Daily Prompt: Sudden Shifts – Just like weather in Russia

You’re at the beach with some friends and/or family, enjoying the sun, nibbling on some watermelon. All of a sudden, within seconds, the weather shifts and hale starts descending from the sky. Write a post about what happens next.

If you need visual inspiration, this happened last week in Russia

The Garden Frog

“Looks like rain.”

“No, never: the sun is shining, bright blue sky and a perfect day for the beach. Who said that anyhow?”

“I did, the frog in the garden. Weather frogs know everything. We feel it in our slime.”

“You are not a real frog, just a replica of a frog, no slime.”

“There are days when I can be just as real as you humans. I was born as a weather frog, but a wicked Russian fairy with a WordPress t-shirt transformed me into a statue. I am now here to rescue you from the fate of being bombarded by fist-large hailstones on a beach with gale force winds. Do not go to the beach. Stay at home and watch it all on YouTube in Russia.”

“I am not in Russia, but in Switzerland.”

“Ok, so what are you worried about. You do not have any beaches in Switzerland because you have no sea.”

“Clever bewitched frog; we have lakes and rivers and they have beaches.”

“All the more reason to stay at home: I predict a terrific storm, the river or lake will flood, torrents of wild water will drag you into deeper water. You will drown, never to return or be killed by a Russian hailstone.. Mark the words of a wise frog, stay at home.”

“There is no fun staying at home. I cannot buy water melon to nibble on.”

“Since when do you nibble on water melon? I have been sitting in this garden, through snow and sun for many years and have never seen you eat water melon and they do not sell water melon at Swiss beaches. More a can of coke to drink or an ice cream. You have cola in the fridge and ice cream in the freezer, so why go to a beach and meet an unknown fate? “

Suddenly the sky darkened, just like the flapping of a black wing (I got that from a book, I think it was The Time Machine by H.G.Wells – ok, I am digressing). There was a rumble in the distance and a streak of lightening fell from the sky casting the garden in fluorescent light and forming a halo around the frog.

“I am free, I am free” and the frog hopped all over the garden. “Thank you for staying Mrs. Human, you have broken the spell.”

It was then that a tattered WordPress t-shirt burnt at the edges, with the words “Wicked Russian Fairy” written in Cyrillic writing fell from the sky followed by two singed wings. The frog hugged me, so I gave him a kiss. I thought he would turn into a prince, but it was more something that resembled Rasputin, the mad Russian monk and hopped away. I would like to say I then awoke, but I was not asleep or dreaming. The things that happen on a WordPress prompt adventure!

“Mr. Swiss remove the beach towels and the sun lotion from the car. We are staying at home.”

“But we have such wonderful summer weather. Just ideal for nibbling on a piece of water melon on the beach by a river or lake and taking a swim.”

“Forget it. There are hailstones in the back garden and our garden frog has hopped off.”

“ We have a garden frog?”

He never believes what I say.

“Typical Russian weather” he answered and we stayed at home and ate ice cream in the kitchen and washed it down with Coca Cola.

Daily Prompt: Sudden Shifts – Just like the Weather in Russia