Daily Prompt: Fearful Symmetry – Alphabet War

Pick a letter, any letter. Now, write a story, poem, or post in which every line starts with that letter

Apple blossoms

“Angloswiss is my name and here we have a photo of blossoms on a tree in my garden.
Apple blossom always open in the month of April.”

“And what about me?
As always typical, “A” is the first letter of the alphabet, no-one picks a “Z”.”

“As I was saying I decided to choose the letter “A” so be quiet “Z”.”

“Always the same, we “Z’s” are the last to be recognised, just because there are almost no nice words with “Z”.”

“Actually there are “Z”, there are zebras, zeniths, zoos. You can be zilch, a zip and zinc, but there are few.”

“As an “A” i am very versatile. I will now take over, Angloswiss be quiet.
Add my letter to the list of most important letters.”

“A moment. What about us “X’s”, no-one finds words with “X” and I do not want to remain as just a Xylophone all my written life.”

“Again a letter rebellion, “X” be still otherwise the remaining letters will begin to complain.”

“And quite rightly too. You think as an “A” you have it all. As the remaining 25 letters we also have something to say.”

“An alphabet begins with “A” and so I am the most adorable of all letters. You are all behind me with your letters. I am alpha, the beginning of it all.”

“And I am Omega if you want to get clever “A” so shut up. Without me you would never have a chance to finish.”

“And what about Arabic and Hebrew. I am the beginning whether an Alif or an Aleph, I am A, so Omega get to the end of the line.
As I was saying the Apple blossoms are flowering in the garden, one of the first fruit trees to flower.
Again we are No. 1 with our “A” description. Quiet “W”, you are really not necessary at the moment.”

“Ask a question “A” without using “W”. You see how important I am. What? Where? When? Without these words you are lost, none of you letters can discover the answers. We “W’s” know the answers to everything, because we can ask, we have the “W” at the beginning.”

“A question? I am “Q” and always have my “u” with me. I am never alone. “U” where are you? Give me support in this debate.”

“Alas I cannot help you “Q”.
Although we spend many words, lines and paragraphs together, I can always exist on my own, although often in a negative sense of a word. I can be very “un” at times, unhappy, undone, unwanted even. Don’t cry “Q” I am sure there is a language somewhere in this world of letters where you are needed without me.”

“Again I must call the other 25 letters of the Alphabet to be calm.
As you have been informed Mrs. Angloswiss chose me “A” to be her personal letter for today.
All other letters should be quiet and take their normal place behind me.”
And, and, and, and…….”

“”A” has a problem, she has become confused. I am “B”, how can I continue without “A”?”

“And now you have your big chance “B”, take over, be an “A”.”

“Are you mad “C”? If I take over you are no. 2 and eventually “Z” will become No. 25. An alphabet has 26 letters.
All the children will have to learn to read with an “A”. Imagine the first sentence of their reading book “The ct st on the mt.””

“All right stop squabbling all of you. As the most used letter being an “E” I will now organise this chaos. When this prompt is repeated again next year, which it will be due to lack of ideas for something completely new, “B” may take over. In 26 years we will all have our chance to be the star of this prompt.”

And so the letters of the alphabet were content. The secret leader was “E”, but he had the most practice at being used. Oh just a minute there seems to be an argument beginning in the cyrillic letters. I think their “A” is getting big ideas and the “B, V, G” that follow are not in agreement.

Daily Prompt: Fearful Symmetry: Alphabet War

Daily Prompt: The not so happy wanderer

What’s your travel style? Are you itinerary and schedule driven, needing to have every step mapped out in advance or are you content to arrive without a plan and let happenstance be your guide? What’s happenstance?

I do not do travel styles and as a golden oldie only travel to get from A to B. Today adventure time was announced, it was a day a bit different. I decided at the beginning of the week that my hair needed a trim, no a cut. My scalp wanted to breathe the fresh air. I was getting a sort of psychological break down because of my hair. It was not long, it was not short, it was everywhere. I grabbed the telephone and made an appointment. Heidi, my hairdresser said “we will think about what to do. Perhaps I will have an idea”. Mr. Swiss said it is OK, have it cut short again. A perfect reaction to a haircut that was no longer a haircut. If the front piece had been coloured blue or red, I would have won the competition for the perfect punker golden oldie.

Everything was planned at the hairdresser for this afternoon at 4.15. Unfortunately the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray. It came to pass that Mr. Swiss had an unexpected doctor’s appointment this afternoon at 3.45. Are you in the picture? We have one car and there was no other alternative except to walk and I was not walking to town. One of us could take the local train, but there again to comply with the time table you would have to leave early. As we are both sensible people and discuss things, it was decided that we would both go to town with the car. Mr. Swiss would go to his doctor appointment and I would shop for a few forgotten items.

It seemed to be an afternoon when the roads were full of lunatics.

Dornacherplatz, Solothurn

This is a photo of our so-called fringe area of the town. We were driving along on the main road on the right and a car decided to approach from a small side street, just before the curve you can see on the left. This car did not stop and as we were on the main road, we also had no intention to stop. Mr. Swiss managed to brake in the nick of time and the couple in this car from the side street had the audacity to wave their hands meaning we should reverse so that they could drive into the main road. Profanities were uttered on my side with a few negative hand signs and we drove on. If Mr. Swiss had not stopped there would have been a collision.

We entered the park house. I paid a visit to the supermarket in the meanwhile.The snails in my garden were all set to attack and I noticed they had been polishing their teeth and streamlining their bodies to pounce, so I bought anti snail ammunition at the supermarket for my garden and afterwards arrived at the hairdressers.

“Oh it does look rather tousled” Heidi said referring to my hair. Actually she used the word “strubellig” which is German and is a little stronger than tousled.

She had a brilliant idea to transform my punker lookalike hairstyle into something really good, but I decided to play safe and return to the prison cut. The one where I just have a shower and let it dry afterwards. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss phoned to say his doctor visit was finished and whether I was ready to go home. As I was sitting in a hairdresser saloon waiting for the scissor attack, I told him to go ahead and drive home. I would follow later with the local train. Heidi did a perfect cut, I felt again like a human being who trusted herself to mix with the masses and arrived home tired but happy. Mr. Swiss found it was a perfect cut.

So let us not talk about boring travel arrangements. You have to take it as it comes and have fun, even if another car on the road decided to do a kamikaze stunt from a side street, after all nobody is perfect.

When I arrived home I planted my rose tree that I had purchased in the morning at the local supermarket and embedded it in some earth. Yes, it was a busy day and now I am finishing it catching up on my daily prompt.

Daily Prompt: The not so happy wanderer

Daily Prompt: The Full Moon and other things

When the full moon happens, you turn into a person who’s the opposite of who you normally are. Describe this new you.

Full moon over the Jura, Bellach

There are photographers amongst us that can take a perfect photo of the moon showing all the craters, shadows of moon mountains and all with clear sharp outlines. Unfortunately I am not one of these photographers. My camera will not oblige and this is the best I can do. As it shows the snow covered Jura mountains from the village of Bellach, where I worked, I probably took it one evening in Winter with my point and shoot camera before leaving for home. Actually I think my perfect concentration was broken by the howling of the various wolves and dogs as I was trying to concentrate on the photo.

There is a new me every day, I do not need a full moon. Each day I awake and notice that something else is not working properly. It might be an arm or a leg that was laying in a wrong position during the night, cutting off the blood supply. This is no problem, a few movements, massage and hope and everything returns to normal, although normal is an overstatement.

The next problem is arising. The moon arises regularly, in various sizes and shapes, but I have to think about it. So what more can I say. I might howl, might have long pointed corner teeth and may dress differently, having a preference for long black garments. I seem to develop a taste for red liquids and am a regular customer at the local blood bank. I can even fly, my main route being towards the local cemetery where I meet with all my colleagues who have the same full moon symptoms. Notice I said “symptoms” and not “problems”. Those amongst us with similar signs, know what I mean. And now for something completely different, after all I did this all once before on 20th August 2013.

Bleeding Heart

I think these flowers are known as Bleeding Heart, so we are back to the full moon signals. They did not appear after a full moon night in my garden, but they just appeared for no reason. I did not buy them and I have a strong suspicion that my neighbour told their seeds to transplant themselves in my garden as she had an example of this plant in her back garden. The first appearance was about ten years ago when I saw some unknown leaves growing. Was it a weed or was it something worth looking after? I decided to be patient and the first two or three flowers on a stalk appeared, so I decided to let it stay. It was one of the first plants to flower in the garden in April.

The following year it appeared again and so I decided to risk a transplant and shifted it to my front garden. Then the action began. My neighbour no longer has this plant in her garden, but I now have two. They seem to be very happy to spread. I now have a second example growing next to a bush. I have now discovered that our local supermarket sells the Bleeding Heart plant for about ten swiss francs per pot, but I will not tell the neighbour. These are now exclusive in my estate. I tried to replant it last year, but it refused and my replant died, but this year it appeared again next to the bush.

And in the hope of a new, fresh, something completely different prompt tomorrow I will leave you all. Have fun and just don’t bite anyone on a full moon night, they might not taste so good.

Daily Prompt: The Full Moon and Other Things

Daily Prompt: Menagerie – I live in one

Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you? If no, why have you opted not to? 

I find that a silly question, it insults my intelliegence.

Cat at the Migros supermarket entrance

I have animals everywhere, even when I go shopping. See our supermarket feline watching as the people arrive to shop. They had an exhibit outside showing how you can have a nice cozy b-b-que in the garden with all the trimmings, but the feline moved in and took over. This felines have now become so well-known that a national free newspaper known as “20 Minutes”. have featured them. Apparently there are 2 of the species, both being of the Ginger race. Here is a link to the article The Supermarket Cats, in our local language, German, which I have partially translated. I myself have many photos of the two felines and it seems they have names, Max and Hugo.

It seems that even the police have been called in as there are days when they feel so comfortable in the various departments, especially the bed and bathroom areas, that they do not go home and remain unnoticed.The supermarket has an alarm when it is closed and the felines tend to take a walk when they are left to themselves which gives a signal at the local police station and so the police have to investigate.

However  they are shop trained cats, do not smell and visit the outside parks for their recycling process. They also realise that they are not welcome in the food department. They live in one of the neighbouring houses and Mr. Swiss and I have often watched them on their way home. They walk across the large car park, wait until the entry road is free and cross to jump over the fence into the garden of one of the houses. Their favourite place in the supermarket definitely seems to be the restaurant where they make themselves comfortable on a seat and wait for a few edible rewards.

Otherwise I am allowed to live with two felines, Tabby and Fluffy. There was a third, Nera, but she left us last year for another dimension. My felines have their own site in WordPress where they daily report the happenings in their lives and in the casa Angloswiss The Cat Chronicles.

I don’t want to earn bonus points for adorable animal photos or double bonus if taken with my phone. I have a perfectly good DSLR Nikon camera and a Canon camera so rarely use my phone. I am actually surrounded by animals. My main animal in my collection is Mr. Swiss without who I would be lost. Our neighbours have cats. I once counted 10 cats in the area where I live. There are only a few dogs which generally stay at home unless they go for walks with their masters. We have a path crossing our area which is the dog walkie path, but only if they are on the lead. We have enough forests and country to let them loose.

A five minute walk brings us to a stable where there are approximately 8 horses at the moment and cows outnumber the population. We have a murder of crows (I know, but that is the collective name for crows it seems) that like to go on collective flights waking up the neighbourhood. We have many hedgehogs. When No. 2 son lived at home, in the far gone days, Friday and Saturday nights were the night out and he would return home in the early morning hours. He told us that there was an array of hedgehogs (another collective name I did not know) around our home. Lately Mr. Swiss has reported the sighting of the regular visit of a hedgehog on our patio. It seems that Tabby our chief feline, sits on a chair on the porch and watches the movements from a distance. There has been no fraternisation up to now. I think hedgehogs are not a feline thing. I am naturally waiting for the chance to take a prize winning photo, but I am not as nocturnal as hedgehogs.

And so as the golden sun sinks slowly in the West, I come to the close of a repeat prompt, but being me I am never lost for words. See you all on the flip side tomorrow.

Daily Prompt: Menagerie – I live in one

Daily Prompt: Barter System – To barter or not to barter, that is the question

If the world worked on a barter system, how would you fare? Would you have services to barter? Would you be successful, or would you struggle?

Would anyone like to exchange a 68 year old body for something fresh and new and ready to go. No offers? Ok I cannot blame you, I wouldn’t either and Mr. Swiss says if I find a dealer, then he wants to join as well. I don’t do bartering, it is not the Swiss style. Either you pay cash or forget it. We bartered once in Marrakesh, but everyone barters in Marrakesh. You want a carpet, then no problem. Of course you do not pay the offered price, it is not done, so you have a little argument and feel proud when the seller accepts your price, about half as much as he offered. It was a Beduin carpet, very colourful and I believe we still have it in the cellar. They are probably used to sit on when riding your favourite pet camel. Anyhow no problem, the Moroccans do it, it is part of daily life. They even accept your credit card. In every bazaar in the souk they have a machine. I wonder why the Moroccan sales man was smiling so friendly when we completed the deal. I had a strange feeling.

Jamaa El-Fna market

This is Jamaa El-Fna market in Marrakesh, Morocco. No wonder the people are all standing and sitting. They are waiting for their turn to use their credit cards after a bartering session. Our supermarket system is just not geared to barter.

“200 grammes of Emmentaler cheese.”

“No problem, that would be three Swiss francs.”

“How much? That is far too expensive. It has more holes than cheese. I really think you should deduct the price of the holes. Let us make it 1.50 francs.”

“That does not work Mrs. Angloswissl. We do not barter in Switzerland, the holes are tradition and we have fix prices.”

“That’s Ok, but what about a deduction for the holes. You Swiss have been getting away with that for years. I am not paying for holes, so 1.50 francs.”

“Madam Emmental cheese is Swiss tradition. If it has no holes, it would not be Emmentaler. I am sorry but no reduction.”

“I am not paying for something I am not receiving, ok then make it 1.75 francs or I will go elsewhere.”

“Then I am afraid you must go elsewhere, but you will not pay less. Our Emmental cheese gives the best value for the money.”

“Then we will do a deal. Give me 200 grammes of Gruyere cheese, without holes. How much?”

“That will be 4 francs.”

“Just a minute. I can buy 200 grammes Emmentaler with holes for three Swiss francs and now I buy 200 grammes of Gruyere for four Swiss francs.”

“Mrs. Angloswiss Gruyere cheese has no holes. We cannot sell it at a cheaper price.”

“It is not logical. Sell me the Emmentaler for 1.50 Swiss francs and we will call it a deal.”

“No deal, Emmentaler 200 grammes 3 Swiss Francs with holes, Gruyere 200 grammes 4 francs without holes.”

“But I am getting holes with Emmentaler and I am getting no extras with Gruyere for 4 francs. It does not work out.”

“Mrs. Angloswiss you are confusing me.”

“And you are cheating me. Give me the Emmentaler for 1.50 and call it a day.”

The salesman threw the cheese at me, unwrapped, full of holes. Quite a bargain, I got it free, the pleasure of barter. I took it. He was screaming “I do not sell holes” and the last I saw he was wearing a white padded jacket when they fetched him with the ambulance for the clinic. I heard he recovered after a few months and is now selling cars. I think I need a new car.

Daily Prompt: Barter System – To barter or not to barter, that is the question

Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm) – My worms live in the garden

Write the blurb for the book jacket of the book you’d write, if only you had the time and inclination.

The last time I did this prompt was on 24th January 2014, so why should I write it all again. I am not quite yet so senile that I change my mind after a year and personally speaking, I am good, I am great, and I find that my last answer was completely sufficient, so what more could I possibly say, except perhaps “Get Stuffed Daily Prompt” because they annoy me with their rehashed lazy prompts. Sorry, I am not a newbie, been around for many years and like to have fun writing.

In the meanwhile, No. 2 son just asked me why I have not got WhatsApp on my phone. I always felt I was completely covered with my iPhone SMS, although I noticed that my fingers are too big for the keys. It seems that WhatsApp is free, costs nothing, so what could possibly be better. It was a matter of a few minutes and WhatsApp is now on my iPhone. I was warned by a certain person we do not wish to mention, that it could contain all sorts of spam, virus, attacks from outer space could now reach me over my iPhone. If you hear no more from me in the future, blame it on WhatsApp. Up to now I seem to be safe. So now to something completely different again.

The way home past Castle Waldegg

This would be the long walk home after one of my memorable marathon walks on a nice day in the country. It is the path leading from the cemetery which is an uphill path. I am not so keen on uphill paths, but I did not build the path. It was a matter of natural geology. Anyhow as you can see on the left there is a castle. It is our local castle known as Castle Waldegg. It was shining in the light of the sun so I decided to take a photo. I think I have at least 20 photos of this castle in my collection. In the background you can see the first chain of the Jura Mountains (there are 7 in all stretching to the Northern Swiss borders). If you survive to take the curve in the path, you arrive at the local stables where the horses are impatiently waiting for a visit from me and my camera.

“Hello Guiness” I called to my favourite Shire horse. “How’s Life?”

“Fine thanks, take my photo.”

Guiness the Shire Horse

“Do those flies bother you whizzing around your head.”

“No, not really, it is just part of a horse’s life in Summer. Don’t you have flies in your human stable.”

“Yes, but we just kill them with a fly swatter.”

“You see, we have a tail, so do not need a swatter. I do not have a big problem. Daisy and Bluebell, my favourite cows, are now in the field and with time the flies will arrive in their recycling processes and build a permanent home there, that’s life.”

I walked on, glad that Guiness, my horsey friend, explained some of life’s logistics. The next time I swat a fly I will have a completely different perspective. Perhaps it was born in Bluebell’s pancake on the field.

I released today how life can be so lucky. I have an online friend, english, married to a Nepalese and has lived a few years in a village near Katmandu with his Nepal family. Only a couple of weeks ago he moved with the near family back to Europe for various reasons. Today there was a strong earthquake in Nepal, the epicentre being around the village where he lived. He has been trying all day to contact the relatives in and around Katmandu and has now heard that they are safe, although there is a lot of damage and some injured. My heart goes out to him and his family.

Sometimes in our little online world we are jolted back to reality with such events.

Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm) – My Worms live in the garden

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Daily Prompt: The Cows are here again

Do you love hot and spicy foods or do you avoid them for fear of what tomorrow might bring?

I like hot and spicy foods and how am I supposed to know what tomorrow might bring. Perhaps I might be hit by a thunderbolt, be run over on the road by a cow (we live in the country) and the worst case scene would of course be a heart attack, caused by too many red chilli in the chilli con carne, which I will be cooking tomorrow evening. It could also be that tomorrow is the end of the world, although at the moment the sun is shining and we have pleasant temperatures.

And now to continue with something completely different, more sensible and interesting I hope.

The cows on the field

Yesterday my partner in crime, Mr. Swiss, invited me to a walk. He found I had been cooped up long enough inside curing my cold and now it was warmer so it was time to do it again. He said even the cows were now let out of the sheds and are roaming the prairies of Switzerland. I decided to risk the fresh air and when such a good looking young man sends you an invite you have to accept especially when you are compared to a cow.

I dragged myself into three-quarter length trousers and a t-shirt with seven mile shoes and we were on our way. It was a carefully planned route, not too far, as Mr. Swiss was also feeling some symptoms of age (so he said) and there they were. At a distance but the cows were in the field. I could hear them from the path.

“Look Bluebell, fresh grass and even some daisies in between. This is the real thing. None of that hay stuff.”

“Then don’t drop your recycling process on the fresh grass Buttercup if we are going to munch it. That really spoils my appetite.”

“Then go and eat some grass in another place. I drop my digested remains where I want to. Look the first flies are laying their eggs in it, how sweet.”

“Yuck, and I am supposed to eat it. You are spoiling my first day out. Look Mrs. Angloswiss is on the path with Mr. Swiss and she has a camera. Smile Buttercup, we might make it on a Daily Prompt.”

“You think so, they are not interested in nature, just making profits on their web site. On the other hand it will show all those nice friendly daily prompters that we have survived another snowy and cold Winter and are ready to go.”

And after taking a few photos we moved on to the cemetery. If you want quiet surroundings a cemetery is always a good place to sit and rest. I did see two other visitors, otherwise we had the whole place to ourselves which was quite good as we had no disturbances when taking photos. Time flies when you are visiting fun places and we decided to take the long walk home eventually. It would have been faster to branch onto the sidewalk on the main road, but we do not like this way. Too much noise and traffic and no cows or other livestock. We returned through the cemetery and then we saw Buttercup and Bluebell on their way home. Actually the complete herd was on its way home accompanied by its Chief Drover who had a remarkable likeness to a bloke known as Gil Favour from the old Rawhide series on the television.

Perhaps the cows were not going home, but were on their way to better pastures on the other side of Switzerland. On the other hand it seems that Switzerland has so many cows, they were better staying where they were.

Cows are very obedient animals and they filed in a neat row back to the ranch, one after the other. Of course I could not resist another photo. I spoke to the ranger in charge, and he told me that the next time he would let the cows graze in a field nearer to my camera, for some closeups. Here they are going home.

The cows going hom

Daily Prompt: The Cows are here again