Daily Prompt: Have You Never Been Mellow

After a long day at work or school, what are your favorite ways to wind down and decompress?

Romford Cemetery

There is nothing more mellow making as a nice quiet walk over the cemetery. No excitement, no crowds, just peace with the world and a few crows that might be pecking around. The sun reflecting on a few grave stones and words telling you I was here and did it and now am here to stay, with a few stone angels looking on for good measure. Of course, the walk might be a little less mellow in the evening. Towards midnight it could get quite exciting, with all sorts of things happening, but probably just figments of the imagination.

Back to the normal realistic day of a golden oldie, I have no favourite ways of down winding or decompressing, I do not need them. I am cool most of the time. It might be that a little excitement occurs when cleaning the bathroom. I do not like cleaning the bathroom, wiping the tiles and giving everything the shining effect. However, as I do this job regularly, I now have it down to about forty minutes, leaving half an hour spare recuperating time laying on the bed, until the next job begins which would be cooking lunch. I am so downwinded and decompressed after my sleep that cooking a five star menu for Mr. Swiss and me is no problem. Even bacon and eggs become a culinary event. Just serve it with a smile on your face and all problems dissolve: the very essence of mellowness.

Today I did not have a very mellow time. Sometimes things happen that you do not really expect. Yes, WordPress has decided to rejuvenate its organisation. Change is always good; it breaks down the monotony and keeps the little grey cells working. Today my grey cells did overtime. I was no longer mellow just confused. With my strong will and perseverance I think I have now conquered this new system, although it was not broke, so did not have to be renewed really. I suppose these things have to be, to ensure that we all realise that the people on WordPress are not sleeping but fulfilling a hard task of work. I read about 10 different instructions on how to do a pingback. I never had a problem with pingbacks, but to be quite frank I find the new system long winded and complicated. With my gift of html, picked up on a web assistant course, and my Bill Gates lookalike talent, I am sure I will succeed.

My favourite way(s) of winding down and letting off steam would be taking it easy on a bed or on a comfortable chair. I would be reading my latest discovery in the book world. This varies from the supernatural, to an exciting detective novel, a murder story or just a nice cool spy story. It might be that my mind decides to take a rest from the words and thoughts and then my eyes slowly close and I drift off into a world of my own. After lunch I reach the peak of decompression, when I have my golden oldie midday sleep. From 13.00 hours until 15.00 hours I am in a world of sleep. I awake refreshed and ready to tackle my daily prompt, or perhaps a few housewife chores. That is the bliss of being retired – I can choose my next relaxation séance.

In my working days being mellow did not exist in my language. I came home, prepared the evening meal, afterwards sat in a chair and by 9.00 in the evening I was asleep. I never felt alone, as Mr. Swiss was sleeping in the chair next to mine. We were sharing our mellow moments with our eyes closed and probably snoring in unison.

I will now upload this devastating prompt and WordPress has assured me that my link will now be shown in a nice new style. Oh the excitement of the world of blog.

I just noticed that the new pingback style is rubbish, but I have done my best and with time hope to overcome the new stupid layout.

Daily Prompt: Have You Never Been Mellow

Mellow Pingbacks

15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Have You Never Been Mellow

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      • My first comment didn’t get through. I guess it was my snide remark about only showing positive responses in my second comment that compelled them to respond. 🙂 What did you say in your comment? (Expiring minds want to know)


  2. Yes, your link looked very pretty with the new layout (which I also was confused and frustrated by for the first few moments of navigating it). I like the picture you paint of snoring beside your Mr Swiss as you mellow together at the end of the day 🙂


  3. I have lost all my pingback friends except two, I didn’t know major renovation was taking place in the land of daily post. If you have conquered it, would you kindly let me know how this thing works now?
    I do not want to lose my friends. I’d always be grateful for helping me.


    • I am working on it, but have not yet found out how. I made a remark and they did not even approve it, so I made a second remark. Am wondering what will happen. It seems the pingback thing was forgotten and they are working on it.


  4. I’m also interested in the pingback thing. I’ll stay in touch. I like the way the links look in the new layout but I don’t like the orange color of the header. Anyway, I enjoyed your post and your description about how a working woman has not much time to decompress at the end of the day.


    • I made a remark to WordPress, my second try – they deleted the first one. So I made a more friendlier remark, and to me realistic. this got through and they said they know that the pingback thing is not so good and they are working on it.


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