Daily Prompt: Trio No 4 – Dark Forces at Work

Today you can write about anything, in whatever genre or form, but your post must include a speeding car, a phone call, and a crisp, bright morning. (Wildcard: you can swap any of the above for a good joke.)


Letter to the Accident Insurance

Dear Sirs,

It was a bright crisp morning as I left my home. It was so bright that I had to wear my sun glasses. the sun’s reflection was blinding my sight and I had to grope my way over the road. There was a sound of crunching as I stepped onto the crispiness of the morning, the temperatures being below freezing point. You are perhaps thinking, why does Mrs. Angloswiss take such chances. Perhaps it would have been better if I had stayed at home, but I was on a mission. I was charged to follow the words of the WordPress daily prompt. Who are WordPress you are asking and why was this so important? There are certain things in life that cannot be explained. If WordPress calls, you answer and do not ask questions.

To continue: the next trial was upon me, my mobile phone began to ring. I have a rather loud “RING RING” sound on my phone as my hearing is no longer as good as it was, and it is important that my calls are answered. It might be that the Pulitzer people are calling to inform me of my prize winning blog. However, this time it was a call from my faithful and trusty WordPress helper, Wordy.

“Hello Wordy, I am on my way on a WordPress job, so I do not have a lot of time.”

I told him on the mobile phone. Wordy then spoke, no screamed, into the phone saying

“Mrs. Angloswiss, go home, this is a hoax, you life is in danger.”

I was startled, I froze (it was cold).

“Don’t freeze Mrs. Angloswiss, move immediately, they are here.”

At this moment I heard the screeching of tyres on the crispy road surface and I turned my head to see a speeding car approaching. The driver had a death defying glance in his red rimmed eyes and the last I saw was his black t-shirt with the words “Wordpress daily Prompt Trio No. 4” in red dripping letters – was it blood? I had no time to decipher the meaning of this action. Yes the car hit me with the full force of its weight and speed and I spun into the air. My complete life of successful blogs flew before my eyes and I screamed.

I awoke in a hospital bed, surrounded by Mr. Swiss and Wordy and I smelt, no stunk. I must have been lucky. The devil driver of WordPress Daily Prompt Trio No. 4 hit me with such a force that I was torpedoed into the air and arrived on a pile of cow manure which was a soft, although rather smelly, landing place. This broke the fall, and luckily I only had bruises and a few torn ligaments, which in time would heal. Of course the hospital staff were unsure whether I was bruised or whether they were stains from the cow dung which had deposited itself on my body.

I saw Wordy was concerned.

“I tried to warn you Mrs. Angloswiss, but it was too late. Negative forces within the organisation planned to jeopardise todays prompt and decided that an attack on our star blogger would bring the biggest impact. You could have been killed.”

“Yes Wordy, luckily there was a pile of cow recycled matter to break my fall.”

“When I heard your scream through the telephone I organised my Wordy group and told them to grab the softest material they could find. We used warp speed and succeeded in building a layer of cow dung.”

“Thank you Wordy, but hay might have smelt better.”

“It was the wrong time of the year for hay, but there is always a fresh supply of nice soft cow dung on the fields.”

Mr. Swiss was looking concerned and told me that I could have swopped the theme of the daily prompt for a good joke. Unfortunately Mr. Swiss did not know any good jokes and with my luck I might have choked when laughing at the joke.

As you can see, Mr. Insurance manager, this was a chain of unforeseen circumstances, out of my control. I would be grateful if you could examine the matter closer and meet any hospital expenses incurred by this unfortunate accident. All legal costs will be covered by my WordPress insurance – do I have one.?

Yours faithfully

Angloswiss, Blogger of the year

Daily Prompt: Trio No. 4 – Dark Forces at Work

17 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Trio No 4 – Dark Forces at Work

  1. Once upon a time there was a giant Foo bird and his family of Foo birds. They lived in the countryside and sometimes perched on fences. No one liked them because they were copious, uh, shitters. They shat everywhere. If Foo birds decided they liked your property, forget it. The property value went down immediately. One afternoon, in a terrible storm, a little thrush was drying to keep warm on the fencepost. She sang her pitiful songs that so cheered Thomas Hardy (http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/173590) but nothing helped. Finally, on the verge of surrendering to her winterish fate, she went to sleep. Before she’d closed her little eyes, she was suddenly warm and comfy. “What is this? Has spring arrived with no warning?” she asked herself, taking a deep breath. She realized a Foo bird had flown over her and dropped an immense pile of Foo bird poop right on her. She hurriedly shook off the bird manure and cleaned her feathers the best she could. Again she closed her little thrush eyes. When spring finally came, they found the dessicated corpse of the little thrush. The moral of the story? If the Foo shits, wear it. 😀


    • And I thought that was such a lovely story. I though the Foo birds would help the little bird through the cold winter. We only have Kuh birds here and they keep the ground nice and warm and well fertilised.

      Liked by 1 person

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