Daily Prompt: Imaginary Friend – My own little Teratoma

Many of us had imaginary friends as young children. If your imaginary friend grew up alongside you, what would his/her/its life be like today? (Didn’t have one? write about a non-imaginary friend you haven’t seen since childhood.) Based on a true story.

I did have a Teratoma and it was removed. I was born with it and it only began to grow and expand when I was 50 years old and no, Stephen King did not get the idea from me for his novel The Dark Half, although …. Who knows? Restaurant Decoration in Romford for Halloween “That is not me, I looked completely different. Typical.”

“Who’s talking?”

“The imaginary friend that you never had and never wanted, but I got my revenge, remember?”

“If I had had an imaginary friend it would definitely not have resembled something from a Halloween comic.”

“How do you know, you never gave me a chance, I could have made you famous. Stephen King would have been nothing in comparison. “OK, so explain …..”

“Remember that memorable operation you had, the one that lasted seven  hours.”

“You mean the second operation, when they discovered that what they should have removed the first time, after a three hour operation regrew.”

“Yes that’s the one, although if they had done the job properly the first time, I would have been gone forever.”

“But you were just a collection of cells, nothing special. In the Stephen King story they found teeth and hair and all sorts of human spare parts. You were just a blob somewhere in my back.”

“Yes, exactly. If you had not stifled my chances I could have been your identical twin, and perhaps even a Siamese twin. Think of the fun we could have had.”

“Then I think I am glad I did stifle your chances. I wouldn’t exactly describe being a Siamese twin as fun. You were just a normal, average Teratoma which was removed. So how come we are having a conversation. You were eliminated at least ten years ago, and why did you only appear after fifty years.”

“It was lonely just sitting around in your back, so I decided to expand. You were having all the fun going places and seeing things and I was just a passenger, although I quite enjoyed it when you had a meal. I had fun absorbing some of the treats, I love ice cream.  Are you sure there were no taste buds in the blob?”

“I really do not know, the surgeon did not give me a detailed description: how come we are having a conversation?”

“I am still sort of hovering, something like a computer cloud or a daily prompt that is there, but does not develop, for some unknown reason, when it shows 0 responses, like today. But I think you were glad. Today you (we?) were busy in the garden clearing the Autumn leaves away. I was actually glad that you removed me, as I noticed you had backache.”

“Oh, thanks, big deal. Yes I had backache bending down picking up the fallen leaves. Just a minute, you were watching me. I had you removed.”

“Stay cool, I am always watching you. Remember when you broke your arm a couple of years ago. I was only trying it out to see if I could materialise. It was just a little push and I really didn’t mean to cause problems.”

“Oh, thanks, I spent a week in hospital afterwards and it was your entire fault. I hope that experiment is finished.”

“Yes, I decided it was boring just laying around in a hospital and now I have found a much better job and I have become famous, although not exactly that everyone knows it is me/us.”

“Tell me about it.”

“I sleeked my way into the cyberworld. I decided if I can be your individual cloud, I might as well have fun and be everyone’s cloud”


“Where do you think the iPad/iPhone/I everything people got the idea of the iCloud?”

“You mean that was us?”

“Oh no, you had me removed remember. This time it was all I, me and myself. There is no longer any us or we. You do your thing and I will do mine, but do not worry, I will always be watching you.”

“No more materialisation experiments?”

There was silence, no-one answered. You are never alone it seems.

Daily Prompt: Imaginary Friend – My own little teratoma

17 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Imaginary Friend – My own little Teratoma

  1. Wow. This is so fascinating — and simultaneously, creepy, I don’t know how to feel. But then again, I sort of feel that way about some of my own implanted parts. Maybe that’s the “thing” about horror stories, true or made up — a cross between creeped out and fascinated. There’s a longer story here and I am ready to read.

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    • The operations are the truth. The first removal was made through my back, but the second was the big one when he removed the teratoma, my appendix (used in the operation for drainage) and also did a hysterectomy which was necessary. The surgeon and I really got to know each other. I still have a very long scar from the second operation. I asked the surgeon if he wanted to sign it, but somehow he didn’t quite understand my humour. I was probably born with the teratoma but it remained dormant and I never noticed anything. All the action started when I was in my fifties.


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  3. Fascinating. I have never heard of the condition, and the operation sounds horrific, but I do wonder what else your little cloudy friend is going to get up to. Are you sure it isn’t in there, fiddling with WP, like a blobby little gremlin? 🙂


  4. I have never heard of it either. When I first read Teratoma, I thought it was a game (like Tetris or something). Scary it had to take two long operations to take it out! Not to mention the scar it left behind. Did it (scar) impede you from wearing or doing anything you like?


    • At my age (and with my figure) you don’t really walk around in a bikini in the Summer weather. Scars are interesting, there is always someone that wants to know “where did you get that” and then you are the center of interest when you explain., although I don’t actually say “it was when they removed my twin”

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  5. I played school a lot with my Fisher Price schoolhouse. I sat next to a cute little boy with black molded hair. He wanted to be a scientist. If he was alive today, he’d be Sheldon Cooper.


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