Daily Prompt: Golden Key – Who needs a key today?

You’ve been given a key that can open one building, room, locker, or box to which you don’t normally have access. How do you use it, and why?


Interesting, an envelope in the post with sender marked as Wordy, Daily Prompt.

“Dear Mrs. Angloswiss

Here is a golden key to obtain admission to anything you would like, something you do not normally have permission for. You can use this to open the door you always wanted to open. Be thoughtful with your use.

With compliments of the Daily Prompt “Magic Happenings Team”.

Yours sincerely Wordy”

Now that is a nice gesture, and it might be that I will be rich. I think I will pay a visit to the Swiss bank vaults in Zürich, my supply of gold bars is dwindling since the gold prices have increased. Here we are, nicely marked on the door to the basement room of the bank “Swiss gold reserves”, but there is a problem, where is the keyhole. My golden key is ready, but nowhere to put it.

“Excuse me madam, what do you think you are doing with that object in your hand?”

“It is my golden key, with courtesy of the WordPress daily prompt, and it will open the door I always wanted to open.”

“Yes madam, that might be, but we are now living in the 21st century and keys are becoming obsolete. Banks abolished keys last year. Do you have the code?”


“The box on the wall with the numbers is not there for ornamentation. It is the secret to the safety of the Swiss bank account. You must punch the code into the machine.”

“Just a moment please.”

I was sure there was a misunderstanding and phoned Wordy on his hotline somewhere in Silicon Valley.

“Hello Wordy, the key you sent.”

“Yes Mrs. Angloswiss, a brilliant idea isn’t it. We will be rich.”

“I am at the door of the gold reserves in Zürich but there is nowhere to put the key. Just a box on the wall to punch in the secret code numbers. I am sure you have them.”

“All part of the daily prompt, Mrs. Angloswiss. It was more symbolic and effective to send a golden key, but of course we have the code. Try X95䣣!%(<3).”

“Wordy it doesn’t work. Are you sure that is the code?”

The man at the door of the vaults was becoming impatient.

“What do you think you are doing madam?”

“I am supplying the code, but nothing is happening.”

“We Swiss bankers are not so stupid. You also have to supply the print of your big toe.”

“My what?”

“You heard. Finger prints are too easy to copy these days, so we have made it extra complicated.”

“Wordy did you hear that guy. He wants the print of my big toe.”

“Oh dear, we did not think of that. We could have signalled a finger print over from your keyboard on the computer. Do you perhaps type with your big toe Mrs. Angloswiss?”

“No, I do not, I cannot lift my foot high enough. Wordy, do me a favour. Do not send me golden anything in the future. Just forget it. If you receive a parcel from me in return that ticks, it might be something golden that explodes.”

I decided after a tunnel in the cellar, 5 time machines and a few other bright ideas from the Magic Happenings Team, I will ignore further gifts or ideas from WordPress. Yes, I am writing this prompt from Regensdorf in Switzerland where I am sitting in the remard prison, awaiting my trial for attempting to steal the gold reserves of Switzerland. If my usual daily prompt contribution does not appear tomorrow, you know the verdict was guilty. Wordy do not send me a cake with a file baked in it, they only use programmed plastic cards for opening doors in this modern age of locks and keys.

Daily Prompt: Golden Key – Who needs a key today?

30 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Golden Key – Who needs a key today?

  1. Apparently this is an invitation to a life in crime. If the key isn’t fake gold (probably tin with electroplating), maybe we can sell them? Otherwise, the point of this is … what … freedom to steal? Burglarize? Really? What will they come up with next? Sometimes, they give me a headache. This is one of those days.


    • When I was a working woman in a Swiss factory where milling tools were made we had TiN coated tools, which looked like they had a gold plating. Used for special applications. Perhaps the key was TiN coated (Titanium Nitride). I like those sort of prompts, you can really let your imagination run wild.


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  4. Such a good one. But, yes, I knew you were in trouble as soon as you mentioned Wordy. He means well, I guess, but I would not trust him. Glad you made it out OK.


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  6. You truly are a marvel, angloswiss. I really wish I could write like this but my imagination just doesn’t stretch that far or ends up in a gutter somewhere.


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