The Blacklight Candelabra: Re-incarnation

This week, you can write about yourself, someone else, or a fictional character. Whomever you choose, that person is going to die twice in your post for this week’s challenge.


Part 1
“It’s cold” thought Tran the hunter “and I’m hungry” and so he plodded upwards over stones ignoring the vultures circling over his head.

“They can go away, they are not going to get a meal from me.” He flapped his arms as they drew nearer and then he saw it, slowly pacing along over the ridge. A nice fat juicy goat, one of the big goats and he aimed with his slingshot.

“Ug” jumping up and down, straight between the eyes. He was shouting his words of happiness, at last food. He walked closer, it was not moving, an instant death. “Lucky goat and lucky me”. He thought of the many kills he had made where it was not a kill, but a slow following of the victim, stalking his prey until it eventually fell with glazed eyes and lack of breath, dead. If I was lucky. it died in a place where he could truss it up and carry it over his shoulders. If he had misfortune the animal would stumble into a crevice, or the worse case die on a high ridge.

He got to work, skinned the animal first of all. “At last something warm to wear in the ice days” he thought. He pounced on the meat and tore a few mouthfuls off the bones. This was luxury, his first kill after two days.

Then he heard a faint rustle and they appeared, probably smelling the scent of warm blood in the air, their sabre teeth reflecting in the sunlight. They were not fussy if it was man or goat, they had cubs to feed and kill was their motto.

Part 2
Wilhelm was happy, his house was finished at last. His brothers had helped him to fell the trees in the forest. The had built a solid wooden chalet to accommodate Wilhelm and his family at last. The first night in the house was disturbing, but Wilhelm blamed it on too much ale, too much to eat and everything that belonged to a family feast to commemorate a new house. He twisted and turned in his bed, Heidi was sleeping. He descended the stairs to the living room and heard noise coming from the cellar. This could not be. The dogs were in the kennel outside and the cats sleeping in front of the fireplace. He ventured into the cellar, where the woodpiles were ready for the Winter.

He saw a figure, at least a head poking through the floor, although somewhat misty in outline.

“What are you.”

A weak sigh answered. “I am the same as you.”

“That cannot be, although your hair has the same red colour as mine. Are you human?”

“I am human, see my body” and the figure rose from the floor and Wilhelm now saw it in its full size.

“You have a name?”

“My people called me Tran”

“Your people?”

“This is our land, we hunted it until it was empty and spread to the heights.”

“You mean the Tafelspitz, our mountain.”

“We call it the pointed demon, where the mountain spirits live.”

Wilhelm pinched himself, was he dreaming. He had no fear of this transparent ghostly shape. He saw visions of sabre toothed tigers pouncing, tearing flesh from bones and leaving just a skeleton with a crop of red hair on what was a skull.

He awoke in the morning with a feeling we would call “déjà vue”.

Part 3
“What is the problem, why has the work stopped?”

“I think we have found something boss. Looks like a skeleton.”

“We do not have time for skeletons.”

“But it is deep down.”

“Of course it is deep down. We are building a tunnel through the alps, not a cable car to reach the top. OK, men, take a break. I will have to call the experts.” although Fridolin had a strange feeling. The skeleton had a shock of red hair on the head. Some things disappear through the ages, but hair remains. He remembered seeing many old skeletons in the bone houses, and they still had traces of hair.

The archaeologists arrived and took over, although Fridolin often took a quick glance over their shoulders.

“Found anything?” he asked.

“We have found plenty, but this one is from the pre ice age. He must have wanted to be found, laying on the exact path of the tunnel. Has a nice crop of red hair on his head, something like yours.”

Fridolin felt a shiver go through his body. There were some things better not said, but just remaining as a thought. Why did he feel linked to this morbid discovery. That night he left his bed in the neighbouring sleeping quarters for the building troop and took the lift down to the tunnel where the bones of the past had been found.

He saw them. Two men, one clad in a crude leather cover, one dressed in the hunting clothes of the middle ages, but both with red hair.

“We are one, but three” the two men said together.

And Fridolin knew the truth. He was the third man.

“A few months later Fridolin returned to his family for a well earned holiday. He was glad to see his wife again. His little red headed boy ran to greet him.

The Blacklight Candelabra: Re-Incarnation

Daily Prompt: Tagline – Just tagging along for the ride

Often, our blogs have taglines. But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be?

Hyacinths 2015

“Spring is in the air”

“Then help me up, I don’t feel like I am in the air, someone pushed me.”

“Who said that?”

The blue hyacinth on the right, I was blown over by the storm.”

“Oh, I didn’t see that, but I am sure you will survive.”

“The way that wind is blowing and the rain is falling down, I do not think many of us will survive.”

“But you will return next year.”

“Forget it Human, you just do not want to get your feet wet.”

So what could I do? I waded into the dirt and strung it up to the nearest hibiscus twig I found and now my hyacinth is happy again.

Yes, the week before Easter and it looks like that Armageddon is making its way over Switzerland. Only last week I was marching on fresh paths between gravestones (at the local cemetery) and on river banks (taking photos of ducks and swans) and now this: dark skies and high winds. One advantage is that I do not have to give the garden its daily supply of water, nature is doing it for me in abundance.

It is the week before Easter and a certain amount of planning must be done. We do not want to starve but there will be a Friday and a Monday that supermarkets and other public rescue stations will be closed. Now that we are golden oldies, we would now be the ones that are invited I suppose. I remember the days of four children and golden oldie relatives that were all sitting around my Easter table being served. I am not unhappy. It is now just me, Mr. Swiss, a son and two felines, but it all has to be planned.

Today is Tuesday and I only have Wednesday to go hunting, no problem. I made a decision today and it was decided that I would not go hunting on Thursday to complete my Easter hunt. I can buy everything vegetable I need tomorrow. Vegetables remain fresh in the fridge or in the kitchen storing places. What about the meat? I have Mr. Swiss who loves being let out on his own as he can combine his excursion with a drum practice at his rehearsal room and he enjoys driving the car.

This evening I will create a list containing meat items that he will organise on Thursday, whilst I am doing my usual thing of cleaning the kitchen and cooking. Tomorrow on my Wednesday shopping expedition I will show him the meat I will need. I might even take a few photos to ensure that he will not be confused by descriptions of food that he does not know. I now only need four stamps for my third Easter Bunny which I hope to have tomorrow.

Easter Bunny: yes the national chain of Migros supermarkets in Switzerland are celebrating Easter with a free Easter Bunny give away. According to how much you spend, you receive a nice colourful round sticky thing that you attach to a card. When the card is full you can choose which bunny you need. Of course, Mrs Angloswiss is collecting like all other victims and I now have two free furry Easterbunnies – see picture.

Easter bunny

These two I assume are mummy and daddy. I am now collecting for No. 3, a green bunny, to complete my family. At the moment these two are sitting and waiting on my cupboard in the living room and ask me daily when there little green bunny is arriving. I have consoled them that I now only need three stickies and my card will be complete. Yes, there is excitement in the Angloswiss household.

As you can see I have no exact taglines. My taglines change daily. Today it is easter bunny, tomorrow is shopping and now and the again the tagline “cleaning” and “golden oldie sleep” appear on the list. My life is not a tagline, it is reality. At the moment it is “daily repeat prompt”.

Daily Prompt: Tagline – just tagging along for the ride

Daily Prompt: The Show Must go On – All the world’s a stage and the men and women merely actors

If you were involved in a movie, would you rather be the director, the producer, or the lead performer? (Note: you can’t be the writer!).

The rooster and his harem

Currently the Mrs. Angloswiss show is interrupted due to rain, yes it’s raining and raining and raining again, so not wanting to get my newly driven-in walking shoes muddy, I am at home. Meanwhile in a place known as Silicon Valley, there are people (I think they are people), computers and robots trying to get the show going. Their chickens are quite busy looking for something new to peck.

“What shall we do today Mac?”

“The same as yesterday Butch and the day before. It always works. There is a mug born every minute”.

“Yeah, but it seems that some of those mugs are rebelling, protesting and there is even talk about boycott.”

“About what? Is that some sort of new word? Do you think it might be dangerous””

“Mac you’re the boss, you should know. I noticed that our production turnover is drifting off. Interest seems to be waning.”

“No way, we are good, we are constant, we do it for the people.”

“Some people don’t think that way. True, we are constant, but not so sure about the good.”

“Ok, big shot, tell me what I am doing wrong.”

“Stay cool Mac, stop jumping up and down and empty your ash tray, you are definitely smoking too much.”

“I don’t have time for getting empty ash trays and that’s your job. I am the one with the brains around here and you do the trivial stuff. So get me a new, clean ash tray and another can of Pink Cow to keep my ideas going. And throw that computer I have in the garbage. I need a new one with better ideas.”

“But Mac it ain’t the computer that has the ideas. You know what they say: “a bad workman always blames his tools.” Perhaps you should bring up something entirely new and original.”

“Butch I am always original. Who decided on the design for our new dynamic t-shirts. That was me, everyone wants one.”

“Of course they do Mac, they would be addicted to them if the got the right sizes.. One of our clients was delivered into the local funny farm because she wanted an XXXL and you was having them made at some downtown sewing shop where the workers were all XXXS.”

“So what’s the problem.”

“Their production line was delivering t-shirts fit for a troop of dwarves in a circus, that is the problem. This particular customer wanted to show our t-shirts to everyone. Now she feels neglected, overweight and abnormal.”

“Of course she does Butch, anyone ordering t-shirts from a company like ours is abnormal. We are not a production line for t-shirts, but a serious technology company dealing with the best the branch has to offer.”

“Don’t you think our ideas are a little out of date Mac?”

“Out of date!! Do you want to keep your job Butch? Don’t mess with me. I bring the best we have.”

“But it is at least two years old, all been there before.”

“That’s not true. I gave out instructions that the stuff should not be older than a year. Who ain’t following my orders.”

“Everyone is following your orders it just so happens that the clients now realise that it is all rechurned hand-me-down examples as they remember the time when it was fresh and new and inspiring. They are no longer inspired, just holding on for something new.”

“Butch it’s all free, you only pay if you want to, so who am I, Heinrich Pestallozzi? And now get back to your desk and press the red button again.”


“You heard, the red button, the one that everyone takes notice of, where it says “we publish a new one every morning. “Every morning” is a matter of interpretation. And bring me that new clean ash tray, my Pink Cow energy drink and something for my blood pressure. And call Bill Gates and ask if he has anything new to suggest.”

Is this a film or reality?

Daily Prompt: the Show Must Go On – All the world’s a stage and the men and women are merely actors

Daily Prompt Alternative: Quote Prompt #2 – Who Stole my Hour

A single statement can be provocative. Use one or all of the following quotes as a provocative point of inspiration for a post. Incorporate it, or discuss the meaning behind it, or launch off in any direction the quote(s) compel you to go.

“I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” ― Lewis Carroll

Easter bunny

I can’t go back to yesterday because yesterday was only 23 hours, I had lost an hour on the way. It happened some time in the night, I do not know when. It was ordained “let us steal an hour” and it was stolen, not by Lewis Carroll, not even by the great mighty Jabberwocky, a Lewis Carroll colleague, no it just disappeared. Where did it go? One of those unanswered questions.

Yesterday was a normal day, insofar as my days can be normal. I ate, I breathed, I wrote, I read, all those functions that are judged as “normal”. Time passed and the clock told me it was time for bed, although I had a pre-warning that somewhere, somehow 3,600 seconds would be devoured by an invisible monster during the dark hours. I had to escape this threat, do something and do something quick, so I entered the bedroom thirty minutes earlier than usual on a Saturday night. Not that I have to go to bed later on Saturday, but it is Saturday, and Saturdays are there for exceptional situations.

I had no trouble to find my sleep, it took its usual course of non-action. I awoke in the morning and felt there was something wrong. I was in my bed, it was morning and there was light. No, there was no light. I generally have a shady shadow of my surroundings becoming brighter in the early morning hours, slowly creeping through the curtains to awake my body and everything else that belonged. I made a wary movement towards my mobile smartphone on the bedside table and created an illumination of its face. Good old trusty Smartphone, always there to reassure me in the early morning hours. Shock! It was 7.00 a.m. Was it the end of the world, would there no longer be daybreak, had they done it at last. Who I did not know, there are so many to blame in this world, you can take your pick.

It was then that I discovered the culprit. No, it was not Lewis Carroll who was resting in his grave somewhere, it was not the yesterday when I was different, it was the today: the daylight saving time. I did not want to save this daylight, and do not remember being asked. At this moment in time it was not saved, but lost. No-one asked me if I wanted to save anything, the only thing I really want to save is my ability to have a full nights sleep with no interruptions and there we have it. 7.00 a.m. in the morning, which was actually 6.00 a.m. I had been deceived by my smartphone programmed by an evil hand that forced us to lose an hour of our life. Who is this dreaded “i” monster that takes over parts of my life. Was it hiding in the “pad”?.

I have had this feeling before. It was a déjà vue where I would be searching for relief until Sunday 25th October, a life span of seven months with a lost hour. I really tried this morning. I arose half an hour earlier than usual to help to compensate, thinking that it would add up to a complete hour if I counted the half hour when I went earlier to bed, but this was not the case. It is now evening 5.30 p.m and something is still missing. I feel tired.

My invitation to the daily prompt dance did not arrive until 03.00 p.m., an hour later than usual. I was sitting with trembling fingers at my keyboard being forced to do a cold turkey. Ok, I know, the daily prompts are all old rehashed items, but the human needs a certain amount of organisation in his life.

Perhaps Lewis Carroll made this remark just after he had save his daylight time, who knows?

Daily Prompt Alternative: Quote Prompt #2 – Who Stole my Hour

Daily Prompt: What a Twist – just something we get now and again in our village – White Noise

Tell us a story — fiction or non-fiction — with a twist we can’t see coming

Mysterious Mound, Feldbrunnen

I was sitting in my favourite chair, watching my favourite television program, when the lights went out. “Strange”, I thought, especially as the television was still in action. Even stranger because there was no electricity, at least it seemed so. The complete street illuminations were extinguished and inside my house all electrical gadgets were out of action. No accompanying humming from the refrigerator, the lamp in the living room was dead, just the television was still working, but not showing my favourite programme. So what was it showing? Well I think it is called “white noise”, sort of a screen with lots of sparky stripes and noise.

Suddenly it stopped. The screen became black and there were signs across the screen. They were large at the top followed by smaller signs at the bottom and then it appeared. Well I have to say it, it was even coloured, although not exactly in accordance with human colouring basics. It (he or she) was blue with no hair, one eye in the middle of the head and ten fingers on each of its three arms. Then suddenly subtitles appeared whilst he was talking in a language which seemed to consist of just consonants and no vowels. Everything just pressed together with a bit of moisture in between, the strange thing being that the subtitles were in English.

“Good evening viewers, we are proud to present the first interstellar television programme from planet Og” were the words printed on the screen. It then continued:

“Viewers I am sure you are surprised, but not as surprised as we are. We have been trying for many ogomins (our time measurement system) to transmit television programmes from our planet to other worlds. Due to a remarkable similarity in the earthly satellite system, we have now had our first breakthrough and are pleased to show some samples of our programmes, transmitted with the courtesy of Ogovision. Yes viewers, we have been watching years of programmes from your world, our favourites being mainly the cowboy films, which show a great similarity to our own historical background. Of course, we had no cows, but our bongos are very similar. At one time they were driven in hordes from one side of the storm desert to the other by groups of bongogs, brave Og citizens supplying fresh bongo meat to those inhabitants that had no bongos.”

Now this is interesting I thought and then suddenly there was a flash on the screen and the following was transmitted.

“Drink Plop, now available in the special saving box. Loved by children and women and when mixed with the pink variety, also available in licensed restaurants, only for masculine Ogs.”

Then there appeared three female Ogs, at least I think they were female. They were also blue, but had quite a thick layer of orange fur on their heads and sang in a high pitched voice.

“Plop, plop, plop
Makes you hop, hop, hop
Bring it home in a box
It’s even good for a glop”

Then the original speaker returned.

“That was our commercial break and now for the news. There has been trouble in our capital city of Oggo. School children are complaining that they are no longer allowed to come to school on their Glinkos. Glinkos have now been banned, as their digestive system is ruining our roads. The acid content of their pellets tends to burn holes in the road surface. Here is an interview with our minister, Mr. Glook, responsible for transport.

“Mr. Glook you have had many complaints from our school children who say without being able to ride their Glinkos to school, the will need much longer to arrive, and there is the problem of the Glinko’s daily exercise.”

“Yes, well we have examined this thoroughly and found that the children have been very careless with the Glinko. They just put the female and male sort together in the same stable which has lead to an increase in the Glinko population.”

“Is there no other solution than to ban the use of the Glinko?”

“At the moment we have to take immediate steps to stop the Glinko population explosion. A medical solution is being developed to control the birth rate, but the children will just have to have patience until this is applied.”

“Thank you Mr. Glook, and now back to the studio.”

“Well here we are again in the studio. We will now have to break up our transmission for this evening due to phosphor storms on the Og surface. It was a pleasure to be able to transmit to planet Earth and we will return tomorrow at the same time.”

Then there seemed to be an interruption in the Og television studio and another Og person spoke quietly to the commentator. He then returned with the following comment.

“I would like to apologise to our television viewers on Earth. It seems by this pilot production that the complete electricity supply on Earth came to a halt. Our Ogian engineers are working on the case and we hope that tomorrow this little accident will no longer occur. In the meanwhile, we Ogians love you all, especially your cowboy films. We have one small wish. Please do not show any science fiction films in the evening. It hurts our feelings and our children cannot sleep afterwards.”

The screen then returned to the “white noise” syndrome and the lights went on again. I was not very happy as the beer had got warm in the refrigerator in the meanwhile, but I decided I would definitely tune in again tomorrow evening at the same time. At last something different to watch on the television and not the same old boring programmes.

Daily Prompt: What a Twist – just something we get now and again in our village – White Noise

Daily Prompt: Food for the Soul and the Eyes

Tell us about your favourite meal, either to eat or to prepare. Does it just taste great, or does it have other associations?

On a memorable day 11th November 2013 I told everyone about it with my first contribution to this prompt title, and so I will not repeat myself. I have not discovered anything new to cook, perhaps avoid spending more time than I want to in the kitchen, due to the fact that it is Spring and time to go for walk.

Clouds over the Jura from Feldbrunnen

Let us begin with something for the eyes (I am still not sure about this soul thing – I do not think that anyone has seen one yet). Again on one of my paths into the unknown I saw that the sky was painting a picture for my camera. It added a few extras and so I took a photo. The mountain range in the background is again the Jura, just behind my village. If you look on the left you will see two points higher than the rest. This is the famous “Hasenmatt” (Hare field) which is the highest point in the State/Kanton of Solothurn. Have I been there? Of course I have, but it was in my younger days when my feet, legs and body were co-ordinated to climb peaks, overcome boulders and stones on the way and walk upwards. I think it was fifty years ago. Of course, I could do it today, but they have not yet built a chair lift or cable car to get there, it still depends on sure footwork and a fit body. Oh, where have those days gone? I can still see it and record it from the safety of firm ground with my camera.


The first flowers of a Swiss Spring are dotted all over the place on my walk. This is becoming very poetical I must say. This is a primula for those that do not recognise this harbinger of Spring (found that word in the dictionary). They are everywhere, mainly in yellow, but also pink, blue and white. You can even buy them in the local supermarket, but these are the wild ones that arrive every year. When we moved into our ground floor apartment I planted some in my garden. They looked good, but unfortunately did not survive, so I gave up and let nature do the work in the fields. If we have a long Winter, you even find them shivering in between the patches of ice and snow.

Wild flower

I also found some patches of this blue flower, but for artistic reasons I decided to do a solitary shot, thinking it would probably have a better chance of being noticed by a photo talent scout for my longed for Pulitzer Prize. Who said that? I know I repeat myself, but you cannot repeat yourself enough, one day it might be heard. If any of my faithful disciples would recognise and know the name of this flower, I would be pleased. You cannot have a prize winning photo without the correct name. I did not even have to risk an accident with this flower, as it was growing on flat ground, although I did feel a pain shoot though my back when bending to get a closer view. It was even worse when I stood up again. I know I have a zoom lens, but even that does not always zoom enough. On my marathon walks I can only take my Canon camera as it is not so heavy. Had I taken my super Nikon DSLR I would probably have seen some small insect waving and smiling as I took the photo but the camera is too heavy to carry for kilometres on my walk.

Today is a walkless day, even a golden oldie has to allow her limbs to recover, but fear not, tomorrow i will again be on my way making the surrounding scenery unsafe.

Daily Prompt: Food for the Soul and the Eyes

Daily Prompt: I Walk the Line – yes every day

Have you got a code you live by? What are the principles or set of values you actively apply in your life?

And it’s another daily prompt day today, so let’s see what we have to say. The only code I have to live by is the one that the tax authorities need when I pay my debts to my country. Principles and sets of values are not something I dream about applying in my life, but wait a minute, these are old cooked up prompts, so what did I say the last time? I should know, it was not even a year ago when this one cropped up. No, I was wordless. Did I refuse, did I have nothing to say (which is a rarity with me) or was I locked up somewhere in a padded cell trying to get out. Neither, nor, I was in England with my dad on a visit. He had just moved into a new extra care apartment and Mr. Swiss was doing it all on his own at home. So now I have the opportunity to catch up on this old prompt. I have now dusted off the cobwebs and polished the edges, but no, it still does not inspire me. To be quite honest none of these second-time-round hand-me-down prompts inspire me, but I will carry on regardless and hope that one day it will all be different, that we will get new prompt, never before seen, filling me with inspiration and new hopes for my Pulitzer/Nobel prize instead of the garbage can of the year. So let us begin with something completely different.

I am still walking, protecting my moveable parts from an attack of eternal rust and it can only get better. Two days ago Mr. Swiss let me out of my own, so armed with my camera, my trusty walking shoes I departed. I had to take my iPhone with me in case anything happened. Now what could possibly happen? My feet never leave my ankles and I have everything under control. I had to think this walk over. Should I go right, left, up or down? I decided a straight path towards the castle, but noticing it was all uphill, I changed my mind and turned left for a visit to the stables.

“Neigh” the horses said as a greeting. I neighed back and they snorted.

“What about a photo” said Guiness, the shire horse.

“No deal” I answered, “I have so many photos of you, it wouldn’t be fair to the others. And so he poked his tongue out in annoyance.

Cart horse Feldbrunnen

“What about me, you never took a photo of me.”

I turned in the direction of the new neighs and saw a horse I had never seen before.

“Ok, stay still and smile” and here is the result.

Black and white horse, Feldbrunnen

“You are really something special with your pretty pattern on your back.”

“Thankyou Mrs. Angloswiss.”

“Stop showing off” said Guiness the shire horse “I am bigger than you and have more charm.”

I decided to leave before a horse fight began. I the chose the route through the top part of the village, past the castle and on the downhill stretch to home, where Mr. Swiss welcomed me with relief that I survived.This was my last walk for two days as the weather has changed. It is colder, raining and I noticed a new layer of snow on the top of the local Jura mountains.

Today I decided it was time to let my orchids out. It is warm enough for them on the porch and they are now settled in a sheltered corner. I told them if they behave and make some flowers, they can stay there throughout the summer, otherwise it will be the happy orchid hunting grounds. They told me they would do their best, so I gave them their weekly dose of water and left them to it.

Mr. Swiss has now given up with our robot mower. He had a look at the instruction manual which has about 80 pages and as many instructions and he actually got it moving. He programmed it to start at 3.30 p.m. for thirty minutes mowing. It was a success, but our robot lawn mower, known as Mowey, was having so much fun that he didn’t want to stop. Mr. Swiss had to make him stop, otherwise he would still be mowing now. The next attempt was ok, but Mowey started to mow thirty minutes earlier than he should. We have now made contact with the human than installed Mowey and he will pay us a visit for a reprogramming session. Needless to say a few profanities were uttered in connection with the antics of Mowey.

I will see you again tomorrow, when we will probably have a repeated prompt from last week – yes they are running out of ideas.

Daily Prompt: I Walk the Line – yes every day