Daily Prompt: Generous Genies – but under my conditions

Remember those lovely genies who grant wishes? Well, you’re one and you’ve just been emancipated from your restrictive lamp. You can give your three wishes to whomever you want. Who do you give your three wishes to, and why?


So, are we now all wide awake and ready to go thanks to the sunflower greeting? Ok, I understand, Saturday evening can be exhausting, especially if you are all celebrating a birthday, perhaps of Matt Mullenweg, the founder of the WordPress Foundation. I hope he was wearing his WordPress t-shirt, the one I got that was too small, but no worry. I am sure he had the right size, XXL.

My fellow bloggers and I were poised to render an unforgettable blog but  we were confronted with a blank screen. We all used the time to ponder on what we will write. It seems that the WordPress team are now awake, have cleared the beer glasses away and the empty whisky bottles, the ashtrays have been emptied and we are all ready to go.

I am a genius genie (I know) and I am donating wishes. No, it is not as easy as that. You think you can just have a wish with no strings attached? My first wish is granted to the person (no names mentioned) that forgot to rise early and publish our prompt for the day. He can have a wish, but I will stipulate the wish: “I wish that I will never have a party on Saturday evening, and forget to publish the Daily Prompt in the morning. I realise that there are bloggers that rush to the computer first thing in the morning to write what is requested. I also realise that there are bloggers in Europe that have a golden oldie midday sleep and rush to the computer afterwards to write their Pulitzer Prize suspicious blogs. I wish that I will never ever again forget this and the Daily Prompt will never ever be forgotten again, otherwise my computer will be struck by the dreaded Blogging virus.” That is almost three wishes in one, but it is all reduced to the same target. The Daily Prompt will no longer be forgotten and this wish will be made whilst placing his hand on his mouse.

My second granted wish is to Bill Gates. He will wish that Windows 8 will soon be replaced by Windows 9. This will be a golden oldie friendly concept with words instead of photos. The reason why is because I still have my good old Acer computer with windows 7, a nice friendly lovable good old design where you know where to find everything. My son has a new computer and is still casting profanities over the new Windows 8 concept.

My third wish: I am keeping that for myself. Why should everyone else get the goodies. I have enough problems sorting what to write for these prompts. I wish, most deeply and intensively, that I never ever get an attack of lumbago (back pain) again. I am now entering my third week. The tablets are helping, but sending me into a coma similar sleep every lunch time and evening due to their strength. I would like to rise from my chair without something shooting down my back. We call it the witches shot translated from German, and for me the witch decided on a nuclear missile. Is it age perhaps? No, it is the bloggers curse. We sit at the computer hammering out our thoughts, dedicated to supporting the blogging world and daily prompts (if they appear regularly at the same time every day) and our reward is a pain that hangs somewhere near a tender part, twisting and  turning in bed until you discover there is a comfortable position, generally on your back. If I sleep on my back I tend to snore which can be a disturbance to others.

Whilst I am casting my three wishes, outside there is a mega thunder storm, rain pelting down and a very black sky. Is this perhaps a signal that these wishes will be granted?

Daily Prompt: Generous Genies – but under my conditions

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Generous Genies – but under my conditions

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  3. I really hope you get your third wish. Your first wish certainly confirms your dedication to wordpress and your blog. About your 2nd wish: Microsoft, like the government, sometimes seems to be a necessary evil.


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