Daily Prompt: Flavour #32 – Eat it at your own risk

A local ice cream parlor invites you to create a new wacky flavor. It needs to channel the very essence of your personality. What’s in it?

Gösgen Nuclear Power Plant through train window

Yesterday I got a body part vending machine and today they are creating an ice cream flavour to suit my personality. Oh, the delights of a WordPress Daily Prompt. I am sure that when the end of the week-end arrives, I will be designing my own t-shirt, size XXL with the WordPress icon.

Now to the ice-cream flavour: this will be something new and explosive, I am sure. The photo is a photo-shopped version of our local nuclear power plant in Gösgen taking from the train window as I was passing by. This is an iconic monument, known to all in the area. If you are lucky enough to live in the village, there is a permanent cloud day and night and it might be that the sun is not visible now and again, but it is still there. The people living in the area look just like you and me. Up to now no two headed specimens have been found with twelve fingers on each hand and foot. It seems that radioactivity is not so bad, and the authorities assure us that it is not dangerous. It is only steam that you see escaping through the mega chimney. Oh, the pleasures of nuclear power.

The flavours surrounding my perfect personality vary, they are not predictable and are according to my mood.

My ice cream flavour could be dynamic, with a hint of something not definable, according to the time of day and mood. Sometimes it could be very sweet, dripping with syrupy flavours. That is when I am in a good mood and my Pulitzer prize and WordPress t-shirt are appearing on the horizon. Everything is fine, the Daily Prompt is to my taste, and so the flavour of the ice cream will respond accordingly.

There are moments when the ice cream flavour could be called “explosive”. This is generally when I do not know what to write, inspiration fails me and my cooked 5-star menu at lunch time did not arrive on the table in its usual perfect quality. Perhaps the meat was burnt, too much salt in the vegetables and worst case scenery, the pasta was overcooked, each string of spaghetti sticking to its neighbour. I would not recommend to buy an ice cream from the local ice cream parlour with the flavour “Angloswiss cream dreams” on such a day.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention it, the patented name of this ice cream variety will, of course, be named after I, me and myself. On a day when I am busy hovering rooms, cleaning windows, and general stress, the flavour would perhaps have a hint, just a hint, of lemon juice, a sharp warning tang to only buy a mini version. The deluxe size could become a little overpowering and towards the end of the day, very bitter.

Today is a good day to select an ice cream. The flavour is quite balanced and you will survive. It is one of those relaxed summer days outside on the porch, although I can hear the famer with his tractor in the distance. Perhaps it would be better to avoid my flavour of the day, it might have a slight taste of gas when it slips down your throat.

It also arrives with various fruit flavours. Red is not always red and sometimes it might contain belladonna. They are my bad days, when I have not slept very well and have a yearn to kill someone or something. Perhaps one of my fantastic blogs has been turned down (again?) by the Nobel prize committee. There is no justice in this world. I would choose a vanilla day. It is my favourite flavour  and is calming to the taste buds, but beware if a slight spot of red is in the middle. It might be a bad day, and the red spot will expand and conquer the complete ice cream.

Oh, come one, just forget it. Buying an Anglo Swiss Cream Dream might not be such a good idea.  I have an unpredictable character and so is my ice cream flavour. See you at the mortuary on the flip side, and do not forget, tomorrow you can buy two for the price of one. We are having a garage sale of ice cream.

Daily Prompt: Flavour #32 – Eat it at your own risk

10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Flavour #32 – Eat it at your own risk

  1. We have a lot of nuclear plants around here, carefully hidden by trees and parks. Probably that’s what turned me into an ice cream cone. Or maybe it was WordPress. I remember at one point I was also a sandwich, so why not? What’s next? Stew?


  2. Laughing in happy glee —- Love the response Pat! What a brilliant name – be sure to trademark it in a hurry “Angloswiss Cream Dreams” —- what potential for a world of the unknown in every lick, bite or drip.

    I’d venture a taste – perhaps just a spoon, most every day 😉


    • Depends in what sort of mood I am in. My ice cream is something like The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde, each time you take a bite, the flavour changes – it might leave a strange taste behind it.


      • That’s okay — variety is the spice of life – as for after tastes – well, sometimes it’s just the reminder we need ;0


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