Daily Prompt: It’s My Party but I will only be there as an Observer

You’re throwing a party — for you! Tell us all about the food, drink, events, and party favours you’ll have for your event of a lifetime. Use any theme you like — it’s *your* party!

White Lily

A party? for me: no, I do not think so, I fall asleep at most parties. It is too strenuous for my advanced years. Everyone is drinking and I only drink mineral water or tea. Then we have the smokers, and smoke gets in my eyes, up my nose and in the surroundings. Reading this, I must be a real misery guts, no fun. Of course I like a plate of food, but who organises it all – me, because it is my party. Your guests must be entertained, so there will be music, dancing and fun. I hope the neighbours do not complain about the noise. As far as the dancing is concerned, that might have been ten years ago, but my bones and muscles refuse to move with the rhythm today. We will all have fun I hope, but reading through what I have written up to now I very much doubt it. I have the solution.

One day I will breathe my last breath, I will no longer exist and annoy everyone with my loud voice, my boring life style and of course my daily prompts, the gifts I will leave behind me for the world. I might be posthumously discovered and a plaque erected on the WordPress Wall of Fame, although after my remarks about the Great New Look and the Missing Pingbacks, it might be that they would prefer to shovel a few unlike clicks over my name and remove the famous “Angloswiss” trademark to the forgotten ones, although they will probably still be automatically collecting my annual fee for a dot com web address. I must remember to tell Mr. Swiss or my son to cancel my subscription should I pass onto the happy blog hunting grounds.

As I am a dismal miserable person, allergic to all sorts of parties I have decided that when I am gone I will stipulate that my passing should not be a sad occasion, after all many will be glad to have a daily blog less to read. No, we should have a party and celebrate: so park the coffin in the corner, spread a tablecloth over the lid, to prevent alcohol and food stains, and let’s party, or let you all party. I will not physically take part in the action, will just be watching from a spider’s web in the corner (you never know, I might be reincarnated) to see that everyone is having fun.

You can tell stories about the departed (me) and how she was a modest writer, never praising her own fantastic wonderful blogs, and never being disappointed that she was not awarded the Pultzer or Nobel prize for her great and unforgettable works of literature. Reminiscences will be revived of how she always made a point of pinging back to her fellow bloggers, until that fateful day when WordPress decided to stop the fun and design a clean graphic grid to spread uncertainty and disillusion amongst the fellow bloggers. Memories will be exchanged of my efforts to conquer this anti-social WordPress behaviour and a praise will be told of how I cut through the grid and discovered how to pingback, yes it was resurrected to a new and wonderful start.

Ok, I am now carried away, we are celebrating my death with a party and not that of the great new look. Have fun everyone, and please be careful not to spill the beer or empty the potato chip packet into the coffin. I would like to have a comfortable resting place. You know how disturbing eating biscuits or sandwiches in bed can be when the crumbs remain in the folds of the sheets. The same effect is achieved between the silky layers inside the coffin. On the other hand, to be practical give me a cremation after the party and the party remains will just be incinerated.

When the party is finished, you can pass the hat around. I will not be there to pay the bill. Not only am I miserable, but mean.

Daily Prompt: It’s My Party, but I will only be there as an Observer


29 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: It’s My Party but I will only be there as an Observer

  1. This morning, even thinking about the WORD party gave me a migraine. You are so dedicated and I’m so impressed!! I’ll come to your party (or anything hosted by your felines!) anytime. I’m not counting on a great funeral. Who knows who’ll still be alive by then?

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  2. Eating food is the best part lol. I’ve never wanted to throw a party. Its just too much hassle! I’d prefer a nice meal out with my loved ones 🙂


    • I did not get them back, I did it all by myself. Some years ago I learnt how to do web sites (web assistant) and I used the details I had learnt. I did it in computer language (html), which meant that I visited each blog, and copied the address of the post. I listed them in a word doc. At the end of each web address I did an empty space and a new line and continued until I had a list. I then copied them into my blog and edited my blog. I switched to the text page and in between > and < I cancelled the http:// bit and afterwards I had the list. This part of the web address is the part that shows the text you want to be shown. This is how I do it, but it helps if you have a knowledge of html.


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  4. What else can we think? At our age, and I assume I’m even older, that’s the final party to look forward to. Not that we will be able to enjoy. Nice writing. A bit morbid but facts are facts! Right?


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  6. You are far too young to be talking like this! Not that I have anything against dying, but just not yet!
    Mrs. AngloSwiss, I didn’t ever understand the pingback system, and am so grateful that they no longer happen!
    A comment is so much more satisfying, and to read the dailyposts now seems so much easier.
    Sorry to disagree with you, as I love your writing, but just not the pingback business.


    • I just liked to leave my calling card and something has happened. During the time when I could not pingback, traffic decreased on my site and others, to a considerable amount. I am not saying I do it for that reason, but it was a fact. I have more contact now with fellow bloggers, some have thanked me for pingbacking and conversations arise. I like to get to know the people behind the blogs. but no problem, we all develop our own system. It is also an advantage that people no wishing to receive pingbacks, can just do a click somewhere and they do not receive them and that way you are not annoying people.


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  9. Great post. No drinking, no smoking, only food made by you, no loud music, That’s Ok, It’s your party. A party can be anything you want it to be. How about a tea party, Do you like bakery goods? What is your idea of fun?

    I still don’t get the pingbacks, but I’m working on it.


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