I am convinced that a foreign being had been living his spiritual life in peace and quiet until he was disturbed by human interruptions in his dark place of demonic indulgence. There it was again, glugging. I am sure that it is possessed. Mr. Swiss assures me that everything is OK.

I ventured to take a closer look, awaiting a slimy cold hand to greet me poking through the drainage caverty. I decided to reduce the closer look to a far away glance. Did I see a movement somewhere in the murky darkness of the drainage, bubbles containing breath as if an unknown creature was trying to enter my little world. I decided that dead things to not produce bubbles as they do not breathe. Suddenly there was a noise of pushing, forcing, creaking and yes it was there. To be continued tomorrow. At the moment Mr. Swiss is pouring another delivery of boiling water into the sink and I heard a scream and groan and loud moaning sounds.

Daily Prompt: High Noon – without Gary Cooper

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: High Noon – without Gary Cooper

  1. What a lovely blog! I’m a sucker for anything that makes me laugh, or even smile faintly and your blog wins on all counts. Besides, I’m with you on not enjoying these public holidays or religious holidays. Lucily in the UK most shops now open on public holidays but the big religious ones still keeps the stores tightly closed – like today – and people still shop as though famine were about to strike. Still, sun shining here on the Isle of Wight, brain is in gear to try and sort out my blog (the one on musical theatre which just won’t come right), and a box of liquorice allsorts is at hand for the mid-brain-storming starvation point, I am about to start work. Thanks for giving me a cheery note on which to start.

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    • First of all hello to the IOW. Many were the holidays I spent with mum and dad at a place called Colwell Bay, near Freshwater on the IOW. I loved that island. Walks on Tennyson Downs, visits to Osbourne House and twice at the Cowes Regatta. Although growing up in the East End of London, we broke out now and again. I see you are also situated on the Northern Part of the Island. I did once visit Ventnor, but I was always more at home in the North of the Island. The famine thing is also popular in Switzerland at Easter. The Saturday is the worst day of the year to shop and thankyou for your kind comments.


  2. We were married at High Noon (with an intentional nod to Gary Cooper). Today I seem to have nothing in my head. Nothing to say at all. We aren’t celebrating though last night; we did our annual viewing of The Ten Commandments, 3 hours and 29 minutes of Cecille B. DeMille’s epic ode to piety. It’s a remarkable production, if you ignore the script and often, the acting. The effects are remarkable, and the one interesting thing DeMille did was try to recreate the machinery used to build the monumental architecture in Egypt.

    That summarizes our celebration though maybe we’ll watch Easter Parade tonight. We have seasonal movie favorites. WordPress doesn’t get time differences. They never have. To be fair, they can be a bit tricky to calculate, but posting something that asks everyone in the world to do something at noon when many people don’t even get the prompt until well after noon … sort of clueless.

    I hope all is well and spring continues. We are almost spring here. Snow is gone, but flowers have not arrived. Maybe we’ll just skip the season and go directly to full summer. That’s what we did last year.

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    • I spent yesterday evening finishing my second Felix Castor novel and Mr. Swiss watched two old Alfred Hitcock films (Notoriuous and Spellbound in black and white) which I followed out of the corner of my eye. I just love those dream scenes from Salvador Dali and the last scene in Notorius with a disapponted Claude Rains who couldn’t join Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman in the car and escape. Those were the days.
      Since the daylight saving time I only get the prompt at 3.00 p.m. instead of 2, but what’s in an hour. This morning the sun is shining, hopefully the shape of things to come. Another holiday with nothing to do except cook and perhaps I might clean the bathroom. I usually do it on Tuesday morning, but I have to change my plans this week.


    • I often wonder how the worldwide clock affects the daily prompters. I was more into it when I was working as I was working in export with telephone contact all over the world and I knew when I could call and who I could call at certain times.

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