Daily Prompt: Instant Celebrity – The Supermarket Blogger

If you could be a famous person for a day, who would you be? Why?


I am famous, and not for just a day, but every time when I am seen. Here is one of my signature photos taking during a shopping excursion in the local supermarket. Notice the space I occupy to enable me to develop my full shopping possibilities. People form a corridor when I appear. I have a triumphant smile on my face, after having conquered the competition of fellow shoppers. I stand there with a full trolley, packed with my hunting trophies. What other female could reach such heights.

Yes, they know me and recognise my talents in this temple of buying. I am someone.

“Good morning Mrs. Angloswiss, can I help you?” and so the experience begins. Mr. Swiss is pushed into the background, he is just a supporting figure, it is me they want to see and my money.

Why should I be someone else? What does Madonna have that I do not have? OK, she has blond hair and changes her partners like a new dress, each one being younger than the last. Is that the essence of being famous? My hair changed colour and I did not even have to do it myself, it just happened. Mr. Swiss does not even want to have a wife like Madonna, he finds it would be too much stress at his age. He is happy with me, with my personality and my cooking talents, although he almost succeeded me on the list of fame by producing an excellent Apricot flan (I think I blogged about that a few days ago). Was I jealous? No, of course not, I cannot be the centre of attention all the time. I must leave space for others, for a comparison, that people are really convinced I am perfect and celebrate my fame.

I have not yet been recognised by the Pulitzer or Nobel for my Blogging talents, but I think they do this on purpose, to encourage even more, to allow me to perfect my blogs to even a higher standard and one day I am sure I will be given the T-shirt of the year as a reward for being a celebrity.

By the way, I do this daily prompt thing every day. I exercise my brain cells, endeavouring to bring something completely different and spend at least half an hour daily writing and creating, not to mention the posting and artistic design. I visit my fellow bloggers regularly to see what great works they are accomplishing. We all have a different approach to the subject and that is what makes the art of blog so interesting. Just a shy commentary: I have noticed that some of the blogs appearing daily are from the same bloggers, reposting what they are posting all the time. Perhaps they can increase their “like” results with this concept. I am not complaining, just finding it a shame that they are not able to bring something new and original. I have noticed who they are, and now avoid their blogs. I have a total of 1,173 blogs on my site currently and each one an original, with perhaps one or two exceptions.

At the beginning I was using WordPress as a backup to my Multiply site, just posting stories and fiction. Multiply collapsed and I shifted permanently to WordPress and have never regretted it since, although I have been known to criticise – a woman’s prerogative. It was then I discovered the prompts and other interesting choices.

Being myself is enough reward, I am famous at home amongst my felines and Mr. Swiss, RIP Nera, but Tabby, Nera’s litter sister, tells me she is doing well in the eternal corn chambers and holds the record for mice hunting somewhere over that Rainbow Bridge. She finds the food is much more variety and no longer those eternal vitamin pellets that Mrs. Human was feeding her.

And now time to do something completely different. To maintain the fame of my garden, I now have to plant a few flowers. See you all tomorrow on the flip side with another original, famous blog.

Daily Prompt: Instant Celebrity – The Supermarket Blogger

32 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Instant Celebrity – The Supermarket Blogger

  1. I was so sorry to read of Nera’s passing. My life has been going high speed, and I am a behind on keeping up with my favorite blogs. She was a helluva feline. Sending good vibes your way.


  2. Love your paparazzi shot of you at the grocery store!

    I’m so sorry to hear about Nera’s passing. Am glad to know that she holds the record for mice hunting over the Rainbow Bridge.


    • That was a Mr. Swiss paparazzi shot. Nera was getting slower with the years, although she was not so old, just over 12 years, but I think she had weight problems.


  3. I have passed the grocery torch to my husband who is also the God of the dogs. I reign as Deity of All Things Technical — the resolver of glitches and software anomalies … a title for which there is zero competition. As recently as last night, I rebooted the televisions and DVR boxes, got the wireless headphones and Rokus to reconnect in two rooms and had everything working to perfect before Mr. Husband made it out of the bathroom. That’s power!! If I ain’t famous, why not? Huh?


    • Great – we expect a delivery of a flat pack large table for the porch on Friday, will you be in the vicinity. Mr. Swiss might need some help. I will be on a shopping trip.


  4. You do have unique & interesting posts Mrs. AngloSwiss :-). I find myself drawn to reading the adventures of you, Mr. AngloSwiss, and the Felines of the family. RIP to Miss Nera.


    • These things are always interesting after they happen. During the happening they can sometimes be quite stressfull. I think blogging helps me to work off the strain.


      • Most definitely agree. Blogging is good for relieving stress of daily (head shaking) happenings…. And who knows, perhaps one day it could lead to a famous (or infamous) book 😉


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  9. Yes you are a work of art. I was reading this with my husband who seemed confused about your hair change mention; he wasn’t fully paying attention to me. After explaining it to him, he had a ‘duhh’ moment. This post certainly made me smile and chuckle. I kind of figured you would respond as such, but was still pleasantly surprised.


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  12. Not only do I like your sense of humour but I am inspired by your commitment to doing a daily prompt post. I am mid-move at the moment so even the idea of that kind of schedule is overwhelming but when I am settled, I think I am going to try and keep up with you. : )


  13. Ha! love the shopping part of your essay, especially. So funny. I always appreciate seeing the message each day that you have liked what I have written. It is like the assurance of a (new) old friend. Thank you for this. If you read today’s blog before my friend wrote his answer to it, please read it again. His answer is hilarious–better than my original blog! I loved his making a conversation of it. oxox Judy


  14. Thank you for liking my blog, it permits me to rediscover the British humour, indulgent collection, of the Tatin, and the Swiss chocolate, subtitle tastes combined


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