Daily Prompt: Karma Chameleon

This just in: let’s pretend that science has proven that karma is a thing. Your words and actions will influence what happens to you in the future. How (if at all) will you change your ways?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CIRCLE.

The sky over Feldbrunnen

Good intent and good deed contribute to good karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deed contribute to bad karma and future suffering. I did not say that, but Internet, as I am not the Karma type person. I do not think this would work out. I am impulsive and might say the wrong thing at the wrong moment. I might even say the wrong thing at the right moment.

Let us think it over. I arise in the morning, head for the kitchen and my karma tells me to activate the computer. There might be etheric philosophies awaiting my attention, be it by e-mail, Facebook or even WordPress. I now have the chance to ensure that my words and actions influence the future of my computer connections. In the meanwhile, whilst eating breakfast and coating the keyboard with milk splashes from the cereal in a karmatic way, I digest the nocturnal happenings in the cyberworld. I read that Justine Bieber has again stepped out of line with his karma, although this does not seem to influence me. I see that I have collected a few likes in WordPress, endowing me with an enlarged circle of karma followers and I am now floating instead of sitting on my chair. This karma is certainly something.

Unfortunately the real world is beckoning, so I must leave my floating perch in this world of transcendention to hunt for food for the family. I noticed my words did influence the butcher at the supermarket when I decided not to buy the cold pork roast, which was on special offer. The sales lady seemed to be a little disappointed, but soon regained her Karma when I decided on Italian salami.

I returned home and really intended to sit cross legged on the kitchen floor with my arms outstretched on each side with flat palms to gather the chi and bring my Ying Yang into balance. I was ready to close my eyes an do a little chant, in the Hari Krishna line of things but then remembered I should begin to cook lunch. It was vegetarian to keep in line with my mystical daily course of life. I could not have meat distracting my well-being. This might have an aggressive influence on my afternoon sleep after lunch.

I felt refreshed after my golden oldie moments in bed and awoke to see the sun was shining, illuminating the area where I live bringing everything into balance. I then closed the blinds as the sunrays were reflecting on the computer screen and interrupting my lines of psychedelic thought. I was now wondering whether to smoke a joint or settle for my usual daily yogurt (perhaps with some hemp seeds). Yogurt is a natural product, and so is cannabis, but I decided to keep my karma involvement on a normal level and settled for the yogurt pure.

It was now time for my Tai Chi exercise, something you do regularly to maintain the internal benefits. The external benefits sometimes cause problems. I am still trying to stand on one foot, whilst spreading my arms right and left, and combining this with the turning of the neck. Generally I tend to lose my balance and my neck is fixed, but it can only get better.

After this exhausting day filled with spiritual occurrences I decided to postpone the karmatic efforts to another day and spent an hour watching my cats sleep. I think they actually invented karma. They sleep at least sixteen hours per day, whilst their ears twitch now and again: even their eyes are sometimes open, but they are circulating perfectly in an unknown space and time. I am sure they have discovered the pure karma. When they awake they have one thought, one aim, one target. They walk to the food bowl and eat.

Karma Chameleon

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    • You have replied to my original entry a year ago. Daily Prompt are muddling everyone up. My karmic activities are zero at the moment due to a heavy cold, coughing fits and not sleeping so well, but it can only get better. If you see my new entry on this old prompt, it is about something entirely different and will continue to be. I am no longer subjecting myself to the frustration caused by these lazy old prompts.

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