Daily Prompt: No Excess – Food for thought

“Perhaps too much of everything is as bad as too little.” – Edna Ferber

Do you agree with this statement on excess? (Thanks for sharing the quote)

Apple Harvest 2014

Yes. Now that was a short prompt today, but…..

“Slug why are you shaking your head?” I think it is the head, the part with the two sticks called eyes.

“Is that all you have to say? Of course too much of everything, especially slug food, is not as bad as too little. Look at that apple tree, full of apples. I guarantee me and my tribe could eat them all and come back for more.”

“No, slug. You can have the ones that fall from the tree. They are not fit for human consumption, but the rest. They are mine. Mr. Swiss is at this moment making one of his famous apple flans.”

“Ok. I don’t get the thing about human consumption. If you were a lonely slug, dependent on what lies around on the ground, human consumption would not matter. You would be hungry and eat it all.”

“Yes, slug, I suppose you are right. If famine breaks out we would not be so spoiled or fussy.”

Sometimes slugs are not so stupid as we think. If they find something to their taste they will eat until it has gone, although I am not so keen on that part of the philosophy. They might not have a brain but their whole body is geared to survival. Their reasoning does not agree with the negative side of too much, although they do not eat everything.

I can now smell the aroma of apples cooking in pastry wafting through the kitchen window.

There are, of course, some places in this world where having too much of everything is unknown, but having too little is a daily occurrence. I do not think people in those countries would consider having too much of everything being negative and if they could see the subject of this prompt, they would not understand how someone could actually write about the problem.

“Yes Mrs. Human, it’s like when we have our deserved tin of tuna fish.”

My Tabby cat has decided to give a few helping words on the prompt.

“You always seem to eat all the tuna fish I serve Tabby.”

“Of course Mrs. Human, but we do not just wolf it down, we have delicate palates and it must be savoured. First of all we lick up the juice, the best part of the meal. It tickles our taste buds. We then have a pause to savour the full value of the developing aroma.”

“Yes, Tabby, I noticed; afterwards you walk away and have a wash and perhaps sleep for a few minutes.”

“We call that digestion Mrs. Human. And we have a lick cleaning our face to prevent other felines in the area noticing that we have been eating tuna fish. We do not want to advertise it. There are always territorial issue to consider.”

“I see, then perhaps just giving you and Fluffy the juice would be enough.”

“No way, Mrs. Human; that is our aperitif. Afterwards we are ready for the meaty part. We chomp and chew and swallow until it is all gone and then we are satisfied. Have another wash lick and disappear into a feline nirvana; A digestive sleep. We are happy and satisfied and need no more. We know our limits, it is part of the hairball theory.”

“The hairball theory?”

“What is too much we just throw up and then we can really relax.”

It seems to me that cats have a way of looking at things. I must now go, I think there is a hairball problem somewhere to clear away.

Daily Prompt: No Excess – Food for Thought

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: No Excess – Food for thought

  1. Oh I know all about hairball problems. Or wolfing food problems – especially food with gravy ………. ick.


  2. I was careful to avoid reading yours before writing mine! Glad I did. You said it very well. I think maybe I said something kind of similar. In a different way. You are always on target. Cats and slugs. What a world.


  3. Between slugs, snails, cute kitties, and other critters, it is as well you have enough for everyone. Does Mr Swiss make apple cider too? That apple pie sure smells good. :-0


  4. Just reading my magazine and it states ‘ If you don’t want to use slug pellets , take 4 garlic bulbs, break them up, boil them , then mash them. Use the liquid to spray on plants . Slugs hate garlic.! Perhaps you could spray it around the garden edges because they can’t fly over , only when you throw them, I suppose.


    • I used to spray my tomato plants with a garlic mixture, but it does stink. Nature seems to be dealing with the problem on its own at the moment. We now only see one or two in the garden and it is probably time for their hibernation. The danger is a lot of rain, they love damp weather and seem to thrive on it.


      • Sorry. The magazine didn’t say anything about the smell but I suppose that was inevitable. The first time I understood why I shouldn’t eat anything garlicky before a date , was when I was on the train going up the Jungfrau and an Italien was breathing heavily in my face. We never used garlic in our English cooking. This was in 1956/7.


        • My mum could’t cook and would not have known what to do with garlic. I have been living and cooking in Switzerland for the past 48 years and garlic ia part of my diat. I put crushed garlic into all cooked meats, spaghetti sauch etc and use it a lot. The only place I do not use it is a salad sauce. Mr. swiss finds eventually you only taste garlic and nothing else, so I suppose he is right.


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