Daily Prompt: Ready, Set, Done – Tell us about ….. oh, anything

Our weekly free-write is back: take ten minutes — no pauses! — to write about anything, unfiltered and unedited. You can then publish the post as-is, or edit a bit first — your call.

washing apples

I will do my best to ignore the fact that when I arose from my golden oldie sleep after lunch and peeked into my iPad, which was next to my bed, I noticed that there was no daily prompt. Just one big screaming “0” telling me the boys did it again. They had been partying, out to a large champagne breakfast, or perhaps just sleeping off the night before and there was no daily prompt. However, after I cleaned the shower, which took about 30 minutes, I eventually organised myself with the computer outside.

I was delighted, overjoyed, to see that our WordPress team had braved the impossible, fought against the foes hovering in the cyber world and won the battle. The daily prompt had arrived and there were even some brave people that had written their donations created in ten minutes of their blogging life. I was busy taking photos of apples floating in water in the sink. Time passes when you are not noticing it, although I still have five minutes of this boring prompt subject.

Mr. Swiss decided to remove the remaining apples from the tree, about half of them. We still have a few on the tree, but they do not look so appetising, still a bit green, so Mr. Swiss decided to let them hang. The apples were washed, dried and polished and now fill a large basket on the porch. Some have been distributed in the apartment in dishes. The funny thing is I am not an apple person. I do not mind them in a pie or tart and even stewed, but eating a raw apple is boring. Of course if eating my apples from the tree, it is advisable to halve them. You never know what might have made its home in the middle. Luckily whatever was there has usually deserted the pip space, but left a messy mixture behind. This affects the minority of the apples and my appetite for apples.

Otherwise I do not have a lot to say in my boring Swiss life. Today is a day where they do not let me out. I am imprisoned at home, cleaning the kitchen in the morning and the shower in the afternoon. In between I cooked lunch. Today it was spaghetti with tuna fish sauce and a side salad. My felines like it when I cook tuna. As soon as I take the tin they are there waiting for the crumbs from the table. I usually distribute the fishy juice in two small bowls. I do not have to call them, they appear from nowhere.

And now I am sitting outside on the porch. It is a sunny day, a breeze is blowing and there are flying insects in the air. They are probably making the most of the Indian summer we have at the moment, before the snow and ice arrives. I still have two or three minutes but they are not worth the space. Perhaps the man of your dreams has walked into your life (mine arrived a long time ago), or perhaps you have an exciting event to tell us about, like a spaceship landed in your garden and the guy that climbed out said “Hi, my name is E.T. – what about making a film”. No, it has all been done. I do not even get slugs in my garden now. They have decided to hide themselves somewhere and wait until Spring arrives.

I think I found the reason why our faithful WordPress people have been a little forgetful with our daily prompts lately. They have been having fun and are engaged, inspired and ready to build a better web . What more can I say?

Daily Prompt: Ready, Set, Done – Tell us about ….. oh, anything

16 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Ready, Set, Done – Tell us about ….. oh, anything

  1. I have decided my cats asking for tuna would make a fabulous alarm clock – three differently pitched but equally urgent ‘Maoooooow’s in short sharp bursts would get anyone up, I reckon 🙂 We’re having a glorious Indian summer here too, and this is perfect for me; no real heat, but blue skies and glorious light breezes. The highlight of my day? Standing by the local lake, surrounded by 6 ginormous swans (the four cygnets are now as big as mum and dad) who were all taking bread from my hand, followed by much affection from a random grey puss I encountered in the park. I can live with these days.


    • Most of the encounters with other felines here end in a “I am defending my territory” hiss from my cats. It is very pleasant weather at the moment, not too hot or too cool, although the evenings cool down.

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  2. I personally think before they venture into building a better web, they might try making the one they’ve got work dependably. But hey, I’m just a lowly blogger. What do I know, right? Like your apples. I used to have a pear tree.


    • I have given up, although after reading about the fun get together they all had, I was wondering. Although this Automattic group are hiring – how would it be, we could apply, they are international.


  3. Ours magically appear for tuna as well. It doesn’t even have to be tuna–the sound of the pantry door and the scrape of a can are enough. Sometimes it takes quite the convincing to make them believe they don’t really want peas.


    • I don’t have a lot of canned stuff, just tuna and tomatoes. Just the sound of the cupboard coupled with the tin opener does the trick. Something like Pavlov and his dogs, but it is Mrs. Angloswiss with the cats.


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  5. Ahhh … you discovered the partying — cough cough – ahem – yearly meeting of the staff – too?! Yes, I would have to agree I think they are all still recouping from the time – warps – er … delays and jet lag 🙂

    Great post – and what a cool image of all those apples. 🙂


    • I don’t mind them partying, they need to relax from time to time. I would just appreciate having a prompt regularly. I also think they suffer from a little jet lag some of the time . Now someone has to eat the apples, but luckily Apple tart is a Mr. Swiss speciality.

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