Daily Prompt: You Sexy Thing

Tell us all about your best confidence outfit. Don’t leave out the shoes or the perfect accessories.

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This afternoon I was let out to attend my Tai Chi practice. As I go by car, I usually go as I do my Tai Chi with my sexy black trousers and sexy t-shirt. I was wearing my Spring jacket and a pair of nice flat comfortable shoes to match. My hair was neat and tidy, with a few centimetres length it does not really get windblown.

“How do I look” I asked Mr. Swiss, his opinion is always important.

“All right” he answered. I checked – was he looking at me? Of course, at least I think so.

The last time I was dressed to kill was a little more than a year ago, my step daughter got married and we were invited to the wedding reception. It was actually a casual thing, men were not required to wear a tie, but men always have it easy. A decent shirt and trousers and jacket and they are dressed and if casual, even better. No fancy stuff, but it does not take a lot of energy to dress decent: we women have problems, at least I do.

Oh, horror, I really had nothing to wear. I live in the country and my only excursions were to go hunting for food supplies for the family in the local supermarket. Dressing for the supermarket was quite easy, jeans, t-shirt and a jacket according to the temperatures. No big deal really, and new clothes were bought when the others shrunk or the figure expanded, which was more the second case.

My step daughter is in the boutique business, so a distraught step mother phoned and asked what the chances were of buying something to kill wear. No problem, and I was promptly invited to a day out in distant Zürich to visit the wholesalers as she had to do some shopping for her boutique. I arrived safely, dressed in my normal going out dress of jeans and my nicest blouse. The jeans were this time black (my dress colour). My stepdaughter has good taste and knew what would be ideal for mummy Pat. Unfortunately sizes were not mummy Pat sizes, but we were successful and one pair of modern trousers actually existed in my size. The rest seemed to be made for people with model sizes on the cat walk, you know tall, bony and flat. I am tall, and everything else exists only in my dreams. We did find a nice black jacket in the outlet shop my step had, one of those places with things that do not sell well because of strange sizes.

The photo shows one of these shops where there was no danger incurred of trying things twenty times until you might find something that fits. It was specialised in fashion jewellery and handbags. Actually I was not hunting for a handbag, but step daughter found a bag that would be super, take it. It was a very modern blue colour and I must admit it was very nice. Not really something for a wedding reception, but step daughter said “you must have it” and so I did. This was a year ago but I am still gathering compliments when I use it. It was a shoulder bag similar to the blue bag at the front of the picture on the right hand side.

Eventually I bought a matching blouse at a shop in our local town, specialised in oversize sizes. It was ideal and probably made with elefant woman in mind. I was ready for the occasion, and breathed a sigh of relief. I could show myself again in public. Mr. Swiss was also dressed nicely, but somehow he did not seem to have so many problems putting his wardrobe together. Are men better organised, or is it just a woman thing. I even squeezed my feet into higher heels and as I was mainly sitting and not walking so much, there was no problem with moving.

My best confidence outfit is something in the line of athletic shoes, Adidas, Puma, Nike, I do not care about the name, they just have to be comfortable. This usually combined with jeans and a t-shirt and I am ready to show myself in public. I notice with the years that not only the clothes sizes increase, but also feet sizes. I used to be able to squeeze my dainty fairy feet into a size 40 (European sizes), but I can be lucky today if size 43 fits. Are they making shoes smaller, or are my feet stretching? I do chance a fashionable shoe now and again (flat), but have discovered that I now have to insert a support inside at the heel to make my feet look less flatter than they actually are. Of course high heels are now out, with my 1m 75 it is not recommended. Thank goodness my sons are taller than I am. With luck I will shrink in my old age, most people do.

All this talk about confidence outfit is silly in any case. I am brimming over with confidence and do not need an outfit to compensate. My voice and my aura prove it. I suppose I do stand out in the crowd (with my adidas and t-shirt). Of course I also have a home dress, I am sure most of us do. Something nice and loose, comfortable and in summer I even wear shorts (but only at home). My outside dress more in the Capri trouser line of things (if I find my size).

Just a small word to the improvements made on our daily prompt blogging page. Yes, we now have a page showing the daily prompts as they arrive http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/ for those that has not yet found it. Things are looking up. One of my annoying complaints was answered and it seems pingbacks have now been enabled for weekly challenge and photo challenge. I am sure daily post is on the list for the next correction. Things can only get better.

Daily Prompt: You Sexy Thing

Sexy Pingbacks might arrive later

13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: You Sexy Thing

  1. I always love your take on the daily prompt and this was so spot on – confidence is sexy and you got that. Sometimes it’s all we need – well, maybe along with a shirt and jeans to complement it and not go streaking anywhere 🙂


  2. Right now, just being able to wear clothing is no small thing! I got a new pair of earrings today. Earrings always help.

    I am brimming over with insecurity. Is that a kind of reversed confidence?


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  5. Yep I do not know about feet and the size thing. You can do pings to other post by going to the new page and then right clicking on each post and picking copy address link and then copy to you post.


  6. I loved reading your post about,’You sexy Thing’ You do have a very unique style when you write it’s humorous and interesting.Thank you for the daily prompt address. I hope they don’t take too long to revive pingbacks.
    Best wishes to you.


    • I had a forum discussion and it seems that pingbacks as we knew them with copy paste will no longer exist. You will have to find the link to the posts yourself and add them to your post


      • Not going to play. That’s more work and time than I have at the moment. I hope people will just leave calling cards at my blog. I’m very happy to have them!


  7. Personally, I feel attractive in my Dead Kennedy’s logo t-shirt (since I will one day be one) and any khaki shorts I find. Flip-flops are good. I do not know but I imagine when I move to Colorado it will be more of the jeans and boots and Dead Kennedy’s logo sweatshirt. For those really great events I like red GAP jeans and a Dead Kennedy’s logo t-shirt. You see the trend here? After I retire, I will be able to wear my favorite fetching outfit much more often than I can now teaching at the university. On those really icky days when I don’t want to go to school and feel no confidence I wear the Dead Kennedy’s logo t-shirt under a fancy sweater. 🙂 http://marthakennedy.wordpress.com/2014/04/15/im-too-sexy-for-this-blog/


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