Daily Prompt: Set it to rights – Walking is healthy so they tell me

Think of a time you let something slide, only for it to eat away at you later. Tell us how you’d fix it today.

St. Kathrinen Cemetery, Solothurn

Over the past couple of years I let my walking abilities slide to the extent that my legs decided it was time to do something about it, otherwise we would have problems.

“Hey Angloswiss brain, we are getting rusty, out of order. Our joints hurt, we get tired too quickly, so do something about it. Ask Mr. Swiss to take you with him on his afternoon jogging sprees.”

“I’ll think about it legs, but he doesn’t jog, he walks at a steady tempo.”

“Better than sitting at a computer writing daily prompts which were daily two years ago. Out in the fresh air, do something.”

“Can I take my camera with me?”

“No problem. I asked the arms and they said they would hold the camera for you, so let’s go.”

After that conversation with a couple of my limbs I decided the time was ripe. Spring is here, almost, the sun is shining, it is t-shirt time and the crocus are flowering. There was one small problem. Mr. Swiss was delighted to have a companion on his keep fit walks, but there was a slight misunderstanding. He does it without the camera and I do it with, meaning a quick stop in between to take a prize winning photo.

Two days ago, we did our first walk, which was more or less a success, although I did feel a little tired afterwards.

“Angloswiss, we were on our last muscles when we arrived home, but it can only get better.”

“Shhh legs, don’t tell them such things, I am practicing, it will take a time but we will soon be bionic.”

By the way the photo is from an ancient tree in the local cemetery. I think they planted the tree before they buried the first victims. Anyhow to continue, I completed my second walk yesterday with Mr. Swiss. He was a happy walker for a certain reason. I took my camera with me, but changed the battery before I left to be sure that it had enough power to continue taking photos. On my first walk I took forty photos. This time the route was set for along the river and I had dreams of duck and swan photos, with some cows and sheep on the side pastures. Unfortunately the second battery I inserted into the camera was not charged, it was dead and so my Pulitzer photography prize dreams were killed as soon as I saw the first duck. Mr. Swiss did not seem to mind for some strange reason. Anyhow we continued our walking marathon along the river without photos. We got to a point where we could make a right turn back to civilisation, or continue. He decided for civilisation and I was not sad. My legs were beginning to lose their attachment to their feet, but I ignored my problems. It was then Mr. Swiss decided to cross the road which again led to the cemetery. By this time I did have a sort of death wish, but I managed to hold on somehow.

Cemeteries are quite useful for walks. They have benches placed in strategic places to sit and do some gravestone watching and so we sat. It was then I realised that the body shaped benches had been replaced by something more modern which had no support for the back. I leaned back and found that there was a stone wall behind the bench, but too far away to rest on. I made a few negative comments about these new expensive modern benches and Mr. Swiss said there is one of the older benches five graves to the right. I managed to creep to this body friendly bench and spent some relaxing moments there.

We then departed for home. I was not sad as I was feeling a little exhausted (half dead), but we arrived safe and sound. Mr. Swiss found that it “does you good” to go walking regularly, but perhaps not so far and so long each time. I agreed whole heartedly with this suggestion.

Today was a day of rest. The plumber arrived to do a few small corrective jobs on the toilet and the sink. I decided instead of a brisk fresh walk in the country, I would clear some Autumn leaves from the garden. It seemed that the Autumn leaves had reproduced themselves on the ground, but after my walking training this was no problem. Our garden container is now filled to the brim with the dead remains of last year’s trees and my back aches. Mr. Swiss helped to sweep them together. Unfortunately there was a fresh Spring wind blowing, so our neat piles of leaves were often demolished which caused a few profanities to be uttered.

Eventually we were finished, the plumber left us and the telephone rang. It was our gardener who informed that tomorrow morning he would arrive with his merry men at 7.30 in the morning to prepare our garden. I somehow had a strange thought that we could have spared the Autumn leaf removal, but we now have a neat and tidy garden. I even saw a few fire bugs walking around, so we are now ready. And now one last photo taken on my walk at the cemetery when I had a fully operational camera.

I saw this ornament on a grave and decided it was worth a photo.

St. Kathrinen Cemetery, Solothurn

Daily Prompt: Set it to rights – walking is healthy so they tell me

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Set it to rights – Walking is healthy so they tell me

  1. First, let me say how much I like that tree at the top. It is magnificent. Huge, too. I always keep spare batteries with me too, but sometimes, I put the old battery back and charge one that doesn’t need charging. They do all look alike, so now I try to put the old battery in a different place so I’ll remember which one needs charging. Sometimes, I get it right. Sometimes, I entirely forget to charge anything and in the middle of my most artistic effort, the camera turns itself off. Oops, sorry, no more art today!

    We have a nifty cemetery in town I have photographed often. It’s oldest ones. It predates our Revolutionary War, going all the way back to the early 1600s when we were all English. Gravestones can be pretty interesting too. We don’t use the same creativity on tombstones as we did in previous centuries. Now … THAT would be a fun prompt, eh? Let’s all write fun inscriptions for our gravestones. That should get our creative juices flowing!

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    • I will try to get a shot of the tree with leaves later this year.

      Tell us about the time when you designed your own gravestone (or something like that). That would be a fun prompt.

      You are still all english really, it’s just that the language has drifted a little from the roots.


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  3. Crocus and snowdrops are everywhere at the moment. I have never seen such a wonderful show for spring. I am still making efforts to convince myself that this walking has some sort of meaning. I think I will have to visit the river again tomorrow to take the photos I didn’t take the first time. Of course I could climb the hill to the local castle. getting there is strenuous, but coming home is all dowhill.


  4. This is a great post. I was doing Hip-hop abs for 18 months, then bursitis hit. My children argue that I shouldn’t catch busses, but busses get me out walking. When I visit my sisters we walk everywhere. At 66, walking is more important than ever. Hoping to get back to working out at the Y, but nothing can replace the feeling of walking, listening to your favorite music, and communing with nature.

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    • I had to return to the routine of walking. I am no expert, take my time and follow Mr. Swiss. Funny I was only saying today I don’t see why everyone walking has to have a thing in their ear for the music. I prefer the sounds of nature. I know that Mr. Swiss is a keen lover of music while you walk, so everyone to their own. He walks to the sounds of Miles davis and all that jazz. My tick is taking photos when I walk.

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