Daily Prompt: Envelope Pushers – and prompt pushers

When was the last time you took a risk (big or small), and pushed your own boundaries — socially, professionally, or otherwise? Were you satisfied with the outcome?


Are these the empty bottles and glass containers left behind by the Magic Happenings Team in our WordPress Daily Prompt Central? Are these the remains of a wild night somewhere in Silicon Valley celebrating the Promptless Days? Do not despair Prompters, we will hang on to the bitter and bloody end.

I know it is disappointing when we arise in the morning, or in my case arise from a golden oldie sleep after lunch, and discover there is no prompt. Just a headline saying “0 responses” followed by a line “Want to participate? Publish a new post on your blog interpreting the theme. Include the pingback to this week’s challenge and we’ll list your post below.” Unfortunately the theme is a well known theme that we have participated in many times and there will be no ping backing when we have nothing to pingback about. We are constantly pushing our boundaries in the Daily Prompt. We have pushed them so far, that the boundaries no longer exist.

Do not be disappointed fellow prompters, we are strong together. We can fight against this promptless day in our own way. You can write a “Ready Steady Go” theme about anything. We love those prompts with no title. That is when we can tell everyone about our new hobby, collecting beer bottle labels, or perhaps “how to make a fish tank*. There are so many possibilities. I just cleaned a few windows. I could tell you all how I did it, removing the grime and polishing the window frames. Yes they are now sparkly clean and the envy of the neighbourhood.

Outside it is a fresh crisp Autumn Day. Instead of sitting at the computer wondering how to include that link, or add that photo, we can take a walk. Those of you that call Autumn “Fall” know why, so go collect a few hundred leaves. See how many different colours you find and then, the most interesting part, name them. Tell us all about the tree they fell from. Not so interesting?

Spare a thought for our prompters in Australia, down under. Those in the States receive the prompt at the beginning of the day when we are refreshed and ready to go.Those in Europe can begin prompting (if the prompt arrives) at the beginning of the afternoon, but those in Australia: they are at the end of the line, and only receive their prompt in the evening. This means, if by exception (which can also become a rule) the prompt is delayed, they they can be lucky to receive it on the same day as us, otherwise they must set their alarm clocks to ring during the night, and make sure they do not miss it.

If this sorry state of affairs continues, we must form an action committee. Organise marches, all wearing our WordPress t-shirts showing the words “Save the Daily Prompt” and carrying banners with such phrases as “We want justice, give us our Daily Prompt” or “Equal rights for Australian, European and American Daily Prompters”. Those of you in the neighbourhood of the Daily Prompt Central could perhaps form a Sit-Down demonstration at the entrance to stop members of the Magic Happenings team leaving the offices until they have brought an original, new, exciting Daily Prompt. The Prompt to end all Prompts, the one we have been waiting for since we began climbing this endless slope to Blog and Prompt recognition.

How many of us are waiting for a thankyou letter, a certificate, even a WordPress t-shirt, in recognition of the battle we fight daily to bring something original, new and spectacular? Yes brothers and sisters, we must organise ourselves. We must fight this “0 Response”. Together we are strong, we can do it and writing a prompt may be a small step, but a big step for Bloggers everywhere,.

I will now come to a close. I thank you for reading my blog, all contributions can be sent to my bank account in Switzerland in support. I would be glad to join you in your efforts in the States. Please do not forget when you organise my plane ticket, that I prefer travelling first class and only stay in 5-star hotels.

Long Live Daily Prompters wherever you are

Daily Prompt: Envelope Pushers – and prompt pushers

12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Envelope Pushers – and prompt pushers

  1. Haha the moment I see 0 responses I thought of you and not to forget the bloody knife……. I will join in marches and the battle fought against our rights.Please include India too. We are quite a lot who wait and waste our precious evenings just to find out ‘ no prompt’ 🙂


    • I didn’t think of that, am out of practice with my times. I worked in export for 30 years and India was one of the countries I exported to. Not an easy task, but I was more in the routine with the time changes over the world. Of course, you have to wait longer than we do.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Today you were in your true elements. I enjoyed your post thoroughly. Wait wait….. actually can’t decide, the story teller was more funny or the one with banners and shouting slogans for justice. I love all of them till now. 🙂


  2. I’m far too serious about disorganization to organize anything. And this is a doctor visit day with a stop at the pharmacy and getting prepped for Thanksgiving on Thursday (the kids are doing the cooking, but it would be nice if the house weren’t filthy). Also, this is a rerun. Again. I think it’s a word-for-word rerun of a prompt from last summer. I’ll have to dig around my archives and see. I was getting optimistic … we got two pretty good prompts last week, including yesterday. Now, back to business as usual. Oh well. It was too good to last.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hope your doc visit turns out OK and have fun on thanksgiving. We don’t have it in Switzerland, so just a normal Thursday for us. We let the turkeys live until Christmas. Yes this prompt was a rerun definitely and the first time I thought it a silly prompt. Now and again they really bring a good one, at least my interpretation.


  3. You are so funny. You go on and organize a protest march. I’ll stay here and name my leaves. Do not worry–I will pingback to your blog so you can ooh and ah over all the cute little names I have. 🙂


    • I think the pingbacks will die a slow painful death on this one. It is now morning on my side and it is still not working. I complained yesterday on the forum site and the lady told me a thread already existed, which is did not, because it was about something else. She corrected herself but still nothing has been done. To the revolution comrades!!!


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  5. How did you manage to make a pingback, Anglo Swiss? I couldn’t do so and can’t today, either. So strange that some can ping and others can’t. They must not be checking out the prompt site or surely they’d notice how few people have posted…At any rate, enjoyed your post! Judy


  6. At least I managed a good laugh out of the “We want justice” sentence. I never quite got to naming leaves, but I did name some flowers that have descended on my driveway, they are now called Purple Snow. And I will have my work cut out for me having to sweep them all away to somewhere (who knows where?)


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