Daily Prompt: Discussion Enders – I don’t like ending discussions

We’ve all had exchanges where we came up with the perfect reply — ten minutes too late. Write down one of those, but this time make sure to sign off with your grand slam (unused) zinger.

Foot tunnel in Solothurn main station

At the end of a tunnel there is always light and perhaps a perfect end. This is a Swiss tunnel at the local railway station which seems to be endless without a grand slam. I do not know, I have not got a grand slam zinger (whatever that is) and it is not part of my discussion. I knew an apprentice at work who always gave the answer “OK” in a happy voice with a lilt at the end of the discussion. You never knew it if was really OK or not so any further comments were pointless.

We have just had a case in Switzerland of a politician who sent naked photos to a virtual female colleague in Twitter. Things got a little hot for the politician when the lady told him she would not delete the photos. It was particularly embarrassing because he sent the photos from his work place which was the local government office. Apparently the crime was committed on the WhatsApp application.

Perhaps the lady wanted money or just exercise her power over the politician. It all came out, the politician explained with tears in his eyes on the news that he was ashamed etc. etc and apologised. He went on a confrontation course and even appeared in a discussion programme in the evening on the TV. He went public. Perhaps it was a clever move as the lady in question no longer had a grip over the events. There was no further damage she could do. However, the politician did say that it had absolutely nothing to do with sex Oh no, he and his lady friend had been having “an intellectual conversation about a book project on erotic fantasies”. I do not think he was believed eventually, so perhaps his perfect reply was not so perfect after all.

You see, even the Swiss parliament has their naked secrets. The politician apologised and told everyone he had no intention of resigning. He wanted to keep his job. What a brave man?

To return to me: if things really get too hot to handle I can always use the bit about not being from here and not understanding. Unfortunately those that know me realise that I can converse quite fluently in Swiss German (with a few little mistakes here and there) and so this argument would not really work. My Swiss German knowledge is gradually overtaking my English. However, it is always worth a try as there might be some unsuspecting person who would really believe me.

As this is such an inspirational, original prompt. I will now come to an end as I really have nothing more to say. I do not even have a grand slam, probably because I find tennis a boring sport. I was always the one at school that hit the ball with the racket and it departed into an orbit, heading for other galaxies. I never did get the hang of sending it on its way to the other side of the net.

Contrary to the idea that I always have the last word, I do not. I just do not say anything more, that is always an effective finale.

Daily Prompt: Discussion Enders – I don’t like ending discussions

13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Discussion Enders – I don’t like ending discussions

  1. I used to have to have the last word (which was usually sarcastic). I’ve learned it’s better to have the other person’s harsh words be the last ones between us. I walk away with dignity and their words hang in the air forever, and they can wonder about what they lost, instead of my confirming that they are well rid of me.


  2. I already said everything I had to say about this last week, so I republished that. If they keep reusing the same stuff, just reworded slightly, I don’t see why I can’t publish the same post — again — reworded slightly. But yesterday’s Robots and Vacuum Cleaners turned out to be a hot item. Go figure, right?

    They really really need someone new to start coming up with more original prompts. This are so tired, repetitive and frequently, lame. If YOU can’t find something funny to say about it, we are truly doomed.


    • Mind you, we are all having a chuckle about the member of parliament with the naked photos. He is still in the news. Today we had something new. It seems that a Calabrese Mafia section called Ndrangheta had a meeting in Thurgau in Switzerland. It was filmed in secret and now they have all been arrested. There we have it “tell us about the time when the Mafia came to Switzerland”. Shame that Thurgau is in the east, we are more towards the West and I wasn’t there to take any photos.


  3. ” if things really get too hot to handle I can always use the bit about not being from here and not understanding. ” Soo true! Still works for me ’cause I’m in a French speaking country and I’m not yet very fluent. I’d soon get to the point you are now where it won’t be such a good ender,..but till then 🙂


        • I speak franglais, but they all seem to understand me. There are even French speaking that find an accent anglaise is cute. I get bye quite well. If you do not know the word, just say the english word with a french accent. It does the trick all the time. OK my le and la are sometimes in the wrong place, but I don’t want them to know that I understand everything. always keep one step ahead.


          • Splendid! Many of the natives here don’t mind my mixing English words in,so long as it’s followed with “tu comprends? ” then they usually offer the right word. Many want to speak English so it makes it easier for me.


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