Daily Prompt: Local Colour – I’m feeling blue and so is my borage

Imagine we lived in a world that’s all of a sudden devoid of color, but where you’re given the option to have just one object keep its original hue. Which object (and which colour) would that be?

“Hello Mrs. Angloswiss”

“Hello Wordy, back again?”

“Yes. we have work to do; lots of stress at the WordPress headquarters today, looking after everyone’s wishes. Mrs. Angloswiss what is your favourite colour?”

“Err Wordy what’s the catch? When you ask for my favourite colour, there must be a hook somewhere, knowing how the minds of the WordPress t-shirted guys work.”

“No catch, Mrs. Angloswiss. On the contrary, if you tell me your favourite colour, I will ensure personally that it is preserved only for your eyes.”

“Blue, but what about all the other colours?”

“That is the cunning part of today’s prompt, they will disappear and you will left with blue, your favourite colour. Now stay calm Mr. Angloswiss. You will no longer be bothered with the colours that annoy. You will live in a blue world.”

“Perhaps I don’t want to feel blue all the time. I would like to have some other colours to brighten up my day.”

“Not included in the deal Mrs. Angloswiss. Take a look at your borage plant in the garden. You know how proud you were because it was blossoming the third time this year due to the good mild weather: now the colour is preserved.”

October borage

“I see what you mean Wordy. Great idea. I now live in a monochrome world with the exception of everything that is blue.”

“Not exactly Mrs. Angloswiss. It is one colour you are allowed and one object. You can have blue borage. Isn’t that fantastic? Look how the colour is slowly disappearing. There is still some green at the edges, but that will be gone in a few minutes.

Mrs. Angloswiss, put your fists down. This is all in the cause for a clean, intellectual daily prompt. A lot of thought and design was involved in this prompt. Anyone can say “imagine your life without colour” but the brains behind the Daily Prompt were on a higher level. They said “keep one colour of your choice and one object”. That was not an easy task. There were hundreds of daily prompt people discussing how to bring this special prompt. Just imagine your blogging colleague on the next entry might only want a red pair of shoes. She is now living in a monochrome world wearing red shoes. Another blogger wanted green lawns. She lives in a black and white house with a grey sky, but … and that is the brilliancy of the prompt, she has a green lawn in the garden: oh the untold possibilities.”

“Wordy I have changed my mind.”

“You prefer to keep a different colour?”

“No Wordy, we will keep the blue, just the object changes. Your nose can remain blue when I punch it. OK? Wordy, stay here I am not finished.”

Typical! He always disappears when the action starts. I will now eat my grey apple flan, made by a monochrome Mr. Swiss and smother it with whipped cream. At least the cream is still white, but I really do not like the look of my Tabby cat. She resembles a feline styled zebra.

Daily Prompt: Local Colour – I’m feeling blue and so is my borage

16 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Local Colour – I’m feeling blue and so is my borage

  1. I am sure you could write a serial: Adventures of Wordy, but you could write them from Wordy’s sad little point of view. I saw this as a photo op. Otherwise, I had no idea what to do with it. I’m thinking neither did anyone else.

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    • If I get a silly prompt, I like to answer with a silly blog. Unfortunately Wordy is an insider guy and no-one outside the WordPress world would probably know what I was talking about.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I was wondering if we’d only be able to see our choice or if we’d get to see everyone’s choices. Thanks for clearing that up, Wordy!


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