The Return of the Firebugs


I was on an inspection tour of the garden and heard quite a commotion.

“Hey human, be careful where you tread. We only arrived today and are getting used to things. “

Then I saw them, a whole bunch of little Firebugs.

“Well you are a bunch of sweet little things. Do you mind if I take a photo.”

“You mean a photo that everyone can see, a real Kindergarten photo. Oh yes, that would be nice. When we are older and get our nice black patterns you can reflect on how we were when we were fresh and ready to go.”

“Don’t you feel a little abandoned, all on your own, with no mummy and daddy to look after you.?”

“No, we are born with instinct and do not need anyone to tell us what to do. We stick together and follow our neighbour. Our parents are not so far away and are keeping a watch over us. Who would want to hurt a baby firebug? We are just doing our thing.”

“What is your thing.?”

“We eat seeds and sleep at the moment and sometimes we meditate.”

“You meditate?”

“Yes, about life and the preservation of the species. We are many brothers a sisters, and when we grow up we will be mummies and daddies and have children. We might only be here for a year or two but that’s the way the cookie seed crumbles as we say in firebug talk.

“Is this human bothering you children” and a parent Firebug arrived.

“No, not at all dads, she is taking our photo and was wondering why we were alone.”

“A firebug is never alone” said the parent “ we live in groups and now leave our children to grow up. After walking around with my wife for three days to ensure the future generation, we parents need some peace and quiet. “

“I must admit I had seen them doing their firebug dance over the past few weeks in the garden and now the babies had arrived. When I looked further I saw the parents having a rest between the stones. I decided to leave them to do their firebug thing.


8 thoughts on “The Return of the Firebugs

  1. We don’t (as far as I know) have those particular insects here. What garden plants do THEY destroy? We have a fair number of bugs, slugs, ants and fungi — and each has favorites plants Then there are skunks who eat bulbs and the deer and bunnies who will eat anything green. It’s remarkable we have garden survivors at all! Those LOOK like garden chewers!


    • They just eat tree seeds usually, are not a pest. Their favourite are linden trees, they gather around the roots in masses, but keep themselves to themselves and are not a pest. We have no skunks in Europe roaming around, they are usually in the zoo, and the deer and bunnies stay out in the country.


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