Daily Prompt: Do or Die – Praise to an Apple

You have three hundred words to justify the existence of your favorite person, place, or thing. Failure to convince will result in it vanishing without a trace. Go!

A prompt I have never done, never seen and was probably wondering what to do with me time in the afternoon as I had not discovered the daily prompt. If this prompt had arrive on Wednesday, 4th February 2015 I would have written 300 words all about Mr. Swiss, then being our 46th wedding anniversary. On the other hand if I had not justified his existence, I would have lost Mr. Swiss forever and he is so useful. This morning he drove us to the supermarket battling through icy roads and we arrived with success.

He ploughed his way through the snow with a shovel to the birdhouse today to ensure that our feathered friends would not have an empty birdhouse. Can you hear them tweeting in thankfulness. With disappointment Mr. Swiss noticed this afternoon that they had eaten half of the food already and so he must go on his journey to the arctic birdhouse landscape again today. But this is not about Mr. Swiss and 300 words would not be sufficient to describe all his qualities.

Now to the real thing.

The Apple computer

“Are you ready, I gave you a clean up to make you look good, there were a few splashes on your screen and I even prepared an apple, took a bite out of it to do the real thing. There it is, a selfie of you with all the trimmings.”

“Thank you Mrs. Angloswiss, yes we have created many great works together. Ahh, if you don’t mind can you perhaps just go over my screen once more, there is a speck of dust in the bottom lefthand corner.”

“Of course Mac.”

“But use the soft non-magnetic cloth, otherwise the dust will return again. Oh, yes, that is great, ummm, just tickle me again around the keys, I love it.”

“Err Mac, I don’t want to interrupt, but I only have 300 words for you otherwise you will vanish, so let’s tell them all about what you do for me.”

“It’s obvious, I am your door to communication. Without me you would not write your daily prompts that have gained you praise in the blogging world. You would not be able to save all the good ideas you have on my hard disk, and above all I look good with my streamlined silver style looks. I am lightweight and arrive at once. Just push the right button and I am ready to do the job. You could even transfer my thoughts into an iCloud if you wanted to for all your friends to see.”

“I have to be careful with your iCloud, that could become expensive, but you have other qualities. You are linked to my iFamily of iPads. Yes, Mac, you are the best computer I have had up to now and I have had many.”

“Thank you for buying me Mrs. Angloswiss, yes, we are two of a kind.”

It was 301 words, but what does it matter. My Apple computer is now wiping the tears from the keys after the show of appreciation and I am now ready to save a file of praise for my Apple.

I just love those prompts that I have never done before. It makes me time more worthwhile on my drab golden oldie day. I have to put in a few good words for the Wordy organisation, otherwise they might vanish.

Daily Prompt: Do or Die – Praise to an Apple

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Do or Die – Praise to an Apple

  1. A very apt post, Madame Angloswiss. I’ve been trying very hard to make friends with a new iPad and having a hard time with it. I probably would like your machine better. It’s got a keyboard and all. A real computer, unlike th iPad which is really just like the Kindle, but with a bad attitude. It’s snowing and sleeting here, too and I can’t remember why any of us should be here. But I’m pretty sure my eggs should be saved. Not my eggs. Chicken eggs. The ones we eat with bacon. Those eggs. We should save them. Just saying 🙂

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    • iPads are ok, but they are not a substitute for a computer, just a little complement. I use it when I am in the armchair or perhaps even in a bed, depending on the time of day, just for checking stuff and reading. We have constant snow but luckily the Swiss are out in full force keeping the roads clear more or less. Mr. Swiss is busy making a soup for himself and No 1 son for the evening meal which I don’t eat due to complications with the digestive system.


    • The keyboard for the iPad makes it a lot easier to use. I don’t use mine much, but the times I’ve needed it I’ve been very glad to have it.

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      • The ipad has a built in touch keyboard which is ok with me as I have the largest ipad pad and only use it for a quick look at something. I don’t write messages on it or mails, just a few words to search for something.

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