Daily Prompt: Unsafe Containers or how I cope with life’s small problems

Which emotion(s) — joy, envy, rage, pity, or something else — do you find to be the hardest to contain?

Oh dear!

Things just happen sometimes and it is beyond control. I really did not break those eggs on purpose, just one of those little accidents that come to test us. It was not a weak moment where there were misunderstandings and I decided to throw a few eggs at someone. Of course, emotions were a little high afterwards. Eggs are a precious commodity and I was glad I did not have to confess to the chicken that laid them that I killed her children. Let us blame it on the packing, or perhaps how I put them into the shopping bag underneath a three kilo bag of potatoes.

I do not have emotions that are hardest to contain, I just have emotions. In spite of what people say, I am human now and again. I might sometimes get a little excited if things do not go my way, but as age creeps up on me, I tend to stop listening, just shut up and let the others enjoy the big excitement.

My biggest problem is with my felines, they never listen. I now have a renovated garden in the style of Capability Brown who had the reputation of being England’s greatest landscape designer. We had the lawn removed, which was more moss than grass and replaced with an artistic design of stones and gravel, tone in tone. It resembles something from an ideal home magazine. My felines also appreciated the new look and roll on the ground in fits of delight. In the centre of this new look I have a butterfly bush which really sets the style. The morning after the planting ceremony I discovered a small pile of earth spreading over three surrounding stones next to the bush. I brushed it away and decided some sort of midnight animal probably did some exploring. The next day the pile of earth appeared again. Mr. Swiss and I were confused, until by chance Mr. Swiss was on an inspection tour and he saw Tabby, one of our felines, carefully brushing earth onto the stones. The culprit was found. Later Tabby was there again, this time not brushing earth on the stones, but sitting on the earth surrounding my pièce de résistance butterfly bush. She seemed to be meditating, so I thought. Just a minute, felines do not meditate; they never do anything without a reason. Tabby arose and carefully brushed fresh earth over the place where she had been meditating, some of it arriving on the surrounding stones. She had discovered a new toilet facility, it was clear. This is frustrating. You can talk about controlling your emotions, but how do you explain to a feline that we did not redesign our garden, for the benefit of an improved feline WC. These are the small things in life that come to try us, to prove whether we have control over our emotions. Before I could express my anger to Tabby, she moved on to another place.

To return to me, after all it all about I, me and myself, I do tend to get a little loud when excited, angry or even amused, which is quite a good situation as people become confused and cannot judge my mood. I have never really made a study of why or how, it just happens. I am determined not to lose control the next time and remain calm; sometimes I might succeed and sometimes I am too busy to bother. A very good cure is to ignore what it happening in your surroundings and write a blog. Writing a blog is quite good for my state of emotion; I see no-one, hear no-one and ignore generally what is happening. I hope that the apartment does not burn down, or we have a robbery, whilst I am concentrating on my blog.

I would now like to add a few words in my own thing. Since the great new look, I discovered how to send pingbacks again similar to the old style. I am often asked how do you do it, how can I do it? Today I decided my last pingbacks (except for my own for the great grid) were made yesterday. Some bloggers do not like them, some ignore them, and some shut the pingback door on their web site. There exist even some unsafe containers in connection with the pingback situation. Each time I make a pingback I have to copy/paste the link of the blog into a list, modify the list to make it web-worthy and add it to my blog: not only once but at least three times during the day to update. It is not worth the time spent. At the same time, time permitting, I read the entries of my other daily prompt fellow bloggers and generally donate a like to show that we are not alone in the blogging world. I will continue to read the other blogs and continue to deposit likes, but my pingbacks no longer exist. No-one likes them in the WordPress staff, and one day they will probably be sent to the happy pingback hunting grounds.

I spent an hour Tai Chiing this afternoon, and now time for a relaxing moment. See you all tomorrow, same time, same place (if my computer is not victim of a pingback revenge situation).

Daily Prompt: Unsafe Continers or how I cope with Life’s small Problems


9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Unsafe Containers or how I cope with life’s small problems

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  3. Well I kinda personally like pingbacks, but what do I know? I don’t make it to every prompt, but I enjoy participating when the prompt is right. Your garden sounds lovely. We must have pictures, yes? 😀


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