Daily Prompt: Now, Later? – Procrastination – never heard of it.

We all procrastinate. Website, magazine, knitting project, TV show, something else — what’s your favorite procrastination destination?


My orchids seem to procrastinate most of the year. I buy them in flower, with a few buds. The buds stop procrastinating when they are settled at home and with the motherly care I give them they blossom. When they are finished flowering I keep them, hoping and waiting for the next flower season, but they procrastinate and procrastinate. When the leaves begin to wilt, turn brown and stalks shrivel I know that there will no longer be procrastination, they give up and die. So beware humans, it could be us.

I do not procrastinate: procrastinate? The first time I heard this word I was busy with the dictionary. Perhaps it is one of those Americanisation’s, something invented across the big pond? Perhaps I was not listening in my English class at school or perhaps it was a word that never existed in my vocabulary or country.

I think I was procrastinating constantly when I was younger, but blame it on my youth. There were so many more important things, like listening to beat music, catching up on the latest fashions and generally hunting for Mr. Right. After meeting Mr. Right, I discovered I had no time for procrastinations. I was changing diapers, feeding babies and ensuring that I was not living in squalor and general chaos. I was proud. I did not have squalor but a well ordered, clean organised chaos.

As I no longer procrastinate, I have no favourite procrastination destination. I worked in a company in the export department. You do not procrastinate when a customer somewhere at the other end of the world is waiting for a machine part. His complete factory is laying still. He cannot finish the job because some forgetful person has procrastinated about sending his badly needed tool. As this person could have been me, I decided not to procrastinate because I would be in danger of losing my job.

Imagine George Clooney wanting to star in his new advertising film for a favourite coffee sort, and the expected coffee does not arrive because the lady organising the coffee parcel procrastinates. Not only has she lost a chance of meeting George Clooney for a cup of coffee, but George Clooney cancels his contract with Nespresso the coffee company. There is no place for procrastination in the modern world of stress.

I do not procrastinate, because at my age I no longer need to procrastinate. When you are referred to as “The old Mrs. Angloswiss” you no longer bother to procrastinate. Your fate is sealed, you are beyond procrastination. You are verging on a demented condition, forgetfulness, and are excused. It is an enjoyable life, freed from the burden of remembering to do things you should. You are excused.

My felines regard me with yearning eyes when their food bowls are empty not to mention the black looks if water is scarce and the accompanying threatening meows. I have no chance to procrastinate. The feline police ensure that I do not forget or put it off until I feel like it.

If I am hungry I cook and eat. My bills are all programmed in the computer, so no chance of putting them off. Every day the man in the WordPress t-shirt sends me a reminder that the daily prompt has arrived, thus procrastination is not possible from my side. I sometimes have a feeling that he does a little procrastination when the prompt might be late, but he is excused. It is a stressful job arising each morning studying a new prompt idea. If he procrastinates, Mrs. Angloswiss is there on the forum with her complaint to remind him that just because he was celebrating a new look or new grid idea the evening before,  it is no excuse to procrastinate.

Perhaps a new member of the WordPress committee joined and she or he was welcomed with a new t-shirt, a few welcome drinks and taken out to a meal the evening before. This is no reason to procrastinate with the next daily prompt. Life must go on, the empty bottles must be thrown out and the ash trays emptied. Daily prompt procrastination cannot be excused, there are millions, thousands, hundreds, about 100 victims waiting for a new daily prompt to fulfil the purpose of their blogging lives.

Mr. Swiss has now decided to mow the lawn. There was a little procrastination involved, although he finds we cannot have an unkempt lawn with weeds and long grass. We are Swiss and Swiss have neat lawns, so no time for lawn procrastination.

Daily Prompt: Now, Later? – Procrastination, never heard of it

3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Now, Later? – Procrastination – never heard of it.

  1. I say let’em wait. Whatever it is. What are they going to do? Fire us? Yell at us? I need more coffee. Only the furry kids get priority service because they have the souls of mob enforcers. But after all, meals and water dishes are the high points of their four-footed lives. Our job is to make sure we deliver the goods. Other than that? It’s a leisurely world and I like it that way.


    • You mean they have organised themselves, catmafia? I always thought so and they don’t use language with each other, it is all done by telepathy. Just now our Tabby had a meeting of the third art, It was one flurry of hiss and speedy runaway and I saw a white fur tail (not one of ours) disappearing through the hedge. I think it was Bubu, the terror cat of the neighbourhood who had a slight territorial discussion with Tabby.


      • Yes, definitely telepathy. I’ve seen a dog get up, stretch, walk to the next dog. Just stand there. The second dog gets up and the two stroll over to a third. Who gets up, stretches. Then the three go to the fourth and all of them start to bark and race out the doggy door. Coincidence? I think not. They had BUSINESS to conduct.


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