Daily Prompt: Unexpected Guests and unexpected WordPress Problems

You walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake. Tell us what happens next.

Sour strings

Felines who are these two strange people sitting in the living room eating a plate of sour strings?”

“Mrs. Human we just served them what we had. They did not want vitamin enriched feline pellet food, but we found something that looked like spaghetti.”

“They are sour strings I was given as an introductory offer in the supermarket. And now to the unknown visitors. To what do I owe the honour. I have no debts, did not commit a robbery or murder and have a clean vest, so what are you doing in my living room eating a plate of sour strings.?”

“May we introduce ourselves first of all. I am King Moriaty, responsible for the smooth running of the WordPress blogging site, of which you are a member, and this is my assistant, Morticia Dramaqueen. We believe now and again you have problems and we decided to pay a personal visit to iron things out.”

I noticed that Morticia Dramaqueen was chewing on a sour string which seemed to transform her face into something resembling a lemon drop and giving quite a sour expression, or perhaps she always had a sour expression.

“Felines fetch the cake I baked this morning. I really cannot give my treasured guests sour strings, after all they are from WordPress to solve my problems.”

“Yes, in connection with these so-called problems Mrs. Angloswiss” King Moriaty spoke “I am sure it is just a matter of your approach. As you know we had an old-fashioned pingback list which has now been substituted by our super grid system. You know our grid system? All the various contributions have their own little box, just like a building brick, with its own little title and the name of the author. So much more civilised than the list.”

“But Mr. King Moriaty, this is my problem. It does not work all the time, just now and again. It was so much more customer friendly before the new great improved system that no-one really understands. I was given an URL to connect to the Reader to find the information I needed to link up to my colleague’s blogs, which is very inconvenient and takes time to find what I need.”

“As I said Mrs. Angloswiss, I and my assistant are doing our best to improve the quality of our blogging system. Perhaps it is just a matter of adapting to our high tech system, but with time I am sure you will understand the advanced technology we are using.”

“But what about all the other bloggers that are having the same problems?”

“These are not problems Mrs. Angloswiss, just a misunderstanding.”

“OK, so when can I expect the system to function as it used to, with efficiency and simplicity.”

“It is functioning now in this way, just a matter of time to clear up a few little details. In the meanwhile……

“Here is the cake Mrs. Angloswiss” and Tabby and Nera appeared pushing two plates of freshly baked cake with their noses.”

“Tabby, Nera, you know what. Return the cake to the kitchen. Both Mr. King Moriaty and Morticia Dramaqueen prefer to stay with their sour strings, it appeals more to their taste. Oh are you leaving, what a shame, just as we were getting down to sorting the current WordPress Daily Prompt problems.”

They seemed to be in a hurry to leave, but I am sure things will be back to normal tomorrow on the Daily Prompt, or the day after, or perhaps next week.

Daily Prompt: Unexpected Guests and unexpected WordPress Problems

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15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Unexpected Guests and unexpected WordPress Problems

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  2. Yes, this is a good way of complaining. I like it, perhaps when I have a problem, I shall do it in a more civilized way–this way. I enjoyed it and hope to see the Daily Prompt back up and running.
    Happy Writing, and good luck to the fixers at WordPress….


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  4. LOL I would love to see this post Freshly Pressed. Hope you get chance to visit me at my new blog Mrs. Angloswiss – this is Frances D formerly of Far from Done now blogging at Just a Journaler. Waving at you from across the big water. Give the kitties a pat for me.


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  6. I’m so glad they didn’t say they weren’t problems but opportunities. When I hear that I want to throw sour strings! 🙂


  7. P.S. If they stop by again, tell them I always steal pingbacks from you. I’d like not to commit such flagrant acts of laziness and ignorance…


  8. Pingback: Eating Cake In The Breakfast Niche | Prairie Views

    • Could well be, but it is just a prompt and not a law, so let’s have fun. I noticed on my forum remark that it has now developed into a conversation between the member of the staff who solves (is solving) the problem and the lady who is working on the forum site. All inside stuff, so I just let them get on with it now and hope that the problem is no longer a problem.


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