Daily Prompt: Absolute Beauty – Be kind to everyone, we do not know what battles they are fighting

We’ve all heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Do you agree? is all beauty contingent on a subjective point of view?


I am sure his mother loves him and finds him the most beautiful feline in the neighbourhood. She adores every crease and fold of his skin: his oversized ears, streamlined tail and even his extra-terrestrial style eyes. My felines do not like him, they see no beauty in their eyes, only a threat to their territory and Tabby tells me his smells. My felines make strange noises and I have to be prepared to stop a cat fight: scratching a cat with fur is not so bad, but scratching a naked cat could bring problems, especially when his value is about 1,000 Swiss Francs. My cats also have a value, but on the cat market no-one would be interested. Fluffy is blind so his Selkirk Rex value no longer exists and Tabby was born out of wedlock and we never discovered who her father was. I am sure her mother did not realise which tom cat it was either, but they were also loved by their mothers, and now we love them. We even love the Sphynx cat in the photo, but from a distance. He is really something completely different.

Yes beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. We all have our own tastes in what beauty actually is and that is good so. If everyone thought I was unique in my beauty there would be problems. Mr. Swiss would have to fight off all my admirers. Up to now this has not been the case (I think).As it is, we are two golden oldies enjoying the beauty that we behold in each other.

I often have spiders in my garden, but I leave them to live their spidery life outdoors. They have fun spinning nets, and making lunch parcels of the flies with their threads. Perhaps we do not find them attractive, but one day a male spider sees the lady of his dreams. Her eight slim legs approach Mr. Spider, they look at each other deep in their eight eyes (although it seems they are quite short sighted) and cupid shoots its arrow. They have found the beauty they are searching for, although it seems that some female spiders devour their partners after the act of producing a new generation. This is the peak of absolute beauty. The male spider sacrifices itself as he is blinded by the beauty of his partner, but his genes live on.

I have slugs in the garden as I have mentioned in a few numerous blogs. They are slimy, come in all lengths and widths and are naked. They eat certain plants to an extent that they die,  but they are loved by other slugs. As slugs are hermaphrodite, they are a do-it-yourself species, but it seems that they still rely on another slug for the process.

Two slugs meet by chance

“Hello beautiful, what about it?”

“Why not, you have such a lovely slimy body.”

“Let’s do it?”

“You are so irresistible and what lovely optical tentacles you have, so dainty; a picture of beauty.”

“Are you looking after the kids afterwards, or shall I”?

“I don’t think that is important. Eggs are eggs, I am sure they will survive; each one is as beautiful as its brother/sister. Just bury the eggs in a nice place, where they have a view of a favourite slug menu to be sure they do not hunger when they hatch.”

And so the slugs go there way, after strenuous coupling exercise, satisfied with their efforts to prolong the race and blinded by the beauty of their mate. Yes, love speaks all languages.

We all have our own ideas of beauty. If there were no slugs I would have no purpose in my garden, slug hunting is a worthwhile sport and I just discovered that they are a source of food for birds. Spiders keep the fly and insect population under control and Sphnyx cats give me a chance for a good photo. I like the last sentence “is all beauty contingent on a subjective point of view?”, but having lost a little contact to the details of the English language, I will leave that answer open as to be quite honest I did not really understand it.. The main thing is that I know what I like and so does Mr. Swiss.

Daily Prompt: Absolute Beauty – be kind to everyone, we do not know what battles they are fighting

15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Absolute Beauty – Be kind to everyone, we do not know what battles they are fighting

  1. ❤ Slug love… I hope Werner Herzog gets that Slug Love Documentary done. It's going to be brilliant.


    • I am tempted. As a matter of fact when writing this fantastic piece of blog, I got involved in a few Internet slug sites. They were very interesting. I don’t think they have any specific way of choice, they just do what they feel like doing and if another slug is nearbye, then all the more intensively.


  2. Mrs. Swiss,
    Great post as usual. I like the spider love story element you brought in. Another writer I read long ago wrote a story of love between a 10 legged female spider Emily and her normal 8 legged male counterpart. They got vacuumed into a Hoover together and when they were thrown out with the dust, Emily had lost her two extra legs.
    A beautiful photo of the Sphinx cat without fur and the apples in your very perfectly neat garden. Ah, the beauty of the final days of summer.


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