Daily Prompt: Writer’s Block Party – I am never at a loss for words

When was the last time you experienced writer’s block? What do you think brought it about — and how did you dig your way out of it?

One of those sneaky photos

Some people call it writer’s block and others say take five and think it over. Mr. Swiss finds that I am never at a loss for words, and where my strange weird ideas originate he does not know. Neither do I, they just appear. I have a blank screen with the words “Daily Prompt: Tell us about…” or just a sentence ending with a question mark and the bait is already cast. Not being at a loss to say something, I usually find something, although not always as Pulitzer prize-winning as it should be. This photo is not a writer’s block. You see me relaxing after writing my daily masterpiece. I had transferred my luxury body to the horizontal position in the sunbed and was studying my iPad. The daily prompt had been completed and I was searching for recognition. No, of course not, I was on the last pages of a suspense-packed book and was immerged in the plot.

Mr. Swiss took my Nikon DSLR camera and I discovered this photo when I uploaded my photos of the day in the evening. We are still talking, but revenge is sweet. I am wondering when to pounce and show Mr. Swiss perhaps with the shopping trolley in the supermarket or in a relaxed position with one of the cats.

In the meanwhile this is about writer’s block and a party. So we all sit around filling up the ashtrays and trying to find a thread to write about (although I do not smoke). On the other hand there are other things to discuss than a writer’s block. I am sure we will all have fun, some music in the background and a few drinks and the block will be forgotten. The next day the Daily Prompt will be “How did you celebrate your Writer’s Block Party” and we will be busy recording our experiences for all to see, if we can remember them.

Now I do not want to criticise, who am I to criticise, but this is a bloggy thing meaning writing and it has come to my attention that some just plaster a YouTube link on their blog of the day, or a link back to what we are writing about. Are these poor bloggers really suffering from Writer’s Block or are they just collecting likes – a sort of Writer’s Unblock competition to see who gets the most? I know them and ignore them and they ignore me as well. I think they ignore everyone, but as long as they are having fun, that is the main thing.

I do not even have a writer’s block when making my shopping list. Our local supermarket chain store; a sort of Swiss type Walmart known as Migros, have entered the iPad/iPhone cyberworld. This is fantastic and is a great relief to the housewife brain. We have a small pinboard in the kitchen where Mr. Swiss and I share our ideas of what to buy. When something enters my brain I write on this board. Unfortunately I never seem to find a pen or pencil, but Mr. Swiss says that is because I never return things to the original place. If I did they would always be found. OK, he is right. He also writes his ideas on this pinboard and at the end of the day we have a collection of things to buy in two different handwritings and two different ways of doing things and sometimes two different languages. This is OK, but I cannot read Mr. Swiss handwriting and he cannot read mine. The degree of increase culminates in the fact that I cannot always read my own handwriting. This is not Writer’s block, this is bad handwriting. We might have a small misunderstanding, but up to now we always find a middle way.

This problem is now solved. I can now write my shopping list on my iPad. I did have a small problem, but it was beginner’s bad luck. I obliterated my complete list as I clicked on the wrong icon on the iPad, which lead to an automatic cancellation on the iPhone. Being an iPad it speaks to my iPhone, so whatever I write on the iPad appears automatically on the iPhone and the iPhone goes with me to the supermarket. What a wonderful idea. As we are departing from the apartment to the shopping temple, Mr. Swiss might remember something for the list. I take out my iPad and begin to write.

“What are you doing?”

“Writing what we forgot”

“We have no time, let’s go.”

I ignore this last remark, we are now a cyber-shopping family and I am going to impress my fellow shoppers in the Migros/Swiss Walmart. After five minutes I have discovered how to add something with the new supermarket internet programe – no problem. Our first excursion with this new hi tech system was a success. We I forgot nothing and the important goods were complete. Today we were again on a shopping excursion, but it was the old method as I forgot to register it all on my iPad/iPhone. I was too busy writing yesterday’s daily prompt, but it can only get better.

So that was life with the Swiss family Robinson Anglo. Will return tomorrow if there is no blockage in the way.

Daily Prompt: Writer’s Block Party – I am never at a loss for words

5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Writer’s Block Party – I am never at a loss for words

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  2. I think writer’s block is either something non-writers say to explain why they haven’t written anything, or a big piece of wood used to whack someone over the head when he or she is whining about having writer’s block.


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