Daily Prompt: The Wanderer, the Experience of an Undead Lifetime

Tell us about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit. GO!

Birds in flight

I never really always wanted to visit anywhere. If the journey is booked and paid for, then I am with you, who cares where. I no longer wander, I take it easy, mainly with a plane, perhaps a train and just walking the little bit to the beach, a museum or the hotel (after leaving the taxi).

I was having a look at the world and the newspaper and discovered that nowhere is safe, too many riots, wars and disagreements. I then found an interesting holiday in Transylvania, you know the birthplace of Vlad Tepes, the Impaler, who was Price of Wallachia, belonging to the house of Draculesti – need I say more. Anyhow, being that this Vlad person really existed he must have left a few handy graves behind him bearing some vampire descendants. So where is Transylvania? It seems to be mainly in Romania, bordered on the East and South by the Carpathian mountains. Sounds quite a nice place, you can go mountain climbing, visit the quaint little villages where all the doors are garnished with garlic for some reason or another, and of course visit the local churches, although all this during the day. It seems in the evening it is not such a hospitable place to be, and there are reports that there is quite a bit of action in the graveyards. The sounds of fingers tearing at the covering layer of earth, the flapping of wings which are actually black cloaked vampires taking a night flight. Excitement is guaranteed, and you might even be transported into another world (never to return).

If you really want to experience the true flavour of Transylvannia, something completely different, then you should reserve the night for your visit. You might be lucky and see the boss himself, who is always there, never dies. I am sure he would be only be too happy to take you on a visit of the family tombs. It seems if you choose the right evening, usually by full moon, there is quite a party going on. The blood is flowing in gallons and you will be warmly invited to partake, although it is recommended to take out an insurance for any unexpected accidents that might occur.

Accommodation is included in the price. There two sorts of coffin. The most expensive are those padded with velvet and silk with a lock you can open yourself from the inside with its own burlal crypt. These are generally recommended as they are risk free and it is guaranteed that you awake in the evening. Yes the days are a little different on this holiday experience. Daylight sleeping is recommended, to enable the full enjoyment of the nocturnal festivities.

For the backpackers, there is a cheaper version. A plain wooden coffin, closed by nails when you are ready to sleep, but do not worry. For emergencies there is a stake and hammer nearby in the case that one of the local vampires might be hungry. There are even instructions for usage of the stake. Place the stake over the vampire’s heart and hit with the hammer. This ensures the disintegration of the vampire, although I would add this must be done just before dusk. Once the night is upon you, I am afraid your chances are almost nil.

I would add this is not the sort of holiday for taking photographs. Vampires have no reflection in mirrors and they are even invisible to the camera lens, although it seems there are plenty of wolves in the area, if you are a fan of nature photos.

I am sure if when you return from this holiday you will be the envy of all your friends and neighbours. I have heard rumours that many, especially those who took the backpacker choice, experience a certain allergy to day light afterwards, and tend to wander the streets at night searching for human company.

Some visitors to this wonderful, unforgettable region never return. There is something that holds them in the area, the atmosphere perhaps, the food, or just the companionship of the inhabitants.

Who needs five places, if you visit Transylvania, just one place is sufficient. It will never let you go, and the memory will remain for the rest of your undead life.

Daily Prompt: The Wanderer, The Experience of an Undead Lifetime

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Wanderer, the Experience of an Undead Lifetime

  1. Until I get a lot richer … or someone FINALLY make a function transporter … if we can’t get there in our own car we aren’t going. Or maybe not. Transylvania? Eternal life and all I have to do is suck blood? Hey, I’ve had worse prognoses.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m with you on this one. It’s car or nuthin’. Maybe train… but I prefer car. And I drive. 😛


  2. I wouldn’t like to go to a place where I’ll reside in a coffin padded or not ,reading about it scares the life out of me.No thanks to Transylvania.


  3. I am so there! Sounds excellent. Think I had better go alone, as I suspect that my constant evil laugh would get very annoying to travel companions, very quickly,


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