Daily Prompt: One at a Time – or more

Today, write a post about the topic of your choice — using only one-syllable words.


And now to something more intelligent.

Christmas Tree Migros 2014

Our local supermarket put up the annual Christmas tree outside last week, so here it is. I played a bit with the effects, who wants a normal average Christmas tree, something special for a special blog.

Now a small explanation. I do not write with one-syllable words, it is not worth the effort and the exhaustion of my brain cells. The first sentence in my first reader when I was five years old at school was “The Cat Sat On The Mat” and I believe I have progressed to other things since. My Tabby cat likes to sit on the mat in the bathroom, but that is because it is an enclosed room, there are no threats from outside, and we have floor heating: the perfect feline resting place.

I also find this blog an obstruction to my chances of winning my Pulitzer/Nobel Prize for blog of the year. How can I develop my command of the values of my blogging talents when I am told to write in words of one syllable. Did Charles Dickens or Ken Follet write in this fashion? Do our politicians hold their speeches in this way? Even the last word of Napoleon Bonaparte was “Josephine” and that is more syllables than one. So my last commentary and words on this memorable blog subject are “Forget it”.

I would prefer to write a blog about the complexiities of the Welsh town Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. This town name has more syllables than one, it has many and if you understood Welsh you would realise that it has a meaning and if you want to know it, have a look in Wikipedia. They once had a railway station and its sign was famous all over the British Isles as being the longest with its 53 letters, so don’t talk to me about one syllable words, they are a waste of time.

I am also not so good at topics of my choice because when I visit the daily prompt, I expect to be prompted to write about something. Today I have the feeling that I am in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I am not known as a person of few words, and definitely not monosyllabic or whatever. I like to go around three corners before I come to the point. It engages the attention of the person I am talking to and makes life interesting.

This morning I had a little accident, not really, and it was entirely my own fault. It was before breakfast, I had only been on my feet for a few minutes and for some strange reason I decided to organise the cat food which is distributed in two bowls. I usually do this after an hour exercise with the vacuum cleaner, when I am fit and ready to go. However, I was too early for the job and stooped to collect the stray vitamin pellets next to the dishes. My knees decided to give up and lo and behold I was sitting on the kitchen floor. There was no pain or bone breakage, just a general weakness originating in the knees. Mr. Swiss came running and decided to pick me up. After five minutes of trying we were successful, although I was still shaky on my legs, but was sure it could only get better. I think he made a remark about me losing weight, but I overheard it.

This combined with the fact that Mr. Swiss has only 80% sight from the right eye at the moment, we have a few problems. I am now the chauffeur as it is not wise for him to drive. I am convinced I have everything under control, although he sometimes gives advice when we are on the road – no comment.

Time to go and I am so excited about tomorrow’s daily prompt subject. “Write about anything using words beginning with “x””, now that will be fun.

Daily Prompt: One at a Time – or more

36 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: One at a Time – or more

      • Hehe angloswiss, I just think it did not reasonate well with you but, to me it was a challenge I thought about and saw it fit to try out.It just went out of the norm though it acted as a good pause in between the common topics we get on Daily Prompt.


  1. I couldn’t write this either. My NAME has three syllables. I don’t think since “See Spot run,” (first reader), I’ve written in single syllables and I’m not sure even then. But I did post a nice little Beatles song with a monosyllabic refrain (No, no, no, NO!).

    Down is easy. It’s the going against gravity while getting up that is so troublesome. Yesterday I got down on the floor because I needed to peer into the DVD cabinet and I can’t remain bent over for longer than a few moments. I found myself planted there, trying to figure out how to get up. I crawled around a bit until finally, with a little help from our good, solid coffee table, I achieved two-legged-ness again.

    It’s little things that always get us 🙂


    • My name would have three syllables, but everyone calls me Pat. I named No. 2 Oliver Jason (Jason running in the family), Unfortunately his first initials are O.J. although when he was named 40 years ago it was no big deal. Oh yes, did you notice, I hated this prompt.

      One of the reasons why I stopped attending our village local first aid group was the kneeling and standing. We had to participate in demonstrations of saving your life and our victims were all on the floor. Eventually I became a real victim as I could no longer stand up. My job as accountant was OK in the group because it was sitting on the computer, but when I retired I retired from the group. I know the trick with crawling around to find assistance to pull yourself up. I only had the kitchen table, which was too high, and the kitchen chairs, which were too bendable to take my weight. Thank goodness for Mr. Swiss, I admire his strength.


    • Thank you, they put one up every year, but I decided to play a bit with it this year using my artistic vein. I do have photoshop 3 on one of my computers, but have not used it for some time. I discovered that Ribbit have a link to something similar, almost the same as 3, so I use that sometimes.


    • I don’t write for fame or money (but wouldn’t say no if it happened), I write for the fun of writing. I enjoy writing, but today I did not enjoy it. I was disappointed and felt unwanted, useless. I have too much to say to think and write in monosyllables


      • I must say I did think it was quite a useful and interesting exercise because I am a very wordy writer, but it’s definitely not something I will be adhering to in the future! Nevertheless, I love your response because it’s the only one I’ve seen like it… I’ve spotted a few that are just normal posts, they just look as though the blogger has attached the link their regular piece to have it appear on the daily prompt page… yours actually addresses a unique opinion and an insightful take on the challenge and most certainly deserves its place on the prompt’s page!


      • Well, I was speaking directly about the simple singular monosyllabic word at the top of the post right under the prompt… NO. I then proceeded to read the post, and as always, it was enjoyable to read, tirade, rant and all. The knee thing, I totally understand the desire to cry, I have an on-again-off-again relationship with my left one due to an injury I sustained as a child. Sucks when they don’t want to work right.


  2. This was a fun but dumb prompt to write for. Please do not give us more like this. My words should not be trapped in cages, where they can not breath or roam free.


  3. I have not even read your post but I just laughed so hard at the audacity: “No. And now for something more intelligent.” That just cracked me up. I also see that they are addressing pingbacks. Good work, Mrs AngloSwiss. Now onward to reading your post which, of course, I will love.


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