Daily Prompt: Writing Space – no problem

Where do you produce your best writing — at your desk, on your phone, at a noisy café? Tell us how the environment affects your creativity.


A genius does not need inspiration from a place. The creativity is there, it exists, places are secondary. Of course I am relating to my own talents. It is a fact that Nobel and Pulitzer have not yet recognised this quality, but all the more to look forward to.

My best writing, and only writing, is on the keyboard of the computer. In summer I favour the great outdoors, hearing the birds singing, the faint noise of the traffic on the neighbouring country road, and the neighbours talking on their balconies. At the moment there is a meeting of young men discussing the prospects of the evening World Cup match on the top balcony. There might be the faint sound of a jazz quartet originating in the apartment, although Mr. Swiss tends to wear his iPhone ear thingies to avoid disturbance when I am writing a masterpiece.

I have a feline nearby that now and again meows telling me he wants something. This can be a disturbance, as I have to leave my writing centre and attend to his needs. Of course, I am surrounded by the wonderful Swiss mountain scenery which sets the mood for a daily prompt.

In Winter I am confined to the apartment and I seek a quiet place to register my thoughts on the blog. Where I am depends on what is happening around me. It might be that there is a disturbance caused by a vacuum cleaner, radio, television or general household background music. Luckily I have a portable working station and electricity in every room, so I am a movable blogger, occupying a suitable place to register my thoughts.

I have more problems with sorting the routine. I do not have time for blogging in the morning. There are other jobs to be done. During breakfast, when I tend to cover my keyboard with milk stains from the cereal, I check what happened through the night. Whilst I am sleeping my blogging colleagues in other time zones are putting their thoughts to the computer and writing their contributions. I also receive e-mails. Yes, there are people that communicate with me, mostly Facebook notifications and WordPress messages to tell me someone has written on your wall. After cleaning the apartment, removing the traces of the evening before, I enter the bathroom, to remove the remains of breakfast from my teeth and other such routine jobs.

I am now ready to go and I go shopping. There has been no time for blogging and when I return from the hunt in the supermarket it is time to cook. I am now exhausted and after a cup of tea and some chocolate I retire for a golden oldie midday sleep.

Now the creative work begins, but today with a difference. My garden needed some attention. Despite my painful back this week, I was stupid enough to clear a bed of lilly of the valley. It begun with two or three plants, they began growing with no warning. I found them very pretty and after a year they had doubled in number. This was some years ago, and I realised they were slowly but surely taking over, doubling annually. I am sure they were becoming competition for a Triffid (book: Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham, where they were rivalling the human species and wanted to take over the world). OK, I uprooted them and only a few stalks remained. I then realised that before planting something new, the hedge had to be trimmed. I did this in a few spare moments this morning, whilst Mr. Swiss was on a safari in the local shops. Now the scene was set, and before putting my prize suspicious blog into action I transplanted a sage plant which was overgrowing its allotted space, and two pots of Gallardia filling the now empty space.

To ensure success, I applied water from the hose. Unfortunately this slipped out of my hand and I had my second shower of the day. I also managed to drench one of the sun beds and it was then Mr. Swiss asked “What happened” as my exclamations of surprise were bordering on profanities. Now the job was done, I washed my hands, tidied the mess up (with the assistance from Mr. Swiss who found when I have backache I should not do this sort of work) and I am now sitting outside on the porch typing these words of wisdom.

Who needs a café, a phone or a desk? I am surrounded by nature and I have my iPhone nearby if there would be an emergency.

I will now read this super blog entry, for the rare case that I might make some typing errors, and upload it into the cyberworld of WordPress. Relax and take it easy on your week-end and if you are bored then join in with me wherever you are and blog.

Daily Prompt: Writing space – no problem

10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Writing Space – no problem

    • Sorry to disappoint but this is the village of Welschenrohr, just behind the first range of the Jura mountains, about 30 minutes to drive because we have to go round the mountain instead of through it. On the other hand, all the villages in this area are similar, mine too. A mountain in the background and houses in front. Our little village of Feldbrunnen is similar.
      View towards Jura from front garden


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