Daily Prompt: Verbal Confirmation – to annoy, to buy, to want – verbs to infinity and all mine

To be, to have, to think, to move — which of these verbs is the one you feel most connected to? Or is there another verb that characterizes you better?

A vertical view of staircase in multi-story car park Amthausplatz, Solothurn

I am not a verb, I am me and according to how me feels, the verb used to describe my perfect character varies. This morning I travelled through many verbs. “To concentrate” when I was shopping and afterwards “to decide”, which was quite easy. I saw the solution to my troubles, to my problems, life immediately was worth living.

For some time, since a couple of weeks, my iPad has not behaved. Admittedly it had been living with me for some time: after the switch on it did its own thing, changing the web page, not paying attention to my commands etc. etc. Was it because it had fallen onto the floor a few times in its life or was it because I left it in the sun last week where it seemed to become quite hot. That was the “to worry” part. This morning it was “to discover”. The electronic department of our supermarket had a special offer going for – yes, iPads, but the ones with “Air” in the name. They were bigger than the one I have, as I have a mini, but I only said to Mr. Swiss last week I think I would like a bigger one. He has a big one and a small one and I only have a small one. I realised that my iPad was part of me (to iPad?). It supplied me with reading material via Kindle, contact with my Facebook crowd was maintained and even WordPress was available at a touch. Google and Blogger were also on the screen and my e-mails were there. My e-mails even gave a call when they arrived, although there was a certain dissatisfaction if I received a mail due to the noise disturbance in the living room (another me verb “to disturb”).

I was alone in the supermarket. Mr. Swiss had already left to wait outside the store. Luckily we both have means of communication, so I called him on my iPhone and told him of my discovery. He said I will be with you. In the meanwhile I had already engaged the young salesman in a computer technical discussion and was 99% convinced that this iPad Airy thing was destined for me. Mr. Swiss arrived, and sometime later the verb “to buy” was in usage. I am now the proud possessor of a new iPad with air (does it breathe). Anyhow the fun started at home. I must admit my personal verb application was then “to annoy” as Mr. Swiss and I had a small conflict on how to organise this new iPad although I must admit I had forgotten a few important passwords and so we had to request a new one, but the Apple store was very prompt.

I also discovered in our supermarket department that they sell Apple Computers. I thought (see, “to think”) that they only had Bill Gates machines. I decided my next computer would be a MacPad and the nice young salesman informed us me that on 24th of this month there would be 10% discount. What could be better? The verb “to plan” came into usage and I programmed in my brain an appointment with the nice young salesman on the 24th. I have a date with him and a new computer. Isn’t life wonderful? (to wonderful is unfortunately not a verb).

I will now be busy with putting my apps onto the new iPad. If my iCloud was switched on, my new airy iPad would have done it all for me. On the other hand, pending that I can remember all the different passwords I possess, it should be a piece of cake to upload my apps. I already have Kindle, Facebook and WordPress on my new iPad. The other few (about 30-40) will surely be no problem (verb “to hope” comes to mind).

I also bought a sort of iPen, although it has another name. Instead of wiping my fingers over the iPad I now have an instrument that will do it all for me. We even got one free as a special offer. I chose a black cover for my new airy iPad as I found the lighter colours do not remain as light as they should be. They seem to attract grime automatically.

Now to go, I have work to do with my various apps (“to upload” is the verb).

Daily Prompt: Verbal Confirmation – to annoy, to buy, to want – verby to infinity and all mine

19 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Verbal Confirmation – to annoy, to buy, to want – verbs to infinity and all mine

    • I usually keep my ipad stuff at home, but in the evening it is my constant companion as I have my books on it and now and again when life gets boring there is a Candy Crush game waiting.


  1. LOL I live on my iPad and Macbook, too. I LOVE Apple products! (You could call me an addict, if you want.) However, I was perusing the Apple Store online a few weeks ago, and was dismayed to discover that my 2012 Macbook Pro has the same specs as the new Macbook Pros they are currently selling, or slightly better, in some cases. Like, for instance, they now come with solid state memory, but these hard drives are ridiculously small! My current Macbook has a 500 GB hard drive. I’d be downgrading if I bought a new one. Also, their RAM can no longer be upgraded by the end user as needed. It must be done before purchasing. So, I can’t buy one with 8 GB RAM and later upgrade to 16 GB. I currently have my Macbook maxed out at 16 GB. Nothing about the new Macbook Pro is ANY better than my 2-3 year old laptop. I was disappointed and just a little ticked off.


  2. And, BTW, I was looking because I’m a gamer and the new games coming out are no longer compatible with my laptop. I was crazy about Wildstar, the newest MMO to hit the market, but can’t play it because the lag is so horrible on my machine. In order to get a better Mac that is compatible, I’d have to spend about $3000 on a Mac Pro. First off, I’m not a desktop type person. I need to be able to sit in a recliner or on the couch with my computer because of my back issues. A desktop doesn’t give me this flexibility. Also, if I’m going to migrate to a desktop, I won’t spend 3 grand. I’ll just build my own PC desktop that I can upgrade as needed, and put in my cutesy little pink Hello Kitty tower case. I’ve almost written Apple off on their computers. I still plan to buy new iPads and iPhones in the future, but I don’t plan to buy another laptop from them until they start upgrading the specs on them.


    • I am no longer such a gamer, just the odd candycrush now and again. I know which Macbook I will be buying and am looking forward to it. I need my computer mainly for writing and photo work. I used to be quite good with Excel on Windows for calculations, but no longer need it. The only disadvantage with the Mac I have found is that there is no DVD drive built into the computer and I will have to buy one separately if necessary. I need it for my Tai Chi DVD’s.


      • That was another thing I disliked. I still have a SuperDrive on this Macbook. I believe it was the last model to come with an on-board CD/DVD drive. Now, they make them so slim and slender that they can’t fit one into it.


        • I think the main reason is that most of the stuff now offered on DVD you can simply download onto the computer and so the disks are not needed as much as they were. Something like the CD, a dying thing since there is iPod or whatever.


  3. iLike it. Verb me “enjoy” as in I enjoyed this. I’m thinking about making the switch to Mac also … but I’m waiting to see what they are going to do with Windows 10. I have so much software the only runs on Windows (sigh). Anyway, great take on a rather bizarre yet meaningless prompt.


    • I saw the introduction to the Windows 10 yesterday, but was not really impressed. My son is still using profanities about Windows 8. They had to bring a few things back for Windows 10, but I am no longer so interested. I was going to wait until next year for my new computer, but I have such a good offer from the local store, I cannot refuse it.


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  5. As of 2014, I still don’t own an iPad of any kind. I’ve only had my hands on one one time this year and it belonged to my sister who was actually renting it from school and had to return it.


    • I would be lost without my iPad. I am not a TV person really, just one or two programmes I like to watch. Otherwise I read and I can read from my Kindle app in the evening from the armchair with my iPad.


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