Daily Prompt: SOS

You’re at the beach, lounging on your towel, when a glistening object at the water’s edge catches your eye. It’s a bottle — and yes, it contains a message. What does it say?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us WATER.


One of the problems with Switzerland is that we have no real beaches, at least none with an ocean or sea to accompany it. Just plain old river banks and lakes and the rivers and lakes are sometimes used as a dumping ground for anything unwanted. The last time they cleared out the local river they found at least 20 bicycles, not to mention empty beer bottles.

However, it was one of those sunny days when suddenly threatening clouds appeared on the horizon promising a nice storm complete with thunder and fork lightening. I was just thinking about packing my bits and pieces together and making a run for it when a suspicious plastic bottle came swimming past with the words “read me”. I read Alice in Wonderland when I was a kid, but the bottle said “drink me” (I think), but I was not Alice in Wonderland. We were having rumbling warnings from the thunder and the lightening was reflecting in the water casting a blood red tinge over the surface.

This was becoming interesting. Was I receiving a message from beyond if I read the bottle? I cautiously waded into the river and fished out the bottle. It was empty – what a disappointment. How can I read something that contained no mysterious letter. Perhaps I would have found the Brad Pitt of my life. I examined the bottle and found the label was a folded piece of paper. I removed the label discovered it was a large piece of paper containing a message. It began to rain, no, it was pouring so I took shelter beneath the branches of a nearby oak tree.

“Dear Victim Finder” – it began.

“When you find this message you will probably be surrounded by a raging storm. The heavens have opened and the lightening is forking everywhere. If you are standing beneath a large tree, take care. It might be that the tree will be struck by lightning.

This is a message from beyond. Now and again they let us out to mix with the living, and if we do it properly some fool person will read our words. We are all doing fine down here. Old Nick is a nice bloke and makes sure that the fires keep burning. Now and again we have to stoke them up, but life it would be boring with nothing to do.

I would move to the next tree if I was you, the bloke upstairs has decided to strike this one with a thunderbolt. Yes that’s right, standing beneath a bus shelter is much better. You see, the tree is now just a smouldering piece of wood – that could have been you. Do not bother to thank me, just one of life’s hazards.

So what is this message all about? Blame it on WordPress. Yes, it is their fault. They gave out a prompt about finding a glistening object being a bottle and containing a message. Ok, we do not do glistening down here, more dark and mysterious, sorry for that. We had to stick the message on the bottle as our claws could not push the message into the bottle.

So now you can write something interesting and informative in your daily prompt (if you survive – you never know). Move away from the bus shelter, it seems it will also be struck by lightning. You see, now it is just a piece of shrivelled metal, do not touch it, it is hot enough to fry an imp (just a saying we have down here).

Just a minute: where are you running off to? Now my words of wisdom are laying on the ground. You living can be so ungrateful sometimes.

Yours for ever and ever and ever
Son of ………”

Sometimes I just do not trust those Daily Prompts, you never know where they come from and where they lead to.

Daily Prompt: SOS

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