Mystery Ending

This weekly writing challenge focuses on the “weekly” part — start your post today, and build on it for the next four before publishing. Who knows where you’ll end up?

Crow on a Lamp Post in Feldbrunnen

1. Start your Post

A cool breeze blew through the grass, the blades waving in rhythm to the air currents. The air was filled with a meadow scent, a mixture of wild flowers and earth. The crow landed on the grass and Merle smiled. Her crow had returned . Each summer the crow returned and each summer she would await the arrival. Was it the same crow, or perhaps another crow hatched from the egg of last year’s crow? She felt a relationship to this large black bird. It was comforting to know the bird was near, almost a protection. “Craw” gave the bird from its beak, a soft murmer. Merle smiled and reached out a hand. The crow grew nearer and rub its head on her palm. She lay back with her arms folded beneath her head and the crow pecked amongst the grass blades, probably searching for a worm. in moments like this, Merle felt that she was one with the crow. She shared its thoughts, its feelings and when it rose to a flight she was with the crow looking down on the fields where a river might run through them. The crow swooped and picked a haselnut from a bush. It landed on the ground and found a stone where it would cast the nut, not once but many times, until it burst and the fruit appeared. “Well done crow” said Merle and the crow ate the nut. Yes, they were one. Merle was not quite sure why. Her mother told her, it was not important, one day she would know the truth about her family and the crows.

Merle was flying over the hills again with the crow. She could hear the regular beating of his wings and felt light, weightless, she was a feather in the wind. And then she awoke. She was resting again on the grass, the crow pecking around her, but she felt different.

2. add a quote from a conversation you had with someone today

“Did I really fly with the crow or did I dream.”

Another crow flew to her side and pecked her arm gently.

“You were flying my daughter. “When sleeping women wake, mountains move”, and you moved a mountain.”

“Mother, you are now a crow.”

“Yes my child, I am your mother and with your father I will guard you until our time comes.Daughter you are awake, you are with us, your past is now your present.”

3. add something related to what your childhood self wanted to be when you grew up, or a dream you have for your future.

Merle ruffled her feathers. She had feathers, she had wings, she had bright beady eyes and she hovered above the ground. She had awoken from her dreamtime, she was no longer woman, but crow and she could fly.

Wait a minute, I am a crow and live in a crow family. No, no way. I am human and remember going to school and learning everything for my future life. They taught us that birds were birds and humans were humans, but not how to fly and peck at insects for food.

“Hey mum, what is this all about and how come I can do it all.? and who is that strange crow that always hovers around me when I take a sleep in the grass.”

“Yes, well perhaps that is the problem. He is your father Merle.”

“But I though my dad died.”

“He sort of did, but afterwards remained as a crow. He was a crow man.”

“The others?”

“Merle do not ask too many questions. I became a chandeling  crow as well and you were a fledgling. Now you have also become a crow and we crows stick together.”

4. add a reference to something currently in your refrigerator.

“I need something to eat to digest all this fastasy stuff. I think there is some peanut butter in the fridge.”

“Caw… bring me some, I love peanut butter.”

“Who cawed that?” asked Merle

“You father, I am the chief crow. Your mother only bought peanut butter for me. Bring the whole jar, we can share it with the other crows in the tribe.”

“Hold on, just a minute dad. We are now all crows and I have to get the peanut butter for everyone. What is this, a reheasal for the latest Walt Disney film. And how comes you have never shown your feathers up to now. I want to be a human.”

“I didn’t want to shock you. I thought if you realised your dad was an old crow, you might be unhappy.”

“No dad, I might not be unhappy, I am flaming annoyed. You and mum are really crows and now I am a crow. Get your own peanut butter in the supermarket. I cannot open the fridge door with wings. Fly in the supermarket and peck a jar from the shelf. How did this crow thing start?”

“My daughter” continued the crow father “it was in the olden days when the crow men walked the earth together with the humans. We lived together and enjoyed our life, but something went wrong and the humans refused to change their appearance and wanted to stay as humans. However, there were always exceptions, changelings, and so is your mother and you have inherited this special gift from her.”

“Great dad, so can I change back to a human, I have to go to school this afternoon, We have a maths test.”

“Sorry Merle, no changing back” said her mother. “You can only change once and no return.”

5. add something inspired by a song you heard today. If you didn’t hear any music, use something you read (and turn on the radio!).

Merle flew off in a hustle. She was annoyed, what a life. So she flew and flew until she found herself in another country. It was France and she was flying over the Tour de France, a well known bycycle race. They were nearing the final line and there was a racer out on his own on his bike. He was already waving his hands in the air to celebrate his victory . However, Merle had an irresistable urge to do something that all birds do in flight, but the man at the front was determine to win, no matter what. He won the race even though his sunglasses were splattered with white bird droppings. It was a miracle that he found the final line.

Merle flew off and decided that crow life was not so bad after all. She was free, could do what she wanted to, and there were enough worms and slugs to eat. She could even leave her mark on important events. She had become famous as the crow that nearly caused the winner of the Tour de France to lose the race.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Mystery Ending – Crows

Daily Prompt: On Bees and Effs – you no speak english?

Do you — or did you ever — have a Best Friend? Do you believe in the idea of one person whose friendship matters the most? Tell us a story about your BFF (or lack thereof).

I do not do so much private in my bloggy life, even if I do tend to regularly arrive here daily. Best friends just happen, and yes, it happened to me and that is all I am saying about it. Both of us do not wear our hearts or feelings on our sleeves. The friendship is now more than 50 years, even if a couple of countries lie in between.

Of course there are a couple of other friends I have met through life.


“You mean me Mrs Human?”

“Of course Tabby, we have known each other for at least twelve years.”

“That is more coincidence. If I had not adopted you as pet human, I would have starved and had to hunt for my food myself. The word “friend” does not exist in Meow, never has and never will.”

“But you must have friends amongst other felines.”

“Forget it, we are too busy organising our territorial rights. Have you ever seen me walk paw in paw with another feline?”

“You were always together with your departed litter sister Nera.”

“We have a hierarchy and she was the boss and I was her assistant. She often had instructions for me to follow, like give our apprentice feline Fluffy a sharp hiss to keep him in order or a paw swipe. Now she has gone to the eternal corn chambers hunting mice for Bastet and I am the chief. Mrs. Human. Bring me a morsel to eat; a vitamin pellet will do for the moment. You can plan the tuna fish for the evening.”

And so I obediently fetched a dish filled with vitamin pellets. There was no thank you or appreciative meow.

So I live my isolated life with just I, me and myself and the virtual friends I have gathered over the years on Internet. I had many so-called friends that played games with me in facebook. We built a kingdom in a place called Yoville. I possessed an apartment and a house and was thinking about a beach villa, but this did not happen. I was too busy building a café in another game and Yoville was destroyed. The developers of the game decided to demolish Yoville. Two days ago café world stopped existing. The powers that be in the gaming world decided it was no longer serving its purpose. OK, I stopped playing these games about five years ago as I realised it was more stress than real life and I was losing touch with real life.

Now I spend some time daily writing a blog, but this is not stress, just fun for me. I enjoy writing. I have met many people in this bloggy world and if we had one, we would all be wearing WordPress t-shirts to prove our bond, but we have no t-shirts, we just have our online address.

Some people have a Facebook phobia. “I am not in Facebook” they say with pride, and you notice the hidden hints of perhaps being assaulted, your passwords stolen or infected with the dreaded “I am watching you” virus. Some threaten to leave Facebook, as they have been infriltrated with stories about their identities being stolen and even their photos. I have been there for many years and am still alive; perhaps a little tattered at the edge, but Facebook only knows what you tell them. Recently I was cloned, yes cloned. Someone decided to make a second me. I think they were very brave. I do not even like my reflection in the mirror. I received messages from  facebook, friends I did not even know I had in this virtual world. They told me that strange things were happening on my page.

Eventually son No. 2 phoned me (from somewhere in East Europe – he was on a business trip) and had reported it all to Facebook. What my son was doing in Facebook in a country that I could not even pronounce the name of I do not know, but he saved the day. Facebook organised everything and all was back to normal by the evening. I received a telephone call from a one-time workmate (I no longer work – am too old) and she asked what was wrong with my Facebook page. I realised that I am under observation. Of course everyone meant well with me and the next day, after a new password and a few alterations in my profile, I was up and running again.

Facebook is OK, they only know what you tell them and I definitely would not diverge my secrets in facebook. They do not even know that I love all my relations as I never told them. I have my own page on Facebook and generally remain there, crossposting my prize suspicious blogs on WordPress.

To do Facebook justice, I would add that I found quite a few old school friends and relations there, so everything is not so bad, but I am not a phobia type of person.

Daily Prompt: On Bees and Efs – you no speak english?