Daily Prompt: Roaring Laughter – Who me?

What was the last thing that gave you a real, authentic, tearful, hearty belly laugh? Why was it so funny?

Llamas in Welschenrohr

Of course they are laughing, a real, authentic, hearty, belly laugh the way llamas laugh. Sometimes they even spit to show their amusement. After I took the photo I looked in a mirror to see if my hair was standing up in the wrong place or perhaps I was wearing my t-shirt (not the WordPress t-shirt) inside out. I was sure they were laughing at me and all I did was to tell them to say “cheeeese” to get a good smile from them.

I am late today, but no I am not late. I do not have a routine; I am a golden oldie and do what I want to do and not what I have to do. I just happened to be watching the television: in the middle of the afternoon? Yes, it is not every day that the bicycle race Tour de France enters London from the East and I was watching it together with Mr. Swiss. Generally the Tour de France takes place in France, but this year they decided to do the English a favour and begin the race in the North of England.

As I grew up in the East of London I was interested to see if I recognised any of the landmarks. Unfortunately the commentator on the TV could only use the pictures shown by the French Tour de Suisse cameramen, and they were only interested in showing the cyclists or pictures of the Tower of London. Mind you, those cyclists do wear some nifty gear. They have very muscular legs, nice and tanned. I was wondering why they all wear sunglasses when it was raining, but they were probably special cyclist sun glasses with a sort of 3-D vision, so that they could see what was coming around the corner.

I watched them peddle their way through rain, passing the Tower of London, the City Airport, through the London streets and around a big curve next to the houses of parliament, where I believe one of the cyclists fell. Anyhow they continued along the Mall, past Buckingham palace (the queen’s joint) and it was finished. Now they go to France. I asked Mr. Swiss if they cycle around the boat on the way across the channel, but he did not do a belly laugh, he ignored my remark and said they are flying to Paris. I did not ask him if they removed the seats in the plane to enable them to cycle up and down in the plane to keep in practice, although I was wondering if they did, would they throw their empty bottles of drink out of the window? When they cycle on the roads, they just throw the empty bottles into the crowds – litter bugs.

So, where were we? The last time I had a good laugh. Actually it was about an hour ago when I saw the daily prompt. Not that I found it hilarious, or giggle worthy, I just happened to remember the last time, a few months ago, when I was asked the same question by the WordPress team. I even remembered my answer when I showed a video made by a British comedian: one of my favourite sketches. There was only one empty place left in the cemetery, and there were two funerals, so they staged a race for the last place. I will not repeat this again, even if WordPress have repeated their prompt. I must say one thing; those guys at the WordPress Daily Prompt headquarters really have humour.

Actually I did have a belly laugh about two weeks ago. I think it was on a Sunday. I know Mr. Swiss was with me and I had an uncontrollable fit of laughing. He told me to cool down, otherwise I might have an accident and swallow something in the wrong place, which would result in an uncontrollable fit of coughing. I might turn blue in the face, begin to suffocate and it would not take a good end. I really did try to stop laughing. I did my best. Eventually I did and Mr. Swiss breathed a sigh of relief. I was still alive. Five minutes later I began to laugh again about what I was laughing at five minutes before. What was so funny? Yes, that is the problem. I cannot remember, otherwise that would have been the Prompt of the day and all the guys at the Daily Prompt place would have been rolling on the floor, like ROFL, with laughing: the problems of a golden oldie.

And now to have something to eat. What a stress! Watching the Tour de France and writing a Daily Prompt is too much for my timetable. These Daily Prompts will be the death of me can be very exhausting.

Daily Prompt: Roaring Laughter – Who me?