The Daily Prompt 18.05.2014 – the demon’s return

Is it me, is the revenge of the daily prompt demon again active, or perhaps I am imagining it. We have no entries it seems, so I sent a little message on the forum to remind them to do something.

I will write something, although I must say I am not so inspired by today’s prompt, as I write in my own style and that gives me enough problems. Nevertheless, I will carry on regardless and see if something might happen.

Oh, and here is the link to my forum complaint, in case anyone else wishes to add on to it. Naturally I reminded them that today it is not working again

Daily Prompt Bug for 18.05.2014, 15.05 and 08.05.2014- A Form of Flattery – the demon’s return

7 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt 18.05.2014 – the demon’s return

    • Thanks for your support on the forum, very well said. It is most annoying. I have written my contribution for today and am holding it until something might work. I always do a cross posting in Blogger just to be sure. There was no problem in blogger of course. I will now do half an hour Tai Chi to calm my nerves.


    • At the moment there is not a lot to laugh at unfortunately as the new great grid system has broken down again and I cannot see what others have posted, but thanks for the comment, a bright spot in a dull blogging moment.


    • The e-mail was never a problem for me as I have the link to the daily prompt, but the problem is that I see nothing, just a 0. No other postings and mine does not post. I do not seem to be alone, although others seem to be OK, although the pingbacks today are not good, they are old pingbacks to old postings from last year. something is not correct.. It is irritating and annoying.


  1. I have been reading the forum. Very well said. I don’t understand why they cannot simply admit there is a glitch they have to solve. Let’s see what will happen tomorrow. I didn’t participate because today I didn’t write. It was late when I discovered that we were again with “0 responses” to the daily prompt. But I agree with you. They have to fix that glitch or people will give up.


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