Daily Post: Bad Signal – Voice Mail?

Someone’s left you a voicemail message, but all you can make out are the last words: “I’m sorry. I should’ve told you months ago. Bye.” Who is it from, and what is this about?

Swiss telephone cabine

I have a voicemail message?

“Do I have a voicemail on my iPhone?”

“Of course you do, everyone has a voice mail.”

“Oh, I see, but I can see no pretty little window where the words “voice mail” are.”

“Why do you ask, have you received a voicemail?”

“Wordpress tells me I have a voicemail message, that says “I’m sorry. I should’ve told you months ago. Bye.”, but I cannot find it. Perhaps my mobile is out of date, and that app did not exist for that model. “

“Everyone has a voicemail, you just have to configure it.”


“Have a look in Internet, there must be instructions. It is probably something like an SMS, but spoken instead of written.”

“But I didn’t have to configure SMS, it was just there. They are those little messages that you can write and it makes “woooosh” when you send them. Do voicemails also make “wooosch” or does my mobile play one of those nice little tunes?”

“Just configure it and you will find out.”

“But it gives me at least five steps to complete until I have voicemail. That could present problems. This might be urgent. It might be the news that I have at last won my Pulitzer Prize, or Nobel Prize, for my super famous blogs, known worldwide.”

“I don’t think so.”

“You don’t thing my blogs are not praiseworthy? Boohoo….”

“Stop crying, the tears are dripping onto you iPhone. Of course your blogs are prize worthy, but you would not be notified by a voice message. You would probably get an e-mail or even a telegramme.”

“I thought you only get telegrammes from the Queen.”

“I don’t know. Anyhow it cannot be so important, if it was months ago. Whatever happened has happened and we are still alive and well.”

“I wonder what the last words were. I think I will have to configure that app. How does it work?”

“I wouldn’t bother. The last time you configured anything on the phone we had to re-programme everything.”

“Oh yes, I remember. It was for a special tune that was only available online. They even wanted money from me.”

“Of course they did. Your telephone music did not include Mozart’s Requiem, the music was too complicated and too long for playing when someone was calling. At least I managed to stop them charging $10 a month for the music. So do me a favour and do not programme anything new. You don’t need a voice messenger. Just use the mobile for calling people in your list, or receiving calls.”

“Do you think I should get a new iPhone? There is a new model in three sizes. I bought mine a few years ago, and I cannot buy a new pretty cover for it because they no longer make them to fit. I think my telephone is obsolete. I am sure I cannot upload the voice message thing.”

“Don’t worry. Your english flag cover still looks nice, even if a corner has broken off.”

I decided that the important message on my voice mail was probably not so important, although it might have been one of those nice men calling from another country, telling me that my Windows was not functioning properly and I should go to my computer and follow his instructions. On the other hand the last time I did that I had to buy a new computer. No, let’s forget it. I wonder what a new iPhone model would cost.

Daily Post: Bad Signal – Voice Mail?

13 thoughts on “Daily Post: Bad Signal – Voice Mail?

  1. The Wooosh sound reminds me of Boop boop which is just not pleasant. Queen is already in the process to send you a telegram regarding the prize nomination confirmation. 🙂


    • When my smartphone was new, I tried everything but decided my grey hair did not suit the phone sitting at the bus stop playing games amongst the teenagers. I now have two iPads and can play with them at home. I just use the smartphone for making calls.


  2. It might have been that guy from Nairobi telling you he’s sending you a check to deposit in your account and wants you to write him a check back… good thing you missed THAT call!


    • I don’t need them from Nairobi, we have enough circulating in Switzerland trying to sell a new sickness insurance all speaking with foreign accents in the voice, meaning they are not Swiss.

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  3. I don’t check my voice mail either . I communicate with my family and friends via whatsApp when we can’t talk, my doctor sends me SMS, and the strangers who call me are almost exclusively those trying to sell me something I don’t need.


    • Same here, although I do not want WhatsApp. My younger son has it, but he has it all. I think it is part of his business life. Each time he visits he has yet another new smartphone.


  4. Spambots just love to fill up voicemail boxes. I like watching the little counter grow. Gives me that “the 80s called, they want their fax machines back, too” retro-shiver!


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