Daily Prompt: Linger

Tell us about times in which you linger — when you don’t want an event, or a day to end. What is it you love about these times? Why do you wish you could linger forever?

Nera in the bathroom

Yes, there are times when a feline decides to linger in the wrong place.

“That is a matter of opinion Mrs. Human. I find this the right place. There is nothing so safe, so cooling to the feline fur than a bathroom and there is a constant supply of fresh water.”

“Nera we call that the toilet, it is not a feline water bowl.”

“Toilet does not exist in meow.”

“I know Nera, perhaps you could compare it to your feline tray for your recycling process.”

“But there is no clumping sand in this toilet thing, just permanent, fresh water, quality grand cru. Mrs. Human what are you doing, I don’t like that.”

“I am turning the taps on to show you another sort of fresh water to fill the bath.”

“Ok, I got the message, I will find a nice soft warm place to have a sleep. . This bathroom thing is not my taste, except for the toilet of course. I think I will stop my lingering here. The water from those bath taps is threatening. It comes from above which is OK, but collects at the bottom which is definitely not OK.”

And Nera left the bathroom to take a sleep outside on a chair.

Yet another prompt, where I wondered if I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Thank goodness for Nera who rescued me from telling half the world, at least half the WordPress population, my feelings towards lingering, where I like to linger, why I linger and what I might love about lingering.

I do not do lingering, never have and never will. The only place that comes near to a linger is my bed and I call that relaxing, sleeping, taking it easy. Being a golden oldie and not having to do anything, except for eat, drink and sleep and be a slave to three felines. Even in my younger days I was the Bionic woman, multi-tasking was my middle name. Changing diapers for babies, feeding the family, ensuring their clothes were clean and ironed and later when the kids decided to do their lingering somewhere else, earning money by becoming a working woman.

Some might say I linger a little too long on the computer, perhaps linger too much with a camera in my hand, and linger in the garden watching the flowers grow. That is a matter of interpretation. On the computer I try to interpret the daily prompt my way, because doing it the WordPress way is not my thing. I do not linger with the camera, but make a study of the object in question for my prize winning subject to enter for the Pulitzer Prize. Who was this Pulitzer bloke anyway? Found him in Wikipedia and discovered that he was swimming in money, hence the donation of a prize. One day it might even be mine. I am digressing. My lingering in the garden is combined with dirt under the finger nails and backache, but I survive.

So that is all I have to say about lingering. Every day I say I am not doing this prompt today, but I have a Daily Prompt addiction. That’s it! Tomorrow’s prompt will definitely be “Tell us about an addiction you have and how you decide to cure it.”

Daily Prompt: Linger

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20 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Linger

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  2. I’m always amazed that you so quickly (with entertaining thoughts and anecdotes) and consistently do such terrific writing on the daily prompts … your way … “What are you doing, Mrs. Human? I don’t like that.” said the Daily Prompt co-ordinator. Such fun to visit you every day!


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