Daily Prompt: If You Leave

Life is a series of beginnings and endings. We leave one job to start another; we quit cities, countries, or continents for a fresh start; we leave lovers and begin new relationships. What was the last thing you contemplated leaving? What were the pros and cons? Have you made up your mind? What will you choose?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CROSSROADS.

Hermit's House, Rüttenen

Anyone looking for a job? We have one going in one of the near villages. It is a cushy number and the lady that has been doing it for some time has decided to leave. Apparently she is leaving out of health reasons. The house was damp and she was bothered by a continuous row of visitors. The job? You would become the local hermit, living in a nice little cottage, but perhaps not so alone. I wrote a similar blog some years ago when a hermit left. They come and go. One had a shady reputation; there was talk of a criminal past. Perhaps he had helped himself to the cash box in the church.

These hermits just do not seem to have as much understanding and patience as they should. Of course they are not as alone as they want to be. What do you do when you know you have a hermit nearby? You take a look, and if it is in such a nice place, enclosed in a ravine between high cliffs where a stream runs through it, all the more for a pleasant Sunday afternoon walk. Unfortunately the lady that had the job (yes it was a female hermit) thought she would be living a quiet life. She did not expect people passing by on the path with their uncontrolled children shouting and doing things that kids do She was particularly  allergic to dog owners that were taking their four-legged friend for a walk and sometimes without the lead. The hound leapt into the secluse and probably found the garden an ideal place to bury something. The hermit lady was not happy.

There was also the problem with the constant weddings in the local churches belonging to the valley of the hermit: too much noise and excitement. It seems she looked after the churches very well and they were always in a good condition. She just preferred them empty.

Mr. Swiss told me this morning there was an article in the paper about it all. I found she would be better off in a convent, where she could have all the peace she wanted. Apparently she was already spending a day a week in a convent, but decided this was not the solution, so the hermit is leaving and there will soon be an advertisement in the newspaper “Hermit wanted” – any offers?

Before I forget, here is a link to the last hermit blog I wrote. That was when the last hermit left. Hermit Wanted!
They even renovated the house after he left. So, if you are a catholic and do not mind having no television, radio or computer, this is the job for you – just saying.

And me – what did I leave. I left London, England a long way ago. I changed jobs a couple of times, but at the last job they invited me to leave, although we all parted on good conditions and I became a retired golden oldie. My next big move will probably be up the hill where I will join previous members of the village, but not yet.

I left my Tai Chi course a few months ago. They changed the time and it was half an hour earlier. Half an hour is a lot of time when the years pass by and it meant that I had half an hour less golden oldie sleep after lunch. I really tried, and stayed, but eventually I decided to leave. The thirty minutes less “me time” was too much stress. I have a motto after being retired. I had worked all my life, and decided that I would now do what I want to do and not what the others wanted. After a month I was called and they said the time would now revert to the old system and whether I was interested to join again. I thought it over for a few seconds and decided to take the plunge, so I am now Tai Chiing it with the golden oldie club again.

Mr. Swiss has now left me, but stay cool he will return in half an hour approximately. He is taking a walk along the river and up to the castle. He might even include a visit to the eternal resting grounds. It is a quiet place and ensures a relaxing walk.

I will now leave you until tomorrow when another fantastic, exciting, sensational blog episode appears here: Entrance free and stay as long as you like.

Daily Prompt: If You Leave

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22 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: If You Leave

  1. Darn, you almost had me until Catholicism turned out to be one of the requirements. I like the new pope and all, but I’m a sworn Agnostic. I don’t think I’d fit. That, and I like my internet access.


    • Don’t worry, I am not even in the Agnostic grade, but they still let me live here. I said to Mr. swiss if he wanted to apply, but he is Swiss reform church (on paper) so that would not work. It would probably be a bit cramped in that little cottage as a pair. I will have to take a walk again, I noticed they have spruced it up and the wood is new.


  2. And my husband. Can a couple be hermits? I think he’d really like being a hermit, except he’s not Catholic either… hmmmm…


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  4. I’m good. I’m close to Catholic having written novels that are very Catholic (seriously) and I like mass and all that. It’s all fine with me. God will know the truth and/or not God will know the truth or whatever (a mystery). I could do without all that stuff and I am pretty much of a recluse, anyway except for the hundreds of kids I help every single day — but seriously! Where do I sign up? I won’t mind peoples’ dogs and I don’t care who gets married as long as it isn’t me. I’ll throw rice even; I’ll be a smiling happy hermit writing books old school. Books about Switzerland, as it happens, so you see how it’s a win-win? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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  6. To the best of my knowledge, we have no hermits in our area, or at least none so well known as to become a local attraction. There’s something so special about a hermit who has too many visitors. So deliciously paradoxical 🙂 I cannot top this. I don’t think I can even come near it!


    • There is a legend behind the whole thing of the holy Verena who had visions in the gorge and all sorts of stuff. I tried to find a link in Internet, but they are in German. I found another old blog that I wrote with a few more photos and info and added the link at the end of the page. Keep safe and hope everything goes well – am thinking of you.


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