Daily Prompt: August Blues – just an extension of July really.

As a kid, were you happy or anxious about going back to school? Now that you’re older, how has your attitude toward the end of the summer evolved?


When the hibiscus flower then I realise that Autumn is around the corner, but has not yet turned the corner. We are still eating our meals outside on the porch and we still have slugs visiting us in the garden, also eating outside where the surroundings are green and growing. I noticed last week, getting all sloppy and romantic, that the swallows were gathering for the big flight to Africa. They were holding their suitcases in their little claws as they flew over, probably packed with worms to eat on the journey, and waved with their wings.

Enough of the whimsical writing, let’s be realists, although Mr. Swiss is a little too realistic for me. As soon as the last week of July arrives he starts talking about the days becoming shorter, no longer as warm as it was, and yes, he saw a brown leaf on a tree so Autumn must be on its way.  He always was the permanent optimist. I am not ready for this yet. As long as I can sit outside in short sleeves (wouldn’t it be nice to have a WordPress t-shirt), sometimes in my shorts and there are flowers in my garden, with an August date in the calendar, I do not do Autumn.

As a kid it is too far and too way back to remember; my memories are more after my three week annual holiday when I was working, and I realised that it was again over for a year. Walks in the Bernese Overland, eating meals in restaurants  and sleeping in a chalet had departed, to be replaced by the usual daily drag at home and rising in the morning at six to get the kids ready for school or for work, and getting myself on the way to my job. Oh, happy days and I am glad they are gone.

Now it is just me, Mr. Swiss and the cats. My oldest son is at home. He is autistic, goes to work, but takes it all in his programmed brain. As long as everything moves to autistic plan, he is happy. Today even a change in his rhythm is not such a disturbance. He does not mind a programme change like going to a music concert or a day off on holiday to visit another town such as Zürich or Bern. We all have our routines.

School begin used to be in Spring in the Kanton where I live in Switzerland, but one day a councillor had a dream, and it was all changed to Autumn begin (or did we vote about it – cannot remember). The kids had an extra-long school year to catch up, but that was some years ago. I really only notice that school days are here when we drive past the local high school on the way home from shopping and see the rows of cars lined up outside the school where the parents pick their offspring up. There are also busses ready for the students and there are the students which make their way by biking, being a deadly obstacle to the cars on the road. Otherwise I would not even know that school existed. We had clear roads during the school holidays, but now no longer, so I suppose it is again school time.

Being a golden oldie, these things are not really considered as being important. I do not go to school; do not work so life goes on. I would have my weekly Tai Chi course, but at the moment I am out of action, my hip deciding that I should wait until I see a doctor and can stand on my left leg with no pain.

Mr. Swiss mowed the lawn this afternoon, so it cannot be anything like autumn and who cares. I have reached an age where it does not matter so much. I used to brown my body in the sun and it would now be time to forget such experiments. First of all because there is no longer so much sun, my body is no longer sun styled and I prefer to relax with a book.

So come on Winter, let it snow, let it grow colder. I will be wrapped up in my golden oldie chair, writing daily prompts and watch the leafless trees in the garden with the icicles hanging on the branches. Autumn? Yes Ok it does have its charm, leaves laying on the garden that I have to sweep away, putting my t-shirts and shorts away to be replaced by long trousers and blouses do they still fit? And I have to bring my seventeen pots of orchids into the living room. I hope I have the room, otherwise they will begin to shiver in their pots outside. Of course we have the autumn colours, so I will probably attempt a few of my prize suspicious photos.

My cat just saw a naked Sphinx cat walk throught the garden that belongs to a neighbour, so I have to leave. I might have to play referee for my cat in a fight against the unknown and of course take a few photos of the Sphinx cat.

Daily Prompt: August Blues – just an extension of July really

22 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: August Blues – just an extension of July really.

    • Agree. I still have my sandals on and no socks. In Winter I will also be wearing no socks and sandals indoors as we have floor heating. I wear men’s socks outside in Winter with my jeans. They are so practicle and I hate nylons on my skin, makes me itchy.


    • There is such a thing. WordPress have it done by other companies. I ordered one in XXL size and it arrived more in XXS size in cheap cotton. I complained and WordPress did refund the money, but I should return the t-shirt which means it would cost as much to send it by courier service as I paid for the shirt, so I did not bother.


  1. I would love to see you wearing this word press T shirt in one of your photos. Do other bloggers get it as a gift? It is so good to read about small small things you mention in your posts.


    • No, it is not a gift. I paid for it and when it arrived, I discovered that the WordPress idea of XXL was more XXS and so it does not fit unless I take a deep breath. To be fair, WordPress do not send them, they contract that part of the business to other companies and it is definitely not a gift. They did offer to refund the money for the t-shirt, but it would have cost me more to return it by DHL or whatever, so I did not bother. One day I might take the chance, but they have no good contacts. I suppose I could get it done all by myself, we have companies in Switzerland that would make one for me. I am just too lazy to deal with it, but one day who knows?


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  6. I agree that August can be just a continuation of July, especially here in the high Sierras, where the days blur together. Yet, there are harbingers of Autumn: my teen-aged children’s school term starts in mid-August and our summer holidays must end. This coming long holiday weekend is the last of the camping trips because school activities take precedence. My recently retired spouse is puttering in the garden, so I have begun drafting a list of cold crop produce to plant. So the fall pattern of life commences a bit early for me.


    • We don’t do much planting for the Winter. We have to protect what we have from freezing by covering everything up. We get temperatures of -10C, sometimes down to -20 if it is a bad Winter.


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