The Walk

Stream, St. Kathrinen Cemetery, Solothurn

Yes, today I went for a walk with Mr. Swiss as support in case anything happened. I know, it is not a big deal, we all go for walks, but for me it was something completely different. It was not a supermarket walk or even a walk to the car, I did it all by foot. Mr. Swiss goes for walks every day whilst I sit at home daily prompting. I have decided that daily prompting can also be done at another time, so after he recovered from the shock that I would come with him, we departed.

It was warm enough in a t-shirt with my three quarter trousers and so armed with a camera around my neck we departed. I even found a super pair of shoes that fit and did not hurt. Yes I was ready to go and Mr. Swiss asked which way. I told him it makes no difference, just go and I will follow. I was surprised to find that I had no problem to make it to the path to the castle, but we turned off and walked on. I saw chickens and horses at the local stables, there were spring flowers and we passed by the castle. This was of course food for my camera. Unfortunately we had the first small disagreement. Mr. Swiss likes to walk in a steady pace, but I was stop and go, after all I had to take some photos.

After I caught up with him he told me to “look, there is a wonderful view of the snow covered alps”. I mean it was his fault that I stopped again to take a photo. He walked on and told me that the view was better where he was standing, so I moved on and took more photos. It was definitely his fault that I was stopping and going.

Eventually we arrived at the main cemetery. I have often been to the cemetery, it is one of the most worthwhile places for taking photos. It was then that Mr. Swiss said he would sit on a bench in the sun whilst I could take my photos. Somehow I had the feeling he was uncomfortable being seen with me hopping around in the cemetery with a camera. The above photo is of the stream that runs through the cemetery. I noticed a gardener with an electric bulldozer digging around in the cemetery and leaving large patches of earth behind him. Mr. Swiss informed me that once there were graves, but they had been removed to make room for the next customer. “But where are the remains” I asked. “Probably already disposed of” was the answer. I asked no further questions, as I did not really want to know the answers.

After the cemetery visit we took the path home. I was surprised that I was still moving with no aches and pains, yes it was an invigorating walk. As we reached the home stretch I must admit that I was not sorry. I think my lungs were not used to the high intake of fresh oxygen in the air and I felt quite light headed. We were approaching our home when we were greeted by the lady who used to live next door to us who had also been walking. It seems that everyone goes walking when the sun shines, must be some sort of psychological reaction. We discussed our various walks, and then our aches and pains as we were all in the golden oldie age.

Mr. Swiss was surprised to notice how well I was walking, and so was I. I will definitely go again, perhaps tomorrow. And here is the boss chicken, I think it is called a cockerel.

The cockerel

The Walk

Daily Prompt: I’d like to thank my cats 2

You are receiving an award –- either one that already exists, or a new one created just for you. What would the award be, why are you being honored, and what would you say in your acceptance speech?


“Felines, what is that sitting on the table? It looks like a golden chicken.”

“It is a golden chicken Mrs. Human, a reward for your services as official slave to my esteemed self, Tabby my litter sister and assistant, and Fluffy, our honourable apprentice. Not every feline slave is awarded such an honour by the court of Bast, and you should now show your gratitude by preparing a speech to be delivered to the local feline population. They are awaiting you wise words outside in our territory.” And so spoke Nera the chief feline.

I took a peek through the window and was astonished to see the complete feline population of the village sitting outside.

“But Nera, I am totally unprepared.”

“No Problem Mrs. Human, I though you would be, so I wrote it myself, you can just read it.”

I began

“It is with pleasure that I receive the award of the golden chicken for my constant labour to ensure that the three felines that own me are satisfied and happy. I had a long road to take to achieve this balance of give and take, but it seems that I have achieved the perfect result with giving and my felines find that taking for them has been a reward worth waiting for.

It is not an easy task to become a perfect slave, fulfilling the wishes and giving my best for the felines that adopted me. All beginnings are difficult, but thanks to the guiding paw of Nera, my chief disciplinarian and slave master, I have achieved perfection in my task and today receive my reward, the Golden Chicken.”

Here I had to pause whilst the felines clapped with their paws and meowed in approval. I then continued.

“I would not be standing here today, were it not for the support and encouragement of Nera, my slave driver and her team. Thanks to their guidance I soon learned that just serving one helping of tuna fish per week does not qualify to become a true feline slave. It is to be served at least three times during the week. Vitamine pellets are no substitute for tuna fish, but are to be regarded as an addition to the feline diet.

The feline tray is to be emptied regularly and no traces of the recycling process are to be left. Feline fur should be brushed immediately from the surfaces of their cushions. Their places of relaxation are to be revered and treated as blessed, a quiet place for meditation and restful sleep. Their territory is to be regarded as a sacred place, where no other felines are to tread and it is my duty to ensure that this rule is obeyed.”

The last sentence was greeted with a few hisses amongst some of the feline spectators, but Nera put them to order with protruding claws and threatening gestures.

“And now it seems, after receiving this token of recognition for my eternal duties to my three felines, the prize will now be cooked and served to all felines present at this presentation. May Bast be with you all.”

I found it strange that an award I had received will now be taken from me and served to the feline audience. Whilst they were tearing pieces of flesh from the bones of the chicken I had a few words with Nera.

“Nera I do not get this. I read the speech you prepared. I cannot say I was entirely in agreement with the words, but now all the felines in the neighbourhood are eating my prize.”

“Mrs. Human, we are felines, you are our slave. Since when do slaves get the breast of the chicken. There might be a wing or some of the parson’s nose left for you, if my feline colleagues agree.”

Today I learnt something: never trust a feline when they want to give you something. There is always a drawback somewhere.

Daily Prompt: I’d like to thank my cats 2