Every Picture Tells a Story – Facebook Challenge from Baz

Photo supplied

Planes in the air

“Mum what are those flying objects doing in the sky?”

“They are not flying objects, they are planes. Today they are commemorating the first world war, or was it the second? I am not sure, ask your dad Tim.”


“Yes son”

“Mum said to ask you what war we are celebrating today. She’s not sure if it was the first or second world war. Did they use those plane things to fight with.”

“I suppose they did Tim. They have been kept in the museum for at least a century and now we have got them working again with remote control. At least they don’t need pilots to fly them. That was such a waste of brave pilots.”

“What’s a pilot dad?”

“We used them in World War 1, 2 and 3. We managed to replace them with remotes in wars 4 5 and 6 so no lives were unnecessarily wasted.”

“Did we win the war No. 1 and 2?”

“I suppose we did, at least everyone celebrated.”

“If it was a World War, were we fighting against everyone in the world?”

“Not everyone, just some of them.”


“The ones we didn’t like I suppose. I don’t remember, ask your teacher at school. Anyhow things got simplified later with the last three wars.”


“Because they were all fighting against each other. A few towns and villages disappeared at the beginning, but as it was mostly in the same places, no-one really noticed. It was all in another place and not here.”

“But what about the people living in the other places.”

“People? Oh, I suppose there were a few, but the government took care of it all.”

“Dad, why do we have wars?”

“No idea son, ask your teacher.”

“So Tim, enough questions, now go and look at the nice planes flying over outside.”

“Can I shoot some up with my ultra super sonic disintegrator?”

“No Tim, they will go back to the museum afterwards to show future generations how good we were at wars.”

Daily Prompt: Fool me Once – the joke is on usÄ

It’s April 1st! Pull a fast one — publish a post that gently pranks your readers.

Wordpress april fool

Ha, ha, ha, ho, ho, ho LOL, ROFLA etc. etc. You are not laughing, of course you are, just let it go and laugh. It is hilarious, the prank of the year.

I switched on my computer after a period of bliss, a golden oldie sleep, expecting the same old newly rehashed prompts and what did I see. There was a new, living prompt, never seen before. I had to blink a few times, not realising my luck but there it was. I am still trying to work it out.

There was an invitation from Word Press on their grid to pull a fast one, and so I am now pulling it, I think. Or is the joke on me/on us. I had tears in my eyes from laughter, it was so funny. Unfortunately there is a narrow line between laughing and crying and I am now somewhere in the middle, but it can only get better.

Daily Prompt has pulled one on us, it has risen from the dark dungeons of the happy hunting grounds of daily prompts. Not only do we have a new prompt, never been seen before, but it is on the grid. On the grid? Yes, well it is on the grid, but unfortunately no-one believes our luck, no-one has up to now written a contriubution (I pause to utter a few laughs), but I am writing a contribution to this newly born item in our grid of Daily Prompts. It is Spring, the time of awakening, everything is blossoming and growing. La la la, oh to be in prompt land now that Spring is here.

Sorry, the excitement is climbing to my head, I still cannot believe my luck. A new daily prompt on the grid, blossoming and flowering and expanding and reminding us of the days when we had a real daily prompt, something to get your keyboards into, a purpose in our bloggy lives. I hear voices of uncertainty, of doubt. You say the gird is not working, it has “0” responses. That must be a figment of the imagination or perhaps a touch of nostalgia. Of course it is working, you just have to believe. When daily prompt says we are back with something new and surprising it must be true.

“You said something sir”

“No-one has written anything, The grid is empty.”

Just a figment of the imagination. When Daily Prompt says it it working, it is working. Let us all enjoy the joke together. There are paper handkerchiefs just at the side of the daily prompt for wiping the tears of laughter from your eyes.

“They are real tears madam, tears of frustration.”

Yes, you cannot please all of the people all of the time, just a chosen few, although I have a strange feeling. After refreshing my daily prompt notification page at least ten times, I still have the round “0” showing nothing new. Come on daily bloggers, do not be shy. I know it is something completely different. You just have to get used to it again, writing about something new, something completely different.

“We think you need new glasses, there is nothing new. We all have to go to the reader to find something, The new written prompts are not appearing on the grid.”

Why are there so many doubters amongst us? Why have so many of my disciples, followers, daily prompt contnributors, lost the belief in the daily prompt?

“Of course we believe in the daily prompt, but it become increasingly difficult to believe in something that is no longer there. Angloswiss give us guidance out of this morass of misguided prompts.”

Am I Bill Gates, do I know the answer to all our problems? You have to believe and then it happens. I will now upload my contribution to this new and wonderful invigorating Daily Prompt.

“Angloswiss you are pulling a fast one on us, there is no functioning Grid to show your daily prompt contribution.”

Then let us just pretend that it is there, or have a look in the reader. After all I am just pranking around (or are WordPress)?

Daily Prompt: Fool me Once – the joke is on us