Daily Prompt: An Odd Trio – The gourmet feline(s)

Today, you can write about whatever you want — but your post must include, in whatever role you see fit, a cat, a bowl of soup, and a beach towel.


“Mrs. Human, can you pass me a beach towel.”

“But Tabby, felines do not take a bath with water.”

“Of course not, I am not here for a bath. I like bathrooms, they are so nicely enclosed and preserve my private sphere.”

“They why the beach towel?”

“Because the daily prompt says we should include a beach towel, It is quite simple, preferably one with the WordPress emblem, but as you have not yet received the WordPress t-shirt in XXL size, we will probably have to wait a long time for the WordPress beach towel.”

“Aha, how stupid of me, but I am just an inferior human. The next thing you will be asking for is a bowl of soup, but as felines do not drink soup, we will have to miss that one out.”

“It depends on the soup Mrs. Human. Of course, we do not drink that minestrone stuff or the thick pea stuff, we have a delicate palate. I would suggest fetching some cat mint from the garden and slice it with you special sharp guillotine knife.”

“But that is not soup Tabby.”

“Let me finish: nothing worse than a human interrupting my meows when I am giving detailed instructions. Gazpacho is a human cold tomato soup and we felines love cold soup. Now you take some double cream and put it in a dish, sprinkle the cat mint into the cream and whisk it until a fine froth appears on the surface. A pinch of tarragon and some chopped chives should be added and the cat soup is perfect. You may put the bowl in my normal eating place.”

“There you are Tabby, I hope it is to your taste.”

“Not quite Mrs. Human. You cannot put a dish on the ground without some finesse. If I were eating in Fred’s feline Emporium, he would apply his talents and garnish the dish with some enticing flavours.”

“Such as?”

“Use your imagination Mrs. Human. Place a mouse tail on the surface of the dish and twirl it around to make a suitable pattern. A bowl of tuna fish juice would be a good accompaniment. Humans like a glass of wine and we felines savour tuna fish juice, preferably a recent vintage. Unlike wine, tuna fish juice does not develop in flavour with the years. Of course a saucer of mineral water, to purify my feline palate after the meal would be necessary.”

“I did not know you were such a conaisseur Tabby.”

“My dearly departed litter sister Nera left me instructions on how to train humans before she left for the eternal corn chambers to serve as first feline with Bastet. “

“Nera? But I though she was…..”

“Forget it Mrs. Human, I am still keeping an eye on things to ensure that they run according to our needs.”

Did I see a long black furred almost transparent apparition hovering over the gourmet dish for Tabby. Did I hear a high pitched squeaky miaw?

“Ok Tabby, where are the Nera instructions?”

“Forget it Mrs. Human. Nera will always be with us and her wishes are transmitted by feline telepathy.”

I thought to myself as I garnished the bowl with a mouse tail and poured the tuna fish juice into another bowl, Nera will always be watching over us, and me in particular.

“Is this now to your wish Tabby – and Nera?” and they both miawed in agreement. There was a flash of bright yellow eyes and Nera disappeared.

Daily Prompt: An Odd Trio – The Gourmet Feline(s)