Daily Prompt: Unequal Terms – That’s life unfortunately.

Did you know today is Blog Action Day? Join bloggers from around the world and write a post about what inequality means to you. Have you ever encountered it in your daily life?

Tabby on guard

“Err Tabby, what is that slogan?”

“Mrs. Human it is Blog Action Day and the theme is inequality. Have you ever thought how unequal we felines are in this human world.”

“It seems to me you do not do so badly at the villa human. Every day your plate is full and there is fresh water. Your litter tray is cleaned and you can even take a walk on the wild side now and again. If it rains you have shelter. What more do you need?”

“A paw friendly tin opener.”

“A what?”

“You heard. We felines are at the mercy of the humans. Now and again, most of the time actually, we would like a morsel of fish, but no we have to wait for the tin to be opened. Of course fresh tuna swimming in the river would be better, but tuna does not swim in Swiss rivers. We can make do with a tin of tuna fish, complete with the juice. We have to wait until a human decides to fulfil our wish and open the tin.”

“Tabby too much tuna would not be healthy for a feline. The vitamin concentrated dry food pellets are much better for you. They give you a shiny healthy coat and bright eyes.”

“And? Who needs a shiny coat and my female days are long gone. No respecting tom cat spares a glance at me. He wants action, not bright eyes. On the other paw, who wants screaming kittens yelling for milk. I suppose you cannot have everything.”

“No you cannot Tabby.”

“So what about the paw friendly tin opener? I can manage to climb into the cupboard and take the tin out myself.”

“I am sure you can, but Tabby today is Blog Action Day, where all over the world we are writing about inequality and not about tuna fish for felines.”

“So write about inequality Mrs. Human. I am sure there is plenty to say about that. I can tell you being a normal Tabby feline makes me unequal to a Persian or Main Coon feline. They think they are something better, but have never caught a mouse in their pampered lives.”

“That is definitely from a feline perspective. From a human view, the world is one big unequal creation, but neither you nor I will be able to change it.”

“Are you going to submit this blog to the Blog Action Day group.”

“No Tabby, it is just another day like most days for me. What I write on my blog is not going to change anything because only a small group of people will read it.  Stop waving your paw Tabby, no, there is not going to be a paw friendly tin opener for felines. That is not a sign of equality, that is a sign of being spoilt. Think of the felines that are not so lucky as you.”

“Felines do not think about the others, it is not in our programme. We only think about ourselves.”

“Yes Tabby, and unfortunately a lot of humans also seem to have a streak of feline in their brain.

Daily Prompt: Unequal Terms – That’s life unfortunately

24 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Unequal Terms – That’s life unfortunately.

  1. I love that last line. Little Juan would like Tabby to consider adding the idea of banning round door knobs to the want list as he cannot open doors which have such devices which means there are rooms he cannot access without human help. This displeases him greatly 😀 (He’s great at opening other types of handles!)


    • We have a sliding door to the kitchen which is no problem, otherwise the doors are almost always open (except for my son’s room). Tabby has a flap to the great outdoors, so it is not a problem.

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  2. ” … unfortunately a lot of humans also seem to have a streak of feline in their brain.” And that says it all. (I think our creatures know how to use our electric can opener and do it while we sleep.)


    • Tabby is usually outside while we are sleeping, but now the Winter is approaching, not so much. She has the habit of trying at five in the morning by scratching at the bedroom door, but she is ignored usually.


  3. Dear Tabby: I’d take a tabby cat any day over any other save (sorry) a Siamese. You tabby cats are beautiful and stripey and generally — in my experience — good mousers. Sorry about the fish thing. Maybe Mrs. Angloswiss would build you a koi pond?


    • We had three cats. Nera, who is now in the happy cat hunting grounds, was Tabby’s litter sister but completely different. Long black fur and lazy. Tabby is what I call a 200% feline. Sleeps 23 hours a day and spends an hour looking for a sleeping place if she is not out hunting for anything that moves.

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  4. Love your kitty posts Pat, they always give me a smile and get me thinking about the clever things they can do and how brainy they really are. Minx knows she has me wrapped around her little finger when she smooches me, usually when she wants something and always when I am at the computer. lol


  5. Mrs. Human and feline made sure we get something far better to read than equality, it’s definition, features, blah blah… Thanks for making us smile everyday with your witty posts.


  6. Our Twiggy prefers crunch so a tin opener isn’t required at Casa Doe. Also, I think Twiggy and our Beagle have swapped bodies! The dog acts more like a cat and vice versa!


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  8. Our tabby lives in fear of equality. She would no longer be the closest thing to Cleopatra currently walking the planet…or being carried comfortably on a pillow from point a to point b…

    Great post!


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